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Social media plan by Salvador Vilalta


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Social Media Plan Infography by Salvador Vilalta

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Social media plan by Salvador Vilalta

  1. 1. 02 Online Offline Summary 04 Agrupalia Methodology How to use instructions 01 03 Steps to followin the Planning Process SOCIAL MEDIA v.2.1PLANPlanning is essential in all kind of business. Social Media planning is not an exception. When planning you may make mistakes but the biggest mistake is not to do so. Plan in order to obtain concrete results in Social Media. METHODOLOGY AGRUPALIAAgrupalia methodology structures a Social Media Plan with the following objectives: START POINT ANALYSIS Agrupalia Methodology to develop a Social Media Plan implies an initial briefing with some data collection such as: Mission, vision and company values, target audience, competence, company marketing objectives, SWOT, information about any existing Social Media Strategy and communication tone. 02 Online/Offline Electronic marketing or e-Marketing should be an extension of the Marketing Plan of the company. It is not an isolated element. Combine always both worlds and you will get better results. NEW CHANNELS SocialMediaaremeansofconveynotapurpose.Theyarenewandpowerful communication channels at the disposal of marketing departments. • Email marketing • Bulk SMS • SEM, SEO, SMO 01 How to use instructions One of the more frequent mistakes companies make in Social Media is to launch Social Media profiles without having previously established objectives and strategies addressed to their target public. 01. 1.Take your time, you will need it 02. 2. Follow each step in the correct order 03. 3. Get support from qualified professionals 04. 4. In case of any doubt, ask (it doesn´t hurt) Read how to use instructions Read how to use instructions and consult a Professional SOCIAL MEDIA, A DYNAMIC MARKETING FORMULA World of conversations. Interaction measuring is not an easy task Impact of these interactions in companies. Reaction * Social Media Plan Action QUALIFICATION ConvertFANSinQUALIFIEDCONTACTS.InSocialMediayoudonothave basic qualified information from your followers like name and email. ENGAGEMENT Get ACTIVE PARTICIPATION from your FANS, get their ENGAGEMENT. FAN FANFANFAN FAN 03.1 Initial Measurement and Diagnosis Information source: CRM, Search Engines, SWOT, Market studies, Competence Reports, etc 03.2 Strategy 03.3 Channels & Technology 03.4 Tasks and Actions 04 Summary 01. ¿What am I going to do? Which are my objectives for the action? 03. For whom? Selection of target audience for the action. 02. When? More suitable moment to take action. 04. For whom? Selection of target audience for the action. 05. How? Tools and more suitable channel selection for the action. Policy Tone DETECTION - CRISIS protocol - ASIGNATION RESPONSIBLES - MITIGATION ACTIONS – FOLLOW UP Have you finished with previous sentences? “Everything that can be measured can be improved” Always trust professionals, do not improvise “Ittakes20yearstobuilda reputationandfiveminutesto ruinit”(WarrenBuffet). If so, you can select channels, its use and the technolo- gy to manage KPI´s (metrics) to measure results. Finally Wewillassigntherequiredtasksforthedevelopmentof the plan including DATES, people in charge and will address actions in the selected channels based on the Marketing plan of the company. Planning development Direct Marketing actions Objective Goal Strategy Tactic Online-Offline: two sides of the same coin. Social Media are not the only e-marketing tools . Social Media, a dynamic marketing formula. Social Media are means of convey not a purpose. ItisessentialtoconvertFansinQualifiedContacts.. Do not start using social media tools before your strategy and objectives are clear Before any planning it is necessary to listen and measure in social media channels and search engines in order to establish a starting point that will allow the project to reach its scope Work on both internal and external company analysis (competence) in order to develop a Social Media Plan Set objectives, goals, strategies and tactics It is advisable to have a decision tree that allows the approach to actions with a logical sequence based on the SMP (WHAT –WHO –WHEN –WHERE – HOW) Establish a communication policy. It is essential to have a crisis plan with team in charge and clear protocols When choosing tools we should define their usage as well as set up the KPI´s that will allow to build a control panel to measure results “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”(Warren Buffet) Planning is totally essential if we are focus towards results Yes Yes No No End Conflict? persist? Start Negative Review Crisis Protocol Crisis Cabinet Crisis Solution Calm Situation +34915102580 | Twitter@agrupalia | SOCIAL MEDIA Technological solutions internet and e- marketing fully oriented to results. Feelfree to use this methodology,we onlyask you to mentionthesource. •Website • Blogs • Landing pages CUALIFIED Social Media are not the only tools in Structure - Facilitate - Implement - Evaluate Active Listening SEO Analysis Strategic Map of Targets Decision Matrix Actions Crisis Plan Communication Situation Competence Company External Analysis Internal Analysis Selection Channel use Actions Getyourcaseanalyzedforfree