Word clouds march 7 2013


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Beit Berl Tutors Course March 2013

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Word clouds march 7 2013

  1. 1. Word CloudsBy Ora Baumgarten March 7th, 2013
  2. 2. Word CloudsThere are three main free sites for creating word clouds:Wordle – http://www.wordle.netABCYA - http://www.abcya.com/word_clouds.htmandTagxedo – http://www.tagxedo.com
  3. 3. Wordlehttp://www.wordle.netCreate word clouds from text that you provide. It gives prominence to words that appear most frequently. You can save, print and share your creation.
  4. 4. Example of Wordle
  5. 5. or
  6. 6. or
  7. 7. or
  8. 8. Wordle is useful for…..• bulletin boards• brainstorming or reflecting• remembering vocabulary• studying for an exam• summarizing a chat or discussion• adding an image to a blog post• sharing thoughts or notes• creating greeting cards• Showing creativity
  9. 9. Creative WritingWrite a poem about a country you visited: Lines 1 and 8: the name of the country Line 2: three physical features Line 3: main city, museum, landmark, famous site Line 4: bordering countries or sea Line 5: climate Line 6: three historical events that shaped the country Line 7: issues of importance; poverty, poor land, war, pollution
  10. 10. South AfricaWarm, vibrant, subtropicalTable mountain, Cape Town, Kruger ParkIndian Ocean ZimbabweMild in the summer and winterBoer War, Nelson Mandela imprisoned, democracyPoverty, rich fertile landSouth Africa
  11. 11. What does it look like in Wordle? http://oraweb.wordpress.com/
  12. 12. How to use Wordle
  13. 13. Home PageView other users work for inspiration
  14. 14. How to Use Wordle http://oraweb.wordpress.com/
  15. 15. Creating a Word CloudWrite, or paste a paragraph of text in the word box. Then select go and watch your cloud form.
  16. 16. Saving a Word CloudTo save your Wordle:1. Create your Wordle2. Click the PrtScr button on your keyboard 1. Paste (Ctrl V) into a Word Document 2. Double click the image to crop and resize it 3. Save as .doc file3. Or 1. Paste (Ctrl V) into a Paint or graphic editor 2. Crop and resize the image 3. Save as .jpg image
  17. 17. Customizing your Cloud
  18. 18. Personalizing your word cloud Choose a layout for your words. Choose a colour scheme for your Wordle.Choose what language you want your Choose your word font word cloud to appear in.
  19. 19. Wordle in any language!
  20. 20. Randomizing By Selecting ‘Randomize’ you are allowing Wordle to choose the layout, colour, language and font of your word cloud. You may continuously choose ‘randomize’ until you find a style that best suits you.
  21. 21. Word Count Select ‘ language’ on your toolbar, and then scroll down to ‘show word counts’. This screen will then pop up, and allow you to see the number of times a word was used in your cloud.
  22. 22. What to watch for!Wordle will take out unnecessary words, such as connecting words( ex. the, then, after etc.) However, Wordle will ot notice subtledifferences in the same word, and therefore treat that word as two separate subjects (see below).
  23. 23. Gallery Search specific View other subjectspeoples work
  24. 24. Examples
  25. 25. Enter text or URL http://oraweb.wordpress.com/
  26. 26. Control the number of words http://oraweb.wordpress.com/
  27. 27. Using 20 words only
  28. 28. Decorate your bulletin board
  29. 29. What song is this?
  30. 30. Introduction activityGet everyone to write their name into a Wordle.Display the results on the interactive whiteboard.
  31. 31. Use Wordle to write "All About Me"_________________________________________________
  32. 32. Make information look interesting
  33. 33. Text focusWhat do you think the text will be about?
  34. 34. Classroom Rules and Norms
  35. 35. Ways to say things differently
  36. 36. Matching
  37. 37. Characters in a book
  38. 38. Birthday cards
  39. 39. Famous speech
  40. 40. Poetry
  41. 41. Idiom of the Day
  42. 42. Defining Skills using WordleGive your students a new vocabulary word and ask them for associations. Put them in Wordle
  43. 43. Using Wordle for Classroom PollsOther ideas - birthday month, favorite animals, hardest spelling word, feelings, food
  44. 44. Identifying Theme in Story
  45. 45. Character Traits AnalysisWrite identifiable and important character traits for any character
  46. 46. Create a Custom Image Header
  47. 47. Spelling with Wordle• Create and post your weekly spelling list using Wordle.
  48. 48. Give pupils a self-esteem boost & improve relationships• Write each childs name on a separate sheet of paper. Circulate each sheet around the class so each pupil writes at least 1 nice/+ve attribute about every other pupil. They can repeat words others have used. Collect the sheets, type each pupils list of attributes with their name x10 & Wordle the result.
  49. 49. Clarify values• Brainstorm a list of personal values that the class feels are important to live by, or use a checklist
  50. 50. Language News
  51. 51. Tagxedohttp://www.tagxedo.comTagxedo is a word cloud creation tool. You can turn text, websites, blogs, and more into designs based on the frequency of words found in the medium.
  52. 52. TagxedoVery similar to WordleBig difference: create different shapes
  53. 53. Getting started Two ways to create
  54. 54. Creating & Changing To add text
  55. 55. Creating & Changing To Save, Print, Share
  56. 56. Creating & Changing Respin - randomly change Lock - don’t allow changes Menu - manually change options } To change the way it looks
  57. 57. Creating & Changing To use a shape instead of a “cloud”
  58. 58. Creating & Changing Advanced options, not used often
  59. 59. Advanced Options VocabularyFrequency Modifier - allows you to increase the number of times a word is used withoutretyping the wordNormalize Frequency - Will make a list of unrepeated words look like a normal word cloudSpread - how different do you want the biggest and smallest words to be? (preset at 40)
  60. 60. Printing/Saving/SharingMuch easier than Wordle, although some options are complicated.
  61. 61. ABCYA.com – word clouds,great for the younger students
  62. 62. Scroll down the page – add your text and click on the arrow.
  63. 63. Don’t forget to save to your computer
  64. 64. Click on AddContent – thenUpload Images
  65. 65. Add Files, and Navigate yourway back to your saved files on your computer
  66. 66. Add a Tag, click on Upload
  67. 67. Fill out the form – (Yes, it is a lengthy process!)
  68. 68. Select the Image you are after – double click and .. .. ..
  69. 69. Ta –da!Don’t forget to save your work!