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Steve Vitto Bringing Out the Best in Challenging Home School Partnerships MAASE


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Steve Vitto Bringing Out the Best in Challenging Home School Partnerships MAASE

  1. 1. Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4TH, 2012 Lexington Lansing Hotel, 925 S. Creyts Road, Lansing, Michigan 48917, 517-323-7100 Presented by Steven Vitto, M.A., C.C.I.I., Behavior Consultant About the Presenter: Steven Vitto, M.A.., CCII., BTC, MAISD.Steve has been a teacher and behavior teacher consultant, working in Muskegon for the past 34 years. Steve has degrees inclinical teaching, administration, and education. Steve is a certified Crisis Prevention (CPI) Instructor, a CertifiedTherapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) Instructor, a Certified Davereux Personal Emergency Intervention Trainer, a MichiganMIBLISi State Trainer, a Certified Balanced and Restorative Justice Trainer, an Adjunct Professor at Muskegon CommunityCollege. Steve recently has been involved as a college instructor for educational staff working in Michigan’s TelamonMigrant Head Start Programs. (This project is a statewide effort to encourage literacy and social skills among migrant andseasonal farm worker children and to stress the enjoyment of reading). Steve provides behavior support to schools andfamilies that are in conflict regarding the development of effective plans for treating challenging behaviors at school.Steve recently developed a training process for with Challenging Home School Partnerships. Steve can be contacted 1. Identify the risk factors for problematic home school partnerships, 2. Identify evidenced based strategies for challenging home school partnerships 3. Identify preventative measures to insure successful home-school meetings 4. Develop a plan for a specific challenging home-school partnerships.