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Social Justice and Equity in the Academy


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"Social Justice and Equity in the Academy." forum at San Francisco State University.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Justice and Equity in the Academy

  1. 1. Social Justice& Equity in Service Sameer VermaInformation Systems
  2. 2. Social Justice EquityP Supply Chain C
  3. 3. Going Digital Books Music Movies Television …Conversation
  4. 4. Access to InformationProduce Consume Can the consumer also become the producer?
  5. 5. Approximately thirty percent of the world is on the Internet
  6. 6. Can Free and Open Source Software ease the flow of information?P Supply Chain C
  7. 7. Can Free and Open Source Software create a feedback loop?Produce Consume Think ->
  8. 8. “commons”
  9. 9. The Commons Initiative
  10. 10. Garima गरिरिमा
  11. 11. August Town Jamaica
  12. 12. Bulun Bazhy, Tuva
  13. 13. OLPC San Francisco Afghanistan Armenia Haiti Honduras India Jamaica Madagascar Pakistan Philippines Senegal South Africa Uganda Tuva San Francisco
  14. 14. Strength in numbers – OLPC Volunteers
  15. 15. Jennifer Martino – Plasticine expert and Director, OLPC Canada
  16. 16. Will the entire world have access to information? We hope so.
  17. 17. &
  18. 18. Explore