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Atlassian - The latest and greatest early 2013


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Presentation for Atlassian User Group showing:
- Confluence 5
- new Confluence feature
- new JIRA feature
- Stash

Published in: Technology
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Atlassian - The latest and greatest early 2013

  1. The latest and greatest of Atlassian early 2013
  2. Sven PetersHappy Ambassador @svenpet
  3. Cooking Recipe for tonightIngredients: looks like an awesome selection 10 min 5 min 10 min
  4. 5
  5. changing is so fast1 Instant Edit
  6. 2 looks so good New Design
  7. App-Navigator settings & personal stuff much cleaner
  8. new tool bar
  9. 3 find more in your space New Side Bar
  10. overviewmost important stuff customizable navigate The new side bar
  11. expandable compact The new side bar
  12. 4 are you looking for something? Recently Viewed
  13. 5 anything happened in between? In Page Notifications
  14. 6 create your page faster Create
  15. Create
  16. 5available soon!
  17. file directory meeting notesrelease notes blog posts requirements marketing plans
  18. gives you an empty page and a lot of freedom
  19. Our solution: Templates
  20. We are taking templates even further...
  21. Meeting Notesbefore automatic during / after meeting date create structure write notes mention attendees notify attendees set follow up tasks write agenda index page
  22. Meeting NotesRequirement DocumentsFile ListsProject Reports your structured document
  23. Solution
  24. Great for tec hnica l teamManage Software Projects s Tracking Bugs & Tasks Usage Agile Planning
  25. Great for all teams ?Travel Approval Team Leave Usage Help Desk You Name it
  26. Too much information! Requester
  27. add a comment / respond just want to fill out a few fields check the status Requester
  28. I need this information! Owner
  29. limit view for requester keep the full power Owner
  30. Lets solve thisProblem
  31. Now that you know our secrets we have to kill you!
  32. ...or you help us!
  33. Ready?
  34. Here is your mission
  35. Here is your missionJust for AUG attendees, sorry!
  36. Git Repository Managementfor Enterprise Teams
  37. Sharing code with othersProtecting the codeIntegration with JIRA / BambooMaking the change visible
  38. Sharing code with others
  39. Do you have such a team member? Ive written that code. Its faster when I just fix it. I cant tell you how this works. Its too complicated.This is a very sensitive area... You can easily break things
  40. Do you have such a team member?I want to protect my job!
  41. Do you have such a team member? Fire him !
  42. feel better Learn Discuss your code changesBetterquality
  43. Re que stsus eP ull Discuss your code changes before they get merged!
  44. Re que stsus eP ull create what do you think?
  45. Re que stsus eP ull invite what do you think?
  46. Re que stsus eP ull ve appro ss &di scu what do you think?
  47. Re que stsus eP ull me rge what do you think?
  48. Re que stsus eP ull n vo lve i I know @Ben has already written an algorithm for that
  49. Dem Time
  50. Protecting your code
  51. Simple Workflow No Roles Merge Pull Request Branch
  52. Simple Workflow No Roles Merge Pull Request Branch
  53. Simple Workflow Some Roles Merge Pull Request Branch
  54. Do you want your graduates merge into the automatic deploy branch?
  55. Branch Permissions
  56. Project Permissions Project ProjectWonderland Fairytale
  57. Security DevSpeed
  58. The Repo GuardBew are
  59. Can I get a new Repository? Please!
  60. Can I get a new Repository? Ill do in 3 days
  61. Create Repository
  63. Rock On! @svenpet