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  • Online & Offline Networking

    1. 1. Integrating Your Online & Offline Strategy Presented by Sven Johnston
    2. 2. Starting point Jan 2009 Laid off for the first time in my life. No network in Orange County. My LinkedIn account had only 150 1st degree connections. The last time I went to a networking event was years ago.
    3. 3. Feb - Apr 2009 The Laid Off Checklist Polished up my LinkedIn Profile. Reconnected with lost friends. Dated several networking groups throughout Orange County. “Dig the well before you are thirsty” Chinese Proverb
    4. 4. continued... Started conversations online to find people that I wanted to meet offline. Posted “Pay It Forward” offers on group boards to ensure people were contacting me. Allocated certain amounts of time each day to ensure a good balance between online and offline. “How to Ask for Help Without Looking Stupid”
    5. 5. Websites for Events County-Networking-Guide/
    6. 6. Examples for local groups in Orange County McDermott & Bull Laguna Niguel Connectors - 3rd Friday morning and 1st Wednesday evening We Are Orange County!™ & OCEAN - last Wednesday of the month in the evening SoCalSushi - every second month during lunch time Access Executive - 3rd Tuesday and TechBiz - 3rd Wednesday Saddleback Career Ministry - every Monday night Octane - 1st Thursday and the list continues...
    7. 7. May - Sep 2009 Landed a new position that I found through a LinkedIn Group discussion. Took networking into overdrive. Converted LinkedIn into a Business Development tool. Started my group We Are Orange County!™. Embraced Social Media in all its beauty.
    8. 8. The Power of 3
    9. 9. Social Media People will tell you what you should use Suggestion, try out the different tools and see if they work for you. LinkedIn is the only tool that is a must for business people. Try out every tool for a while before making a judgment - Sometimes it takes a while to see the rewards.
    10. 10. Tips for LinkedIn Treat your profile equal or higher than your resume - Always remember it is a living object. Join the maximum of 50 groups and use them. Use Firefox instead of IE to get spell check. Take advantage of all the great features: Advanced people & company search Questions & Answers Jobs exclusive to LinkedIn
    11. 11. Tips for Twitter Automate a majority of the work. Try out a variety of programs for the perfect fit: Tweetdeck Hootsuite Tweetfeeder Use to find good content. 80/20 Rule - Only 20% should be self promoting. RT, be personable, listen and start conversations.
    12. 12. Tips for Blogs Research the different platforms. Design a concept for your blog. Don’t expect instant results. Blogging is not just writing, it can also be a Video. Buy your own URL.
    13. 13. Oct - Dec 2009 Your next job will last about 18 - 24 month...mine unfortunately ended after 5 month. Teamed up with the owner of OCEAN to organize monthly networking events. Realized Personal Branding will be the wave of the future as well as the power of video. Start building your brand now.
    14. 14. Branding (The art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable) Make sure your offline brand matches your online brand. Have a Google Alert setup for your name. Be consistent in you messaging. Stay away from politics & religion. Your brand lives independently from your job.
    15. 15. What is your story for 2009 Took on LinkedIn and in less than 5 month convinced them to give Orange County its own location code. Started a LinkedIn Group that now has over 3500 members and is the second biggest group in Orange County. Got published in the Orange County Register, Orange County Business Journal, OC Metro and several blogs. Ran a successful Twitter campaign to gain attention for my cause. Added over 500 local connections to my LinkedIn network. Went from nobody to someone that is very well respected in the Orange County Networking community for paying it forward.
    16. 16. Plans for 2010 Find my dream job,where all my skills are being utilized. Build a startup to generate passive income for the future. Ride the Social Media Wave and ensure that I don’t fall off. Continue building long term relationships. Most importantly continue to “Pay It Forward”.
    17. 17. Q&A Contact Details E-mail: