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Product Roadmaps - a Practical Guide for Product Managers


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Product Roadmaps - a Practical Guide for Product Managers by
Barbara Nelson at SVPMA Monthly Event November 2003

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Product Roadmaps - a Practical Guide for Product Managers

  1. 1. Pragmatic Marketing ® Product Roadmaps Presented by Barbara Nelson, Pragmatic Marketing November 12, 2003 Silicon Valley Product Management Association !hey software inc. Agilera, Inc. ARAMARK Corporation BancTec, Inc. CareTools, Inc. Class Software Solutions, Ltd. @hand corporation Agilisys, Inc. ArborText, Inc. Banta Integrated Media Carlson Wagonlit Travel Classroom Connect 01 Communique Laboratory, Inc. Agillion Inc. ARC International Baranof Software, Inc. Cartesia Software Clear Communications Corp. 12 Entrepreneuring, Inc. AgilQuest Arcada Software Barco Medical Imaging Systems Casco Development Clear Technology, Inc. 2Vox AgilTech, Inc. arcplan, Inc. Barco View, Inc. CASI-RUSCO ClearOrbit, Inc. 360Commerce, Inc. AGRIS Corp. ArcSight, Inc. Bard Electrophysiology - C.R. Bard, Inc. Cass Logistics, Inc. Clearway Technologies 3Com Corp. AIFP ARI Network Services Barr Systems, Inc. Castek Inc. ClientSoft, Inc. About Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 3eTI, Inc. 3M Health Information Systems 724 Solutions Inc. Aatrix Software, Inc. Abbasoft Technologies Akamai Technologies Aladdin Systems, Inc. Alamode, Inc. Alcatel Network Systems, Inc. Ariba Technologies, Inc. ARINC, Inc. Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. ARM Ltd. Armature Barra, Inc. Basis International, Ltd. BatteryPro Systems, Inc. BAV Software, Inc. Bottomline Technologies, Inc. Castel Catalpa Systems Catalyst International, Inc. Catalyst USA, Inc. Cayenta Inc. Clinical Reference Systems, Ltd. Clustra Systems, Inc. CMI-Competitive Solutions, Inc. CMS Information Services, Inc. CODA, Inc. ABC Technologies Alfa Laval Inc. Arrowsight, Inc. Bowne Internet Solutions CB Technologies, Inc. Cofiniti, Inc. ABT Corporation Alias|Wavefront Arsenal Digital Solutions Bradmark Technologies CBF Systems, Inc. Cogit Corp. Abvent, Inc. Alis Technologies Artemis Management Systems, Inc. Brainbench, Inc. CBT Systems Cohera Corporation Acadio Corp. Allaire Corp. Artesia Technologies, Inc. CCC Information Services, Inc. Coherent Communications Systems. We are recognized experts in technology Accelerated Technology, Inc. ALLDATA LLC Arthur Andersen Brickstream Corporation CCH Incorporated Cole-Somers, Inc. Access 360 Allegis Corporation ARTISTdirect, Inc. BridgePoint Inc. CCI/Triad Colorado Memory Systems AccountMate Software Corp. Allen Systems Group Ascend Communications, Inc. Bridgeway Corp. CD Group, Inc. CoManage Corporation ACCPAC International Manager Allenbrook, Inc. Ascension Technology Corporation Bridgeway Software Inc. CDA/Investnet Comdisco Professional Services product management and product marketing Accruent, Inc. Alliance Data Systems Ascential Software Brightmail, Inc. CDC Solutions Commerce One AccuWeather, Inc. ALLTEL Information Services, Inc. Asera Inc. Brightspark Ventures, L.P. CDNOW, INC. Commerce.TV Ace* Comm Alogent Corp. ASI Brightware, Inc. Cedara Software Corp. CommercialWare, Inc. Acer Internet Services, Inc. Alpha Software Corporation Aspect Development, Inc. Brio Technology Centerline Software, Inc. Commerx, Inc. Achieve Healthcare Info Systems AlphaBlox Corporation, Inc. Aspen Technology, Inc. Bristol Technology, Inc. Centra Software, Inc. CommVault Systems We specialize in product management training ACI Alta Vista Assentive Solutions Broadband Services, Inc. Central Design Systems, Inc. Compaq Computer Corp. ACOM Solutions, Inc. Altamar Networks BroadJump, Inc. Competitive Automation, Inc. Acres Gaming Incorporated Altaworks Corporation Asset Intertech Broadway & Seymour, Inc. Centrax CompInfo, Inc. Acroprint Time Recorder Co. Altris Software, Inc. Astea, Inc. Brock International, Inc. Centric Software, Inc. Comprehensive Software Systems, I ACS Software, Inc. Alventive, Inc. Astrum Software Corporation Brodart Automation Century Associates Compucare Since 1993, we have trained over 22,000 at ActionPoint, Inc. AMCI Atex Media Solutions, Inc. Brooks Automation, Inc. Cerent Corporation Compulink Management Center, Inc. ActionWare Amdahl Corp. Athene Software, Inc. Brooks-PRI Automation Ceridian Corporation Computer Associates ActivCard, Inc. Amdocs Limited ATIO Corp. Brooktrout Technology, Inc. Ceridian Performance Partners Computer Dimensions, Inc. Activerse Inc. American Arium Atlas DMT BTI Ceridian TesserAct HRMS Solutions, Inc. Computer I/O Corp. thousands of companies ActiveState Corp. American Fundware, Inc. Atomica Corporation Business Engine Software Cerner Corp. Computer Information Services Acucobol American Internatl Facsimile Prods. Atraxis North America, Inc. Business Objects, Inc. Certicom Corp. Computer Mail Services, Inc. Acuity Corporation American Internet Corp. Atreus Systems Corporation Business Resource Software Cerulean Technology Computer Network Technology Corp Acumation, Inc. American Software, Inc. Attachmate Corporation Business Software, Inc. CES International Computer Sciences Corp. Acxiom Corporation Ameritech Library Services AtWork Technologies, Inc. Buystream Inc. CEYONIQ, Inc. Computerm Corp. Ad OPT Technologies, Inc. Ameritrade Augeo Software Buzzeo, Inc. CFD Research Corp. Computerprep Amicus, Inc. Aumtech C-Mold CFI ProServices, Inc. Computing Information Services Adaptec, Inc. Amplitude Software Corp. Aurigin Systems, Inc. Cable & Wireless CHAMPS Software, Inc. CompuTrac, Inc. Adaptive Media AMR Research Aurum Software, Inc. Cabletron Systems, Inc. Chancery Software, Ltd. Computron Software, Inc. Adaptive Micro Systems, Inc. Amtec Engineering, Inc. Authentica, Inc. Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Changepoint Corp. Compuware Corporation Adaptivity, Inc. Amteva Technologies Authoria, Inc. CADKEY Corporation ChannelPoint, Inc. COMSAT Mobile Communications Adexa, Inc. Analytical Graphics, Inc. Auto-Soft Corp. Calcomp ChannelWave Comsearch Adobe Systems, Inc. Autodesk, Inc. Caldera Systems, Inc. Check Point Software Comshare, Inc. ADP Andale, Inc. Automation Technology, Inc. Calico Commerce Inc. CheckFree Corporation Comstock Systems Corporation ADP - CSG Andersen AutoSimulations CallWare Technologies, Inc. Checkpoint Software Comuniq Inc. ADP Canada Andersen Consulting AutoSite Camelot-IS2 Chela Financial, Inc. Comverse Network Systems ADP Claims Solutions Group Andromedia, Inc. AutoTester, Inc. CAMM, Inc. Chemical Abstracts Service Concentrex ADP Dealer Services Annuncio Software Availant Campbell Services, Inc. Cheyenne Software Concept Five Technologies ADP Parts Services Anritsu Company AvantGo, Inc. Campus Management Corp. Chilliware, Inc. Conceptual Systems ADP Securities Industry Software AnswerSoft, Inc. Avaya, Inc. Canadian Technology Network Chingari, Inc. Conceptware AG ADP-Hollander AOL Mobile Aventail Corporation Candle Corporation Chrome Systems Concerto Software, Inc. ADP/Stockval APAC Customer Services, Inc. Avenue A, Inc. Canon Computer Systems, Inc. Chrystal Software, Inc. Concord Communications ADS Associates, Inc. Aperture Technologies, Inc. Aveo, Inc. CAPS Logistics, Inc. Cigital Concur Technologies, Inc. Advanced Data Systems Apollo Group, Inc. Avery Dennison Capsoft Development Corp. CIMLINC, Inc. Conexant Advanced Solutions Internatl, Inc. Appfluent Technology Axis Communications Capstan Systems Inc. Cincinnati Bell Information Systems, Inc. Connect, Inc. Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. Apple Computer, Inc. AXIS Computer Systems, Inc. Captaris, Inc. Cisco Systems Connected Corporation AdvanceMed Applied Automation Techniques, Inc. Baan Company Captiva Software Corporation Citrix Systems, Inc. ConnectSouth Communications, Inc. Agile Software Corporation Applied Biosystems BackWeb Technologies, Inc. Cardiff Software Clarify, Inc. ConneXt, Inc. Agilent Technologies Applied Digital Access, Inc. Baker Hill Corporation Cardinal Health, Inc. Claritas, Inc. Consilient, Inc.(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 1
  2. 2. What would you do? It’s the 11th hour of the quarter. A sales guy calls you frantically telling you he has to have a roadmap to close a deal this quarter. The prospect is expecting to see a key feature she wants (not currently on any plans). Do you: a. Quickly put together a PowerPoint slide of exactly what he asked for and email it to the sales rep. Wish him good luck because you know the company needs the business. b. Find out whether the competition in the deal has the feature. If so, see (a). If not, you tell the sales rep politely that you can’t do it. c. You don’t know enough to react. And you probably don’t have enough time to learn what you need to know in order to address the problem. Don’t cave in to this request, but you have a lot of work to do to avoid it next quarter… Product roadmaps Why build a roadmap? Who owns the roadmap Cautions about roadmap use Before you start How to design a roadmap(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Laurence J. Peter “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up someplace else.” Why build a roadmap? The process itself Gives internal and external audiences a product vision for the future, a possible destination Reduces short-term mistakes Don’t paint yourself in a corner Helps customers integrate product plan into their long-term strategy(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 3
  4. 4. Tom Shields, Woodside Fund A great roadmap walks the fine line between being too narrow ("a one-trick pony") and too wide ("all over the map"). Investors will want to see that you have a focused idea of where you are going in the short term (and why), and that you have plenty of other market opportunities to explore in the longer term. Who owns the roadmap? Product manager (CEO of the product) Responsible for Market expertise Working with cross-functional team to formulate what is on the roadmap Documenting the roadmap Defining what can be communicated externally • Partners • Customers • Evaluators • Analysts Updating the roadmap as market conditions change * * Not for each sales opportunity!(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 4
  5. 5. Cautions about roadmap use “Roadmap” covers any future vision Marketing misuses the term constantly There aren’t many good examples There are very few resources A roadmap is a plan, not a commitment Reject contracts with roadmaps attached!! Assume the competition will see it Learn to say less Two problem areas Sales Channel Product Development Sells futures as features Unpredictable dates Sells futures to address Unpredictable delivery of the wrong market release content segment Driven by technology, not Uses roadmap in the market desperate situations Long development cycles Uses roadmap as a promise, not a plan(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 5
  6. 6. Before you start Know your market Identify market segments Establish a competitive strategy Know the technology landscape Validate Know your market Learn about the market by observation Customers Evaluators Potentials Quantify market problems Understand total solution Buy, build, partner to flesh out whole solution Communicate internally with market facts Product manager should be the messenger for the market(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 6
  7. 7. Identify market segments Be deliberate about which market segments you target Rather than a few features each release for each segment, focus a whole release around a segment Your roadmap can reflect when you will address different segments Establish a competitive strategy Avoid competitive checklists This is not a competitive strategy Be where the competition is not Look for market segments where the competition is not Focus on your distinctive competence The roadmap should reflect your company’s unique ability to deliver value in the marketplace(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 7
  8. 8. Know the technology landscape Research emerging technologies Interview technical reviewers to understand technical compliance and standards they are adopting Use technology to solve problems for your market Validate Synthesize possibilities Review with internal cross-functional team NDA review with trusted parties Customers Potentials Partners Avoid oligopsony(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 8
  9. 9. Elements of the roadmap Who Market segments Why Business problems What Product requirements How Technology When - time How to design a roadmap Communicate in BROAD STROKES Map chronologically (using conservative dates) Market segments Projects Major features (addressing problems) Client or interfaces Server or architecture Platforms (OS and database support) Be careful with project names(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 9
  10. 10. Internal versus external Internal Engineering External * Marketing Sales * “This document contains forward-looking statements based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions of the Company that involve risks and uncertainties. Forward looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties associated with the Companys business that could cause actual results to vary materially from those stated or implied by such forward- looking statements.” 1q+1 2q+1 3q+1 4q+1 1h+2 2h+2 fy+3 beyond Project Market Feature Client Archi- tecture Platform(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 10
  11. 11. Example: Network Management 1q04 2q04 3q04 4q04 1h05 2h05 fy06 beyond Project SP2 SP3 Burger SP1 Bangers Lasagna Sushi US, Market Canada UK EU Japan Asia Major Superset Updated Updated Correlation library library £ € ¥ Feature Display with maps “Thin” Client (US, Web-only EU maps Asia maps Canada) Revised Shared DB Server data locking ILS DBCS structures Windows Windows Windows Windows Platform XP sp3 XP sp4 “Longhorn” “Blackcomb” support support Example: Microsoft Office 97 98 2000 2002 2003 beyond “Embrace Integrate Project the FrontPage Office XP Office 11 Office 12 internet” Advanced Major Office Multiple “Clippy” Smart Tags Spam Feature templates clipboards mgmt New look, Add Remove Add Client Outlook Auto- NetFolders InfoPath recover Windows Server terminal Office Web SharePoint XML, IRM server Platform End support End support End support End support for DOS, Win for for Win98 for WinME 3.1, Win 95 Win2000Pro Note: this document is based loosely on published statements by Microsoft and is used only as an example.(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 11
  12. 12. Overall Vision 4Q03 1H04 1Q03 1Q04 2H04 FY05 Architecture shipping functional design beta future requirement alpha vision Web Services CRM web order extranet partner self-service hosting supply objects chain app server, VBA, COM+ objects, XML, SOAP, message platform, internet development tools shipping functional design beta future requirement alpha vision(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 12
  13. 13. (c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 13
  14. 14. Links to sample roadmaps SynEcology – complete Microsoft roadmap Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap OEM Roadmaps (pay service with free samples) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 14
  15. 15. Pragmatic Marketing® Framework Business Marketing Positioning Case Plan A framework for Distinctive Market Sales Awareness Competence Sizing Pricing Process Plan managing and marketing Market Product Buy, Build Market Customer Research Performance or Partner Requirements Acquisition technology products Market Operational Thought Product Customer Problems Metrics Leaders Roadmap Retention Strategic Tactical Market Quantitative Product Product Program Sales Channel Analysis Analysis Strategy Planning Strategy Readiness Support Technology Win/Loss User Buyer Collateral & Channel Innovation Assessment Analysis Personas Personas Sales Tools Training Competitive Product Market Presentations “Special” Analysis Contract Messages & Demos Calls Release Launch White Event Milestones Plan Papers Support Lead Competitive Answer Generation Write-Up Desk © 1993 2003 Pragmatic Marketing Inc Resources Barbara Nelson – - about our courses - free resource site(c) 1993-2003 Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. 15