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Bamboo - an introduction


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Bamboo is a continuous integrations server from Atlassian. But Bamboo is much more than that. See, how a modern CI-Server goes further with automated building, testing, deploying, and releasing of your software.

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Bamboo - an introduction

  1. an introduction
  2. Sven PetersHappy Ambassador @svenpet
  3. Im just a Bamboo beginner, too @svenpet
  4. Who knows this guy?
  5. CI Basics
  6. CI very Basicscode change trunk / master code change
  7. Good job, mate!
  8. Do you wantmore?
  9. 1 take a look
  10. Basics 1
  11. Basics NamingPlan
  12. Basics NamingPlan Stage Stage Stage
  13. Basics NamingPlan Stage Stage Stage Job Job Job Job Job Job
  14. Basics NamingPlan Stage Stage Stage Job Job Job Job Job Job
  15. Basics Stage TriggersStageJobJob
  16. Basics Stage Triggers automaticallyStageJobJob
  17. Basics Stage Triggers automaticallyStage StageJob JobJob
  18. Basics Stage Triggers automatically manualStage Stage StageJob Job Job JobJob Job
  19. Basics Stage Triggers deployyou know what youre doing
  20. Parallel & Distributed Jobs 2
  21. A Job is executed by an agentJob Job Job Job Job
  22. Agents are running parallel JobJob Job Job Job Job
  23. Agents can run distributed also on Amazon EC2 JobJob Job Job Job Job
  24. Bamboo is collecting the results start the next stage automatically? Job Stage Job
  25. Tests in quarantine 3
  26. Keep to build green always
  27. What if you have a flaky test? ...and no time to look at it?
  28. Run the job and ignore the flaky test Job Test Test Test test in quarantine
  29. quarantine
  30. JIRA integration 4
  31. increate issue
  32. inSee build related issues
  33. inSee issue related builds
  34. Bamboo & Branches 5
  35. builds are triggered by main branch
  36. manually configure new branches
  37. manually configure new branches Bamboo configures new branches
  38. Auto detect branches Bamboo deletes it again (no activity)
  39. Some people say about feature branches: This is not continuous integration
  40. Auto merge branches Option #1change master feature branch push changes
  41. Auto merge branches Option #2changefeature branch master push changes
  42. Dem Time
  43. Do you wantmore?
  44. Jenkins importerLocate Jenkins Choose Jobs Done
  46. Build something! @svenpet