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Webrtc 허영남 20150528
Webrtc 허영남 20150528
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The WebRTC Data Channel



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A technical overview of the WebRTC Data Channel and common problems in its use. These slides accompanied a similar talk that was given in Paris as part of the WebRTC Conference Paris 2014. You can find the complete text of the presentation here:

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The WebRTC Data Channel

  1. 1. Web RTC Data Channel Svetlin Mladenov Nikolay Dimitrov
  2. 2. Before we start ● The spec changes ● Bugs are fixed ● Tweaks are made Information applies to both direct WebRTC connections and when a TURN server is used.
  3. 3. What is the Data Channel? ● A communicational pipe/channel/socket ● Not bound to a particular problem domain ● WebRTC Video | Audio | Data Channel
  4. 4. DC was there from the beginning Initial version was: ● Based on RTP ● Limited to ~30 Kbit/s (hacked to ~1 Mbit/s) ● Only text messages ● No reliable mode of operation ● Network dependent max message size (typically 1KB)
  5. 5. Some History SCTP-based implementation ● Chrome 31-33, Firefox 26-27 ● Traffic and congestion control build into SCTP => no throttling ● Reliable mode of operation ● Binary messages ● Bigger messages (32K, 64K and beyond*)
  6. 6. General Characteristics ● Message oriented o Messages bigger than 64K get fragmented but not reassembled in Chrome ● Reliable ● Low overhead - similar to TCP ● Secure. Except for signaling.
  7. 7. Signaling and Setting-up ● Always use a secure channel ● Mind Trickled Ice ● The “negotiated” property ● Turn off OfferToReceiveAudio
  8. 8. Message size ● Chrome supports messages up to 64K in size but Firefox supports larger ones ● Firefox cannot send a message larger than 16K to Chrome but Chrome can send to Firefox messages of up to 64K in size 16K is the fastest and most portable message size
  9. 9. Controlling the bufferedAmount Application Output Buffer Application Input BufferNetwork ● It was broken under Chrome v36 for Windows or previous ● The meaning of bufferedAmount has changed ○ It reflected the number of messages in the output queue (buffer) ○ After Chrome v37 it reflects the total number of all buffered messages (in bytes) ● On overflow an exception was thrown ● After Chrome v37 the channel is closed
  10. 10. Keep in mind ● No way to know if a message has been delivered ● Errors may be delayed
  11. 11. What if the receiving side crashes? Application WebRTC Data Channel Application
  12. 12. What if the remote App hangs? ● The remote buffer overflows ● The data channel is closed ● No reliable way to detect the case ● Not a major problem in reality Application WebRTC Data Channel loading ...
  13. 13. WebRTC Native Library ● Android and iOS support and many more ● In a subset of C++ ● Google specific tools ● Rewrite of existing code may be necessary ● Node.js as the easy way? ● It’s worth it!
  14. 14. WebRTC Native Library ● Libjingle vs WebRTC ● API Differences
  15. 15. Questions? Svetlin Mladenov Chief Architect Nikolay Dimitrov Lead Developer