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Maplex alliance (1)


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Maplex alliance (1)

  1. 1. Welcome to MAPLEX ALLIANCE LIMITED A l l i e d To A d va n c e Synergy Global Perspective Trust
  2. 2. Merger and Acquisition CompanyOur Backing Maplex Alliance Ltd established in October 2009 With a Venture Capitalist funding of 25 Million USD Maplex Alliance Ltd : Listed in NASDAQ in 1 Year ! Stock Code : MAPX, , Worth 750 Million USD in Assets
  3. 3. Examples of Merger & AcquisitionAirport Centaur Hotel > Acquisition by Sahara Star HotelAir Deccan > Acquisition by Kingfisher AirlineOrange > Hutch > Acquisition by VodafoneL & T Cement > Acquisition Ultratech Cement Warren Buffett BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC McDonald Nike Gillette Coca Cola Tata Group Hotel Taj Tata Tata Tata Tata Tata Tele Lands End Voltas Power Motor Steel
  4. 4. Shares Value in NASDAQMaplex Alliance Ltd. Share value:2011 > > 1 $2012 > > 3 $ 300% Yahoo Shares value > > > 16$ Microsoft Shares value > > > 30$ Google Shares value > > > 625$ Warren Buffett Shares value > > > 1,26,000$ (BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC)
  5. 5. MAL : Management Team CEO: Harry Kokko New Horizons Uncertain Times. A certain Future Vision of CEO : Pioneering new initiatives and transforming the old is CEO , Harry Kokko Maplex Alliance COO: Jacob Chisenga The Science of Mergers and Acquisitions. One plus one makes three. Vision of COO : I believe the sum of our alliance is more valuable than that ofCOO, Jacob Chisenga separate holdings. Maplex Alliance . Moving forward Always.
  6. 6. A part of Maplex International Group SubsidiariesE- Commerce Online Shopping Mall and Unique Reverse Bidding Company. (New South Wales, Australia)
  7. 7. A part of Maplex International Group SubsidiariesBio-Technology United Gene Health Care DNA Research Institute from China UGH a subsidiary of UGG. DNA Analysis for Diseases & Talent Testing (Listed on HKSE Stock Code 0399-Hong Kong, China)
  8. 8. A part of Maplex International Group SubsidiariesFood & Beverage Q- CHICKEN An Organically cultivated & microwaved (not fried) cooked Healthy food (Shenzhen, China)
  9. 9. A part of Maplex International Group SubsidiariesGroup Subsidiaries Online Shopping Platform for Products viz. CARBON, RING E-MAIL, UGH, CLUB AVANT GARDE & many more…..
  10. 10. A part of Maplex International Group SubsidiariesCorporate Social Responsibility Maplex Group Promotes Charitable Project managed by Sanctuary Foundation.
  11. 11. Maplex International Group - www.mig-hk.comStrategic Business To manage larger businesses of merger and acquisitions, company has created a Strategic Business Unit managed by professionals from leading educational institutes like Harvard, Oxford and ………
  12. 12. Maplex International Group : Management Team CEO Mr. Christoffel Micah Mr. Christoffel Micah is the CEO and the Board Of Directors. Holds a BBA from Yale University and an MBA from Kings College. Mr. Christoffel Micah is also a board member of The New York Public Library , and The Asia Society.CEO, Mr. Christoffel Micah Mr. Danford is our CIO responsible for overseeing the investment management activities. Mr. Edward is a graduate of the Harvard Business School. He is also the member of the Council on foreign Relations where he provides invaluable advice to the investment committee. CIO Mr. Danford Rex Edward
  13. 13. VUNG RO Oil Refinery, Vietnam Vung Ro Oil Refinery , which is the country’s first wholly foreign invested oil refinery project, will produce liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Diesel, Polypropylene, Benzene and Sulphur. The capacity of the Vung RO Oil Refinery project will be 4 million tones per annum and the refinery will process 100% of the Middle east crude or equivalence. The refinery project In Vietnam is the first investment forey by MIG(HK) into southeast Asia. The venture also suits the company’s investment approach of maintaining a diversified portfolio.
  14. 14. JAZAN Economic City, Saudi Arabia MIG is pleased to be part of a Consortium that has a 20 Year B.O.S.T (Build, Operate, Sell and Transfer) concession agreement for the USD 5 Million project development of Residential & Lifestyle Area within the Jazan Economic Zone in Saudi Arabia. The project is commissioned by King Abdulla Bin Abdul Aziz of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a total cost of USD 27 billion. Jazan Economic City’s area is 108 Km2. JEC will include a seaport, an individual zone, a commercial business and cultural center, residential areas, public amenities as well as other academic and vocational training institutes. Project Cost USD 27 BILLION
  15. 15. LIGHT HOUSE POINT, Florida Lighthouse Point Capital is a Boutique Investment firm located in Florida, USA. It was founded in 2009 with the objective to generate superior risk adjusted returns for our investors by pursuing niche market inefficiencies across a broad range of markets and financial instruments. The investment team from MIG(HK) took no hesitation in becoming a strategic shareholder to inject funds with as intention to turn this gem into a full fledged hedge identity. Fundamental Operation  Commodity ETFs & Equities Volatility Energy Spreads  Lumber / Forest Products
  16. 16. GOLD MINE by Wee Willey MIG (HK) Limited is expanding into the commodity industry by taking a strategic stake in D30 Holdings. The later is advancing its plan of exploration, development and gold mining operations at its 1600 acre “Wee Willey Gold Property” located in the Mina , Nevada gold region. D30 Holdings Objectives is Large Scale Exploration, development and gold mining operations – Extensive activity with 1600 acres Wee Willey Gold Property in Nevada. Advancing to become a Gold Producer on Wee Willey Property as quickly as possible, establish increased valuation of reserves
  17. 17. Maplex International Group
  18. 18. SEAMANGEUM FREE ECONOMIC ZONE, Korea Saemangeum Free Economic Zone Development in Korea is a mega urban development project. Project encompasses the entire district of Busan Port covering a total area of 99.9 square kilometer. Cost : HKD 117 Billion
  19. 19. HYDROCARBON HUB, Malasiya A integrated multiplex including a multi crude oil refinery plant, storage facilities with its own direct port with full facilities in Kedah, Malaysia. Proximity to 2 newly found oil field in Thailand and Indonesia. Cost : HKD 46 Billion
  20. 20. GOLD PROCESSING / RECYCLING PLANT Philippines To build a God Processing plant to process raw gold, equipped with capabilities to recycle used gold from scrap, pawned jewelry and computer memory chips in the southern Mindanao region of Philippines. Cost : HKD 126 Million
  21. 21. MINERAL MINE, Nigeria To explore, mine and refine lead ore, copper ore, zinc ore and by rite from resource rich Benue State of Nigeria. Including building mineral refining facilities. Cost : HKD 78 Million
  22. 22. METRO SYSTEM, Kuwait To develop a 42.3 Km Metro Rail Transit System In Kuwait City for 2 key routes across the city to serve the need of the commuters and to ease traffic congestion in the ever growing Kuwait City. Cost : HKD 21 Billion
  23. 23. AIRPORT , Cambodia To build and develop a new International Airport in Siem Reap, Cambodia at a 40 square km Area. Cost : HKD 7.8 Billion
  24. 24. COAL MINE , Indonesia Coal Mine spanning an area of 701 hectares with rich deposit in Kalimantan Seltan, Indonesia. Cost : HKD 185 Million
  25. 25. Sugarcane Plantation and Sugarbased Agro-Industrial Complex, Fiji To build a plantation of 45,000 hectares to produce 3.6 million tones of quality canes per year. Infrastructure includes a mill and sugar refinery to produce 228,000 tones of refines sugar per year and a distillery to produce 24 million liters of ethanol per year. Cost : HKD 2.7 Billion
  26. 26. A part of Maplex International Group SubsidiariesGroup Subsidiaries Consumer Database & Service Provider Marketing arm of Maplex Alliance (Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia & India)
  27. 27. Assets Marketing Platform Private to Public Market Capitalization Concept
  28. 28. Activation 30$ & Get International Visa Card
  29. 29. Exchangeable Business PreferredPackage Price Mall Credits Centers Shares EPS Worth EPS ND10 15 3% weekly 1,000 $ 1,000 2,000 $ till 200% ND3 3 3% weekly 300 $ 300 450 $ Till 150% ND1 1 3% weekly 100 $ 1,00 150 $ till 150%
  30. 30. Exchangeable Preferred Shares Mall Credits Total EPSPackage Price Group Volume Daily Weekly Monthly WorthPS 10A 1,00,000 $ 1,00,000 0.2% 0.5 % 1% 9% 250% PS 7 7,600 $ 7,600 0.2 % 0.3 % 0.4 % 7.6 % 200% PS 3 3,000 $ 3,000 0.4 % Nil Nil 12 % 200% Total : 5% Value Deduction : 1% (GC) & 4% Repurchase
  31. 31. USD 1000(GV 1000) 100
  32. 32. Rs.5 lakh Rs.15 lakh Rs.50 lakh
  33. 33. Degree 10 Marketing Pvt Limited Branch: R A PURAM , CHENNAI A/c No:911020020391008 IFCI Code:UTIB0000676 SWIFT Code:AXISINBB002Degree 10 Marketing Pvt LimitedBranch: ASHOK NAGAR , CHENNAI A/c No: 0177GN0009050 IFCI Code:NDB0000177 SWIFT Code:INDBINDBMANDegree 10 Marketing Pvt Limited Branch: MYLAPORE , CHENNAI A/c No:006002000004816 IFCI Code:IOBA0000060 PAN NO. AADCD7670B