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Pictograms for a hospital signage system.


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This was done as a class project in symbiosis institute of design (batch 2007-11)
It contains 2 families of pictograms one is indian & the other universal.

Pictograms for a hospital signage system.

  1. 1. PICTOGRAMSGraphic Design Project 4.Pictogram design for asignage system in a hospital.Project by: Swadha JaiswalProject guide: Prof Mahendra Patel
  2. 2. PPictogram, Why is it important?its a visual language developed for people with limited or no ability to speak, read andwrite.You can understand and make yourself understoodYou can ask questions and get repliesYou gain support for your thoughts and memoryYou can formulate feelings and wishesYou can communicate!
  3. 3. Stage 1
  4. 4. Design BriefProject title: Designing a set of pictograms for the signage system.Client: A hospitalProblem Statement: To make way finding in a hospital easy.Problem Description: Picture yourself in a hospital in a foreign country. Where you dont speak their-language. You dont know the culture. You are, in effect, lost.Despite the language you speak or where you’re from, first aid is first aid, food is food, washroom is wash-room and ambulance is ambulance. Without this symbolic language you would be confused and neverfind your way.Pictograms may be the purest form of visual communication.
  5. 5. Design statement: To transcend the boundary of language and culture to convey a concept quicklyand effectively. By making a set of simple pictograms to communicate easily.Opportunity: To study the existing pictograms in a signage system in a hospital and develop newones.Pictograms that can be used in any hospital National or international.To make wayfinding easy.Resources: Internet, photography, visit to a local hospital.
  6. 6. Stage 2
  7. 7. Design task & time plan Week1 Week2 Project selection Information collection Design & project brief Content development Design statement Week3 Week4 Concept exploration Testing, refining, detailing & selection PrototypingTo make a set of pictograms for a signage system Design exploration & development Design proposal & conclusion of in a hospital
  8. 8. Information Collection1) Photographs of existing signages & pictograms in a local hospital
  9. 9. Information Collection
  10. 10. Content DevelopmentAfter the collection of photographs i concluded,A hospital signage system can be categorised into :1. Directional symbols2. Administrative pictograms3. General pictograms4. Medical department specific pictogramsThe list i came up with finally contained the following-Symbol for man/woman, arrows, washroom for men & women, enquiry, keep silence, nosmoking, canteen, drinking water, telephone, stair case, lift, ambulance, entry./exit, parking,departments & services like paediatrics, x-ray, first aid, dermatology, cardiology, respiratory,urology, gastrology, gynae, opeation theatre, emergency etc.
  11. 11. Survey Survey of patients, doctors and a person from administration in a hospital. This survey was conducted to reach close to the understanding of every kind of personthat may be present in a hospital.The reason of the survey was to visually study their mind set regarding all the depart-ments and services of a hospital.The doctors/patients/administarion were asked to speak up the first word/product orvisual that came to their mind after reading each of the service on the list.Conclusion:As an end result it became easy for me to create the pictograms as i had the list of the firstvisual that came to my users mind.
  12. 12. Survey
  13. 13. Concept exploration
  14. 14. Selection
  15. 15. Design Exploration & selectionOrthopaedics Earlier RefinedX-ray
  16. 16. Cardiology or or
  17. 17. Respiratory or
  18. 18. Refinement of the basic character ** Chosen one
  19. 19. Exploration of enclosure and type (Indian family) (Universal family)
  20. 20. Exploration to select the family & set Indian family (positive) General Respiratory Cardiology Dermatology Orthopaedics Liftset-1set-2set-3
  21. 21. Indian family (negative) General Respiratory Cardiology Dermatology Orthopaedics Liftset-1set-2set-3
  22. 22. Universal family (positive) General Respiratory Cardiology Dermatology Orthopaedics Liftset-1set-2set-3
  23. 23. Universal family (negative) General Respiratory Cardiology Dermatology Orthopaedics Liftset-1set-2set-3
  24. 24. Finalisng 3 sets for testing washroom Respiratory Cardiology Dermatology Orthopaedics Liftset-1set-2set-3
  25. 25. Stage 3
  26. 26. Testing
  27. 27. Refinement after testingbefore after 1   1     
  28. 28. After refinement 1 1
  29. 29. Applying fancy border to the Indian family 1* 1 * Chosen one
  30. 30. Finalising two families 1 1
  31. 31. Journey
  32. 32. Design DetailingThe pictogram family i created is divided into four sub categories-1) General pictograms2) Directional3) Hospital related general4) Medical departmentsThe pictograms are covered by an enclosure its dimension - 1:1 color plallete used in the applicationsource-
  33. 33. Directional Exit Entry Left Right Straight down DownstairsDiagonally left up Diagonaly right up Diagonaly left down Diagonaly right down
  34. 34. General pictograms (Indian Family) ?Waiting room Enquiry Registration desk Queue 1 Lift Disabled Gents washroom Ladies washroomCafeteria Drinking water Telephone No smoking
  35. 35. Hospital related general pictogramsBlood donation Lab Emergency Operation theartre General ward Special ward Ambulance Dispensary First aid Injection Trash bin
  36. 36. Medical departments Urology Respiratory Cardiology Gynaecology W OFP HJINM QSYLZXKADermatology Orthopaedic X-ray Opthamology Gastrology
  37. 37. Neurology Psychiatry ENT Physiotherapy Genetics Dentistry Paediatrics HIV
  38. 38. Pictogram in functional signageDentistry
  39. 39. Pictogram in multi-functional signageUrologyCafeteria
  40. 40. Final design (Indian folder design- front) General medical pictograms Urology Respiratory Cardiology HospitalDermatology Cardiology X-ray Indian pictogram design Physiotherapy Paediatrics for signage system Urology Opthamology Gynaecology First-aid Injection Trash bin Neurology Psychiatry ENT Operation-theatre Ambulance Pharmacy Genetics Dentistry HIV Blood Donation Laboratory Emergency Medical deparment pictograms Project by: Swadha Jaiswal General ward Special ward
  41. 41. Folder back Pictogram in functional Directional pictograms & multi-functional signage system Ladies washroom Gents washroom Staircase ? 1 Left Right Enquiry Registration Elavator Downstairs Diagonaly right up Straight down Queue Waiting room Handicapped P Diagonaly left down Parking Telephone CafeteriaDiagonally left up Diagonaly right down Exit Entry Drinking water Keep silence No smoking General pictograms
  42. 42. Protoyping
  43. 43. Indian final folder print
  44. 44. Universal pictogram family Right Left Straight down Downstairs Diagonaly right up Diagonaly right down ? Exit Entry Gents washroom Ladies washroom Enquiry Registration deskCafeteria Disabled Drinking water Trash bin Waiting room Queue 1 PTelephone Parking Stairs Special ward Emergency Lift
  45. 45. Universal pictogram familyRespiratory Cardiology Dermatology Orthopaedic Urology X-rayGastrology Neurology Psychiatry ENT Genetics No smokingGynaecology HIV Dentistry Lab Ambulance First aid W OFP HJINM QSYLZXKA Injection Blood donation Paediatrics Physiotherapy Opthamology Operation theartre
  46. 46. Universal pictogram in functional signageGenetics
  47. 47. Universal pictogram in multi-functional signageCafeteriaLab
  48. 48. Final design (Universal folder design- front) Paediatrics Gynaecology HIVMedical deparment General medical PICTO GRAMpictograms pictograms Physiotherapy Special ward DESIGN Respiratory Cardiology Dermatology Laboratory Ambulance Injection For Signage System Gastrology Urology X-ray Operation-theatre First-aid Blood Donation in a hospital Orthopaedic ENT Neurology Emergency General ward Pharmacy W OFP HJINM QSYLZXKA Opthamology Dentistry Genetics Project by: Swadha Jaiswal
  49. 49. Folder back ? Pictogram in functional & multi-functional signage system Enquiry Registration Trash binDirectional Generalpictograms pictograms Downstairs Telephone 1 Left Right Straight down Gents washroom Ladies washroom ElavatorDiagonaly right up Diagonally left up Diagonaly left down Cafeteria Handicapped Keep silence Waiting room Queue Drinking water Exit Entry P Parking Staircase No smoking
  50. 50. Universal final folder print
  51. 51. Thank you.