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How to look like a boss with Application Insights

This presentation was used as a very brief 10 minute introduction to Visual Studio Application Insights Preview for the Baton Rouge .NET User Group's networking night.

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How to look like a boss with Application Insights

  1. 1. Application Insights Looking like a boss with
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  3. 3. Agenda  What Is Application Insights?  How Can It Make Me Look Like a Boss?  As a Developer  As a Product Owner  Helpful Links
  4. 4. What is Application Insights? An extensible analytics service that monitors your live application that helps you…  detect and diagnose performance issues, and  understand what users actually do with your app.
  5. 5. How Can It Make Me Look Like a Boss? As a Developer
  6. 6. Know how the app is performing inside and out.  Total Page Load Time  Client Processing Time  Send Request Time  Receiving Response Time  Dependency Durations  SQL  Blob Storage
  7. 7. Know when there’s an issue.  Failed Requests  Failed Dependencies  Server Exceptions  Client Exceptions
  8. 8. Know when Application Insights knows there’s an issue.  Abnormal rise detection  Statistical analysis  Affected 22 users  89% had the same exception  89% had a failure in SQL dependency
  9. 9. Know why there’s an issue.
  10. 10. How Can It Make Me Look Like a Boss? As a Product Owner
  11. 11. Know which features deserve more attention.  Track features with Page Views or Custom Events  How many users actually use Y?  What type of user uses X the most?
  12. 12. Pit different implementations against each other and know who wins.  Implement two features and track the success by the metrics that matter most.  Which way is quicker for the user?  Which variant leads to more use?  If they turn on feature X to replace feature Y, are they likely to turn it back off?
  13. 13. Business Intelligence the #@$% out of it.  Built-in Analytics platform  Robust query language  Extensive “API” to recorded data  Ability to export to other tools  Excel  Power BI Query (M)
  14. 14. Helpful Links   Install and try it out!