Projektforum 2013: The agile waterfall @ ikea Michelle Vithal Bergström


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Projektforum 2013: The agile waterfall @ ikea Michelle Vithal Bergström

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Projektforum 2013: The agile waterfall @ ikea Michelle Vithal Bergström

  1. 1. 04/11/2013 © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2013 The Agile Waterfall @ IKEA Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® IKEA Vision “Creating a better everyday life for the many people” Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Reaching more of the many people 1
  2. 2. 04/11/2013 IKEA IT PMO • Project Managers: 38+ • Geographical location: Älmhult, Helsingborg, Wallau & Dortmund • No. of projects FY13: 64 • Project steering model: PPS Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Project Management @ IKEA IT Process Business needs Assessment & recommendation Service Management Prioritization & Authorization Operation Project Management Project Management Practical Project Steering (PPS) DP1 Start and prepare DP2 DP3 Continue, interrupt Making a or change commitment Prepare DP4 Start execution DP5 Continue, interrupt or change Execute DP6 Approve the delivery DP7 Approve the transfer DP8 Conclude the project Conclude Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Agile history – Sweden • • • • • • • • • • • Incremental software development – 1950’s Rational Unified Process – 1994 Scrum – 1995 Crystal Clear, Extreme Programming – 1996 Adaptive Software Development – 1997 Feature Driven Development – 1997 Agile Manifesto – 2001 PMI Sweden Chapter first Agile seminar – 2002 Large corporations in Sweden – Agile Vs. Waterfall – 2003 Frequent Agile seminares and trainings in Sweden - 2007 PMI Agile Certfied Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) - 2011 Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® 2
  3. 3. 04/11/2013 How we applied the Agile Waterfall Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® The Agile Waterfall balance Waterfall Predictive Well Defined Known Average A Large Distributed High Process Low Conservative High Involved Agile Time Scope Costs Team skill level T kill l l Team size Team Location Documentation Orientation Expected Change Culture Company Awarness Steering Committees Adaptive Flexible Uncertain High Hi h Small Co-located Low People High Innovative Low Informed 8 Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Sales Reconcilliation SAREC+ • PM Organisation: 1 Global project + Local rollouts • Scope: Implement one global SAREC+ solution including: • IT System • Working Routines • Education and Communication Material • Trained Support Organisation staff • Ti Time plan: M lti year l Multi • Complexity: Medium • Number of end users: Medium • Agile adoption: Medium, Multiple DP3-DP6 Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® 3
  4. 4. 04/11/2013 Finance Data Warehouse • PM Organisation: 1 Global project, central implementation • Scope: Develop and implement new Finance Data Warehouse • Data Warehouse based on latest database standards • Standard front end reporting tool • Training and Communication Material • Ti Time plan: M lti year l Multi • Complexity: High • Number of end users: Low • Agile adoption: Medium (High then low), Multiple DP3-DP6 Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Finance Data Warehouse Over time, over budget, out of control project led to enforcing traditional project management: Weak SG Accountable SG Backlog Detailed time plan Flexible scope Frozen scope New features Formal Change Request Unknowns Transparency Weekly status Frequent communication Blame game Committed team Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Supply Transport Management System • PM Organisation: 1 Global Program, 9 global projects, 4 Agile projects • Scope: Implement a new foundation (Processes and IT Solutions) for the Transport Purchase and Delivery area at IKEA. • Ti Time plan: M lti year l Multi • Complexity: High • Number of end users: High • Agile adoption: High, Multiple DP3-DP6 Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® 4
  5. 5. 04/11/2013 Supply Transport Management System • 40+ persons in four parallel self-organising Scrum teams • IT Demand, IT Delivery , Functional org. and vendors together in same teams. • Close collaboration to other teams • Each Sprint 4 weeks • • • • • Approx 4500 hours Planned bottom up and cross team commitment Common Sprint goal for all teams Securing progress and remove impediments in • • • • • • Change management, Environment/Deployment, Core Test teams, Core Design teams, Design Workgroups Daily Scrums Weekly Scrum Scrum of Scrum Daily planning and follow-ups in burndown charts Kanban sessions Project steering of each Release • ITPM • PMM Operational • PMM Strategic • STMS Steering group Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Lessons Learned Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Lessons Learned - Benefits of the Agile Waterfall • • Not restricted to one method. Choose what applies best to your project. Aligned with company budgeting and prioritisation processes. • Enables clear scope definition and aggressive timelines to deliver functionality. functionality • Balance detailed plan with flexible solution. • Sprints enable focus on completing smaller pieces of functionality. • Frequent collaboration allows early validation. • Value delivered faster. Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® 5
  6. 6. 04/11/2013 Lessons Learned Known pit-falls Don’t forget to consider • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Project Management methodology Culture Business processes Pricing model Outsourcing Procurement process Level of organizational collaboration g Availability of stakeholders Team size, experience & location Deployment strategy Change control process Length of iterations Stability of requirements Tools and skills Skills in Agile • • • “We don’t need plans or documentation anymore” Adopting Scrum without key agile principles e.g. • communication/collaboration • continuous integration • robust engineering practices. “Consultant approach” - no project end in sight. Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Wrap-up Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Apply the Best of Both Worlds PM Knowlege Areas Agile Manifesto Individuals and interactions over Processes and tools Working software over Comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration ll b ti over Contract negotiation ti ti Responding to change over Following the plan • • • • • • • • • • Project Project Project Project Project Project Project ojec Project Project Project Integration Management Scope Management Time Management Cost Management Quality Management Human Resource Management Co Communications Management u ca o s a age e Risk Management Procurement Management Stakeholder Management Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® 6
  7. 7. 04/11/2013 Success through a set of shared values • Togetherness and enthusiasm. • Constant desire for renewal. • Cost-consciousness. • Willingness to accept and delegate responsibility. • Humbleness and will-power will power. • Simplicity. • Leadership by example. • Daring to be different. • Striving to meet reality. • Being on the way. Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Questions? Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Contact details Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® Senior Project Manager IT Delivery Mobile: +46 723 527737 E-mail: 7
  8. 8. 04/11/2013 Home is the most important place in the world! Michelle Vithal Bergström, PMP® 8