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Computer, end program


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An introduction to virtualization as a concept, its implementation in VirtualBox and an extension into an OpenStack private cloud. Done at SF State University. See more at

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Computer, end program

  1. 1. Computer, end program Making virtual worlds possibleSameer Verma, Ph.D.Professor, Information Systems DepartmentCollege of Business, San Francisco State UniversitySan Francisco, CA 94132 USA Unless noted otherwise
  2. 2. Holodeck on StarTrek Enterprise TNG
  3. 3. Holodeck● Star Trek:● A simulated reality, where 3D worlds could be simulated with force fields and projections.● Load, run, freeze and store programs.
  4. 4. Final scene of Star Trek: Enterprise
  5. 5. As it was in the beginning● Mainframe virtualization.● IBMs CP-40 research system in 1967.● Compartmentalize large processing capabilities.● Run processes separately.● Lease “slices” to different customers.
  6. 6. Too many servers?● Data center challenges● One physical server for one application – Web – – – Storage Authentication Network =4Power, Cooling, Bandwidth...
  7. 7. Rise of Apache● Apache VirtualHost.● Multiple virtual web hosts in each physical server.● Led to the adoption of Apache in server rooms.● Eventually led to Linux to run these websites.● Still one underlying OS. Single point of failure?
  8. 8. Hypervisor This is not a hypervisor ...although it is a VISOR
  9. 9. Hypervisor apps apps apps apps apps apps apps operating system operating system operating system hypervisor hardware Type 1: Bare Metal
  10. 10. Hypervisor apps apps apps apps apps apps apps operating system (guest) operating system operating system hypervisor operating system (host) hardware Type 2: Hosted
  11. 11. Paravirtualization apps apps apps operating system (modified)common hypervisor operating system (host) hardware
  12. 12. Cloud
  13. 13. Public and Private clouds Public Private
  14. 14. Hypervisors galore! Hypervisors (xen, kvm, vmware, hyper-v, virtualbox, ...)
  15. 15. Lets begin!