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Coding is simple and great if it's just you working on the code. It is getting much more complex when a whole team or even several teams are working on the code base. You want to be sure, that everybody knows about code changes, the quality is the same all over the code base and a merge shouldn't stop the whole team from working. Atlassian's tools can help you out.

This presentation shows how you can use Stash and Bamboo to happily code together in a team. You don't have to worry about broken builds on your master branch or that your graduate accidentally merges his changes that get automatic deployed. Everybody understands each part of the code base and the code got reviewed before it hits your master branch.

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Stash - We Code Together

  1. We C de T gether
  2. Sven PetersHappy Ambassador @svenpet
  3. Life as aHackerreat ! g is
  4. Simple Workflow! writing codecommitting code
  5. Simple dependencies! stops just you ... so what? writing code breaking code fixing code
  6. Code Quality like code
  7. Lonesome Cowboy
  8. The trouble starts with the team
  9. Life as aTeamCoder
  10. Multiple changes! writing code merging codechanging code
  11. Rely on each other! stops the team writing codebreaking code fixing code fast
  12. Code Quality! writing code Opinionreviewing code Opinion Opinion
  13. Its not your code teams code Its your
  14. ge th elp C T GETHER D E
  15. C T GETHER D EBringing code togetherSharing code with othersProtecting your code
  16. C T GETHER D EBringing code together
  17. Branching is cool!
  19. everybody stops to work until merge is doneMerge FearDisease afraid that the build will fail waiting until the code is done done
  20. A branch for every task
  21. Branches have short lives ~ 2 days
  22. S r oc ksDVC Git Mercurial
  23. f ind o ut! Will the build fail if I would merge now? ... and stop the rest of the team!
  24. f ind o ut!
  25. r an ch espl an b
  26. co mm itvi rtu al
  27. Bamboo
  28. C T GETHER D ESharing code with others
  29. Do you have such a team member? Ive written that code. Its faster when I just fix it. I cant tell you how this works. Its too complicated.This is a very sensitive area... You can easily break things
  30. Do you have such a team member?I want to protect my job!
  31. Do you have such a team member? Fire him !
  32. feel better Learn Discuss your code changesBetterquality
  33. Re que stsus eP ull Discuss your code changes before they get merged!
  34. Re que stsus eP ull create what do you think?
  35. Re que stsus eP ull invite what do you think?
  36. Re que stsus eP ull ve appro ss &di scu what do you think?
  37. Re que stsus eP ull me rge what do you think?
  38. Re que stsus eP ull n vo lve i I know @Ben has already written an algorithm for that
  39. Dem Time
  40. Share and Collaborateon Code is grea t!
  41. Share and Collaborateon Code be e as yand fast ould sh
  42. Simple Workflow Merge Pull Request Branch
  43. Simple Workflow No Roles Merge Pull Request Branch
  44. C T GETHER D EProtecting your code
  45. Simple Workflow No Roles Merge Pull Request Branch
  46. Simple Workflow No Roles Merge Pull Request Branch
  47. Simple Workflow Some Roles Merge Pull Request Branch
  48. Do you want your graduates merge into the automatic deploy branch?
  49. Branch Permissions
  50. Project Permissions Project ProjectWonderland Fairytale
  51. Security DevSpeed
  52. The Repo GuardBew are
  53. Can I get a new Repository? Please!
  54. Can I get a new Repository? Ill do in 3 days
  55. Create Repository