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BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS                    MIBLSI State Conference 2012                                    Wednesday, Marc...
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Steve Vitto Breaking down the Walls: Strategie for Students with Oppositional Behaviors Presentation at MIBLSI State Conference 2012


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This flier outlines Steve Vitto's presentation at the upcoming 2012 State MIBLSI Conference.
Hope to see you there!!!

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Steve Vitto Breaking down the Walls: Strategie for Students with Oppositional Behaviors Presentation at MIBLSI State Conference 2012

  1. 1. BREAKING DOWN THE WALLS MIBLSI State Conference 2012 Wednesday, March 21rst Break out Session C-2 Hour Block Working with Oppositional & Defiant Students: Highlighting Prevention & Therapeutic Situational Management Strategies & Bringing Out the Best in Challenging Home School Partnerships Administrators, Educators, Support StaffThis presentation will focus on evidenced based classroom management strategies for working withstudents who present oppositional and defiant behavior. While considering the needs of students withsocial maladjustment (Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant and Conduct Disorder) and studentswith disabilities that manifest in anger management challenges and defiance, strategies will bepresented for preventing and diffusing outbursts and developing long term coping strategies andreplacement skills. Each participant will receive a CD containing a toolbox of strategies foroppositional and defiant students, as well as resources and strategies for bringing out the best inchallenging home school partnerships. Each participant will have an opportunity to perform acompeting pathways planning exercise on a defiant student (i.e., resulting in a formal interventionplan outline). In addition, each participant will have opportunities to role play diffusing a defiantstudent. About the Presenter: Steven Vitto, M.A., CCII., BTC, MAISD.Steve has been a teacher and behavior teacher consultant, working in Muskegon for the past 33years. Steve has degrees in clinical teaching, administration, and education. Steve is a certified CrisisPrevention (CPI) Instructor, a Certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) Instructor, a CertifiedDavereux Personal Emergency Intervention Trainer, a Michigan MIBLISi State Trainer, a CertifiedBalanced and Restorative Justice Trainer, an RTI Classroom Management trainer, and an AdjunctProfessor at Muskegon Community College. Steve recently has been involved as a college instructorfor educational staff working in Michigan’s Telamon Migrant Head Start Programs. (This project is astatewide effort to encourage literacy and social skills among migrant and seasonal farm workerchildren and to stress the enjoyment of reading). Steve is also currently working with Muskegon’s YouTurn Program, a specialized program which offers school services to expelled youth. Steve recentlydeveloped a training process for with Challenging Home School Partnerships. Steve can be contactedat or 231-767-7277.Scope and Sequence: • Etiology- the origin of attachment problems and social maladjustment • Symptoms- the characteristics of ODD, Conduct Disorder, and Social Maladjustment • The Competing Pathways Treatment Model (From Functional Assessment to Replacement Skills • Setting Event Strategies • Antecedent or Prevention Strategies • Teaching Replacement Skills • Consequence Strategies • Reward Strategies • Life Space Intervention • Strategies for Working with Defiant StudentsOUTCOMES: Development of Competing Pathways Positive Behavior Support Plan