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“Best of South Africa” is a celebration of the crème that our country has to offer, a tangible reminder and visual celebration of what makes South Africa great, a country people truly fall in love with -locals and international visitors alike.

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Best of South Africa vol 5

  1. 1. Volume 5
  2. 2. 2 Best of South Africa
  3. 3. Welcome to Volume Five of ‘Best of South Africa’ We all look forward to 2010 as the world focuses their attention on South Africa. We will be there well in time with copies of “Best of South Africa” vol. 5 in the leading hotels and our online portal showcasing all the success stories in this edition to an audience of 200 000 unique readers from 140 countries as per our latest online readership results. What we do “Best of South Africa” is a celebration of the crème that our country has to offer, a tangible reminder and visual celebration of what makes South Africa great, a country people truly fall in love with - locals and international visitors alike. Thanks Our sincere thanks must go to the wonderful participants showcased in our fifth edition; representing the “Best of” in their respective fields. We profile these individuals, companies and organizations with much pride and celebrate their success which in turn helps us all to promote and showcase South Africa to our dedicated partners and clients across the world and at home. Our Belief The continued growth and sustainability of South Africa is largely thanks to the patriotic nature in all our blood, which enjoys an unbreakable optimism ensuring this nation succeeds against any odds. We are extremely proud to play a part in promoting our country and will continue to do so. Celebrating Success! “Climb high; climb far, Your goal – the sky, Your aim – the stars” Publisher Giá Bischofberger Sales Team Emma Nyschens, Allana Smith and Katya Pappalardo Editor Peta Krost Maunder - Mediak Creative Direction Peter Batistich, Images, Walter Boermeester and Information Sources Brand South Africa, the dti and ISBN # 978-0-620-39819-0 Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in The Best of South Africa Vol. 5. Neither Best of South Africa nor GVPedia Communications cc take any responsibility for errors or omissions. All rights reserved: No part of this publication shall be reproduced, copied, transmitted, adapted or modified in any form or by any means. This publication shall not be stored in whole or in part in any form in any retrieval system. Contact details: E-mail: Website: PO Box 391, Paulshof, 2056 Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Best of South Africa 3
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  6. 6. ChapterS Best of South Africa Travel & Tourism Hotels, Lodges & Resorts 44-67 68-87 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Mall Destinations Fashion & Jewellery 106-119 120-133 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Corporate Profiles Medical Healthcare 152-187 188-201 Chapter 10 Chapter 9 6 Best of South Africa
  7. 7. Luxury Lifestyles Dining & Nightlife 88-95 96-105 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Décor, Design & Interiors Beauty & Wellness 134-141 142-151 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Conferencing & Exhibitions 202-217 Chapter 11 Best of South Africa 7
  8. 8. South Africa at a glance Nowhere else in the world can you combine business with pleasure as you can in South Africa. A magnificent climate, a passion for nature and the great outdoors, a menagerie of wildlife, world class sporting facilities – including superb golf courses – where a rich social, cultural and political history combine to create a unique experience for the world traveler and a country us South Africans are proud to call home. 8 Best of South Africa
  9. 9. Capitals Health Cape Town (Legislative), Pretoria Top-quality healthcare is available throughout (Administrative), Bloemfontein (Judicial) the country, although basic in rural areas. Inoculations are only required for those Total Land Area travelling from yellow-fever areas. Malaria 1 219 912 square kilometers, (471 011 square precautions are necessary in some areas. miles) A comprehensive medical service including 24 hour medical treatment and disaster Head of State management will be provided by the President Jacob Zuma department of health in every host city for 2010. An improved infrastructure that will Population continue to benefit all the residents of South 49 052 489 (July 2009, est.) Africa beyond 2010. Time Zone Banks & Foreign Exchange GMT + 2hrs South Africa’s financial institutions are world- class, with no shortage of banks, bureau de Currency change and automatic tellers. The banks Rand. R1= 100 Cents generally open from 9am to 3.30pm Mondays Coins come in denominations of 5c, 10c, through Fridays and 8.30 to 11am on 20c, 50c, R1, R2 and R5 and notes in Saturdays. Banks at the airports adjust their denominations of R10, R20, R50, R100 and hours to accommodate international flights. R200. Credit Cards and Cash International Dialing Code All major credit cards can be used in SA. + 27 Embassies Official Languages Most countries are represented in South Africa Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, by embassies. Please refer to the telephone isiZulu, Sesotho sa Leboa, Sesotho, directory or Yellow pages for up to date details. City of Durban Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda and Xitsonga. Climate Religion South Africa is famous for its sunshine. Almost 80% of South Africa’s population Although SA’s climate varies considerably is Christian. Other religious groups include across its various regions and environments, Hindus, Muslims and Jews. A minority of temperatures remain comfortable throughout South Africa’s population regard themselves the year. Climate can be described as mostly as traditionalists or of no specific religious semi-arid, subtropical along the east coast, affiliation. with sunny days and cool nights. Best of South Africa 9
  10. 10. South African Overview Chris Kirchhoff The National Anthem The national anthem is a combined version of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (God Bless Africa) and Die Stem (The Call of South Africa) National Flag South Africa’s national flag was launched and used for the first time on Freedom Day, 27 April 1994. The design and colours are a synopsis of the principal elements of the country’s flag history. It is a powerful symbol of unity and progress. National Symbols National animal: Springbok Chris Kirchhoff National bird: Blue Crane National fish: Galjoen National flower: King Protea National tree: Real Yellowwood South Africa has 12 public holidays New Year’s Day – 1 January Human Rights Day – 21 March Good Friday – Friday before Easter Sunday Family Day – Monday after Easter Sunday Freedom Day – 27 April Government Communications & Information Systems Workers’ Day – 1 May Youth Day – 16 June National Women’s Day – 9 August Heritage Day – 24 September Day of Reconciliation – 16 December Christmas Day – 25 December Day of Goodwill – 26 December If any of these days fall on a Sunday, then the following Monday becomes a public holiday. Join football enthusiasts from around the world when they descend on South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and you will be making history. For the first time ever this legendary tournament will be hosted in Africa – a land that has spawned many celebrated football stars. Soak up the glitz, glamour and raw excitement of the World Cup and 10 Best of South Africa
  11. 11. then take time out to explore the untouched Mercy, will be ready in time for the 2010 Fifa African bush, something no other FIFA World World Cup. Cup could offer. The project has provided jobs for around 12 000 people and once finished, 8 000 Infrastructure people will take up permanent employment As your hosts South Africans have been at the airport. This is 3 000 more than sweating it out under the African sun to build the current staff complement of Durban and refurbish stadiums designed to impress International to date. even the toughest guests. By June 2010 In addition the year 2010 has been the these 10 stadiums will be ready to seat over inspiration to accelerate South Africa’s use half a million fans. of intelligent transport systems in order to By 2008, the build up to 2010 FIFA manage congestion, incident response and World Cup had already created 80 000 job travel demand. In the main cities money is opportunities in the local hospitality sector. being spent to improve road infrastructure, that will connect all of South Africa’s major It is estimated that by 2010 this sector will build a rapid transport system and the centres. employ an additional 116 000 people. While Gautrain (South Africa’s first rapid transport This network, will provide almost formal employment in the construction train service). Wherever you are visiting from infinite bandwidth capacity to carry more industry has grown to 100 000, providing you will find a trip on the Gautrain a truly information (voice and data) at higher valuable skills to the economy beyond 2010. world class experience. speeds over greater distances. Vodacom In addition low income households earned On completion the Rail Link will transport and Telkom are also investing heavily over R2 billion in income as a direct result of 100 000 commuters a day, offering seamless in infrastructure in order to satisfy ever the stadium construction. integration with both Gautrain, Bus Link increasing demand for quality voice and Infrastructure projects will help to keep services and the new Bus Rapid Transport data services. the economy buoyant in times that are system. All offering security and modern “This (optic fibre) project once completed clearly challenging. Government and State comforts. will redefine the telecommunications owned enterprises will spend a whopping This ambitious project is running to landscape in South Africa and the rest of R787 billion over the next three years on schedule and has also exceeded a number Africa” says A Jay Pandey , CEO and MD diverse developments. The funds have been of social economic objectives, including of Neotel. allocated to projects that will significantly job creation, skills training and SME advance industrial operations and public development. Securemail service delivery. They include improving rail Securemail provides a swift and safe and road infrastructure, an innovative bus Telecommunications delivery method for high-security items rapid transit system, as well as the building With extensive landline phone networks and such as shares and credit cards. It handles of clinics, school and housing for the poor. four mobile phone service providers with far more than 2,5 million credit cards a year, reaching coverage. Public telephones are has significantly reduced credit-card Transport either coin operated or card operated. The theft and has won an award from the Work is in progress to upgrade South African once underserviced telecommunications International Association of Financial Crime airports to cope with the deluge of visitors industry continues to develop at cyber Investigators for its performance. for 2010. The R5.2 Billion project will see all speed. Neotel, South Africa’s second fixed international airports offer facilities, comforts line operator made deals worth one billion South African Post Office and security on a par with the best in the rand in its first year of operation. With even The first post office in South Africa was world. bigger numbers in the offering. Neotel and opened in the Castle in Cape Town in 1792. South Africa’s newest airport, King Shaka mobile service provider MTN have joined Today, the South African Post Office (Sapo) International situated north of Durban at La forces to roll out an optic fibre network delivers almost six million letters per day to Best of South Africa 11
  12. 12. Government Jeffrey Barbee Health and Beauty According to the Bill of Rights, as contained in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes: • freedom of the press and other media • freedom to receive or impart information or ideas • freedom of artistic creativity • academic freedom and freedom of scientific research. Several laws, policies and organisations act to protect and promote press freedom in South Africa. In 2008, South Africa was ranked as the 36th most free country in terms of press freedom in the world. Broadcasting South Africa has an extremely diverse broadcast media sector catering for the unique demands of the local market. Television South Africa has by far the largest television audience in Africa, with more than four 10 million addresses in South Africa. It has The business centres provide a bureau million licensed television households. The more than 2 660 outlets covering the length service with facilities such as photocopying, SABC’ national television network comprises and breadth of the country. The principal faxing and Internet access. South Africans three full-spectrum free-to-air channels function of Sapo is to provide postal who live in rural areas can now make new and one satellite pay-TV channel aimed at services inside and outside South Africa. technology part of their everyday lives. audiences in Africa. Combined, the free-to- air sound-broadcasting stations reach a daily Business Centres Media diversity adult audience of almost 20 million people Sapo has established 25 business centres Media diversity in any country is regarded via the terrestrial signal distribution network that provide a dedicated, specially designed as a measure of the depth of its democracy. and a satellite signal. Between 50% and 60% one-stop shop inside existing post offices Every citizen should have access to a diverse of all programmes transmitted are produced in most rural areas. range of media. in South Africa. Locally produced television 12 Best of South Africa
  13. 13. programmes are augmented by programmes purchased abroad, and by co-productions undertaken with other television programming organisations. The SABC’s terrestrial television channels devote between 18% and 20% of their airtime during prime time to news and news-related programmes. M-Net the first private subscription television service in SA, broadcasts its array of general entertainment and niche channels to more than 50 countries across Africa and the adjacent Indian Ocean islands. Development of the local film and TV industries is a priority for M-Net and is supported by various projects such as EDiT, which gives final-year film and television students the opportunity to produce programmes for broadcast on M-Net. MultiChoice Africa (MCA) was formed to manage the subscriber services of its sister company, M-Net. It became the first African company on the continent to offer digital satellite broadcasting. Operations include subscriber-management services and digital satellite television platforms broadcasting more than 50 television and 40 audio Anglogold Ashanti channels, 24 hours a day. The country’s first privately owned free- to-air television channel is e-tv. Independent TV audience surveys confirm that is the second-largest channel in the country.’s terrestrial signal reaches 80,5% of the South African population. It appeals to all races, all ages and income groups and is the most viewed English language channel in the country. was the first channel in South Africa to secure the rights to the Union of European Football Association’s Champions Print Advertising League Football. Technical handling of the print media in The Loerie Awards are the best-known South Africa rates among the best in the South African awards recognising Radio world. This is one reason why newspapers excellence in advertising. The Association Radio, which plays a large role in the media and magazines have held their own in a of Marketers established these awards industry is flourishing. The SABC’s national volatile information era, characterised by in 1978 to coincide with the advent radio network comprising of 15 public the vast development of various new forms of commercial television in South broadcast-service radio stations, and three of media-delivery platforms via the Internet Africa. The Loerie Awards ceremony commercial radio stations, broadcasting in through modern ICT. sees excess monies being ploughed 11 languages, as well as an external radio This must be viewed against the general back into the industry in the form of service in four languages that reaches an trend in the rest of the developed world bursaries for underprivileged advertising average daily adult audience of 19 million. that saw dropping circulations and the and marketing students via the Loerie Copy supplied to radio news amounts to cutting back on costs or closing down of Education Trust Fund, and as a donation almost a million words a day, and is compiled newspapers. to the Advertising Benevolent Fund. The around the clock into a weekly total of 300 The country’s vibrant economy, the main objective of the Loerie Awards is to bulletins and 27 current affairs programmes. introduction of regional tabloid newspapers encourage creative advertising. Programmes are produced weekly in 11 and the glut of new magazine titles languages on the SABC’s radio services. have helped to feed the popularity of Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) There is a public broadcasting-service radio newspapers and magazines in Africa’s The ASA is the protector of the ethical station for each language group. Channel largest economy. High consumer spending standards of advertising in South Africa broadcasts live on three platforms: has coincided with strong circulation in Africa, and protects consumers against shortwave, satellite and the Internet. The specific newspaper genres, particularly manipulative advertising and unfair claims. shortwave broadcast covers south, east, tabloids and free-sheets. Globally The ASA is an independent body central and west Africa. The satellite competitive IT systems, especially among established and funded by the marketing- broadcast covers the sub-Saharan region, the large media houses, have helped to communication industry to regulate although it can be picked up as far as London. improve the overall technical quality of print advertising in the public interest by The Internet broadcast is accessible from media, and have also positively affected means of self-regulation. The ASA co- anywhere in the world. As well as a number distribution and circulation reach. There is operates with government, statutory of private radio stations that have also been a range of general and specialised news bodies, consumer organisations and granted licences, these stations cater for a websites which, in terms of the speed and industry to ensure that advertising wide variety of languages, cultures and niche breadth of their coverage, are on a par with content complies with the Code of markets. the best in the world. Advertising Practice. Best of South Africa 13
  14. 14. and businesspeople. Many lucrative possibilities, arising from South Africa’s wealth of natural resources, and almost unlimited export and import opportunities, exist in the country. Costs of doing Business The cost of doing business in South Africa compares favourably to other emerging world markets. According to an annual World Bank study, titled the Ease of Doing Business, South Africa ranks 32nd out of 181 of the economies surveyed in 2009 for ease of doing business. The country boasts the lowest electricity prices in the world and despite looming challenges in this sector, doubling its electricity price will still place the country as the cheapest provider. South Africa’s labour costs are significantly lower than those of other key emerging markets. It also has a favourable corporate tax rate compared to other emerging markets. The costs for labour, land, rental, human resources, transportation and general living expenses do, however, vary from province Why Invest in South Africa? one of the highest ranking developing to province. The South Africa of today is one of economies and surpasses countries such the most sophisticated and promising as Hungary, Italy, Brazil and Thailand. The Skills emerging markets globally. The unique country leads the continent in industrial South Africa possesses a large resource combination of a highly developed first- output (40% of Africa’s total output) and base of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled world economic infrastructure and a huge mineral production (45% of total mineral labour. The South African government emergent market economy has given rise production) and generates most of Africa’s has introduced wide-ranging legislation to to a strong entrepreneurial and dynamic electricity (over 50%). promote training and skills development investment environment. and fast-track the building of world-class South Africa is the economic Macro Economic Stability skills and competences. powerhouse of the African continent, South Africa has achieved a level of A strong network of universities and with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of macro-economic stability not seen in the other tertiary education institutions is R1,9 trillion (US$283bn) - four times that country for many years. Such advances home to a host of leading international of its Southern African neighbours, and create opportunities for real increases in academics and researchers, with the comprising 30% of the entire GDP of Africa. expenditure on social services, and reduce majority of research and development in The World Economic Forum’s Global the costs and risks for all investors, laying South Africa, undertaken at the country’s Competitiveness Report 2008/09 of the the foundation for increased investment universities. World Economic Forum, ranked South and growth. By 2009, the economy was Africa 45th out of 134 global nations. stronger than at any time over the past 20 Financial Infrastructure South Africa’s GDP grew at a healthy years. South Africa is one of the world’s favourite 5,2 % in 2007 and a lower 3,1% in 2008, emerging markets, offering investors due to the impact of the global economic Market Opportunity sophisticated financial infrastructures and crisis. South Africa is one of the most One of the chief reasons for South Africa exceptional investment opportunities. sophisticated and promising emerging becoming one of the most popular trade The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) markets, offering a unique combination and investment destinations in the world oversees the banking services industry in of highly-developed first world economic is due to the country ensuring that it South Africa. The non-banking financial infrastructure, with a vibrant emerging can meet specific trade and investment services industry is governed by the market economy. South Africa is also requirements of prospective investors Financial Service Board (FSB). 14 Best of South Africa
  15. 15. Transport and Logistics Infrastructure net food exporter. Major import products South Africa boasts one of the most modern include wheat, rice and vegetable oils. and extensive transport infrastructures in Despite the farming industry’s declining share Africa. This infrastructure plays a crucial role of GDP, it remains vital to the economy, and in the country’s economy and is depended development and stability of the Southern on by many neighbouring states. The African region. Over the past five years, government recently announced large-scale agricultural exports have contributed on upgrading of the country’s infrastructure, average about 8% of total South African as well as investment in new infrastructure. exports. Transnet, a state-owned enterprise, is South Africa’s main transport operator and the Taxation holding company for Spoornet (rail transport), The South African tax system has changed Autonet (road transport), Petronet (liquid from a source-based to a residence-based Foreign visitors and residents are able to petroleum), Portnet (port authority) and Fast system with effect from the 1 January 2001, purchase fully serviced properties at a Forwards (container shipments). The national in keeping with international trends. This significantly lower cost compared to similar airline carrier, South African Airways (SAA), means that South African residents will be properties in the western world. is an incorporated public company owned taxed on their world-wide income. Non-South The low cost of living, the availability of by the South African government. The airline African residents will still be taxed on income first-world health care, education, sporting serves more than 700 destinations globally from South African sources, subject to the and recreation facilities and other modern and carries more than 7 million passengers a double taxation agreements with the different conveniences and luxuries, make the South year. countries. The principle taxes imposed in African lifestyle one of the most attractive in South Africa are direct and indirect taxes, as the world. Natural Resources follows: South Africa produces 14% of the world’s Investor Issues regarding the Quality of Life in gold, and has 41% of the world’s known • Direct Taxes include income tax, South Africa are: reserves. It is estimated that 21 000 tonnes secondary tax on companies (STC), capital • Sophisticated cosmopolitan cities, e.g. of undeveloped resources - about one fifth gains tax (CGT) and donations tax. Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and of the world’s un-mined gold - still remains. • Indirect Taxes include value-added tax Durban These ores are increasingly difficult to exploit (VAT), estate, stamp and transfer duties, • Excellent living standards and medical due to the great depths at which they are the latter on real estate, customs & excise services situated and their fairly low-grade quality duties, marketable security taxes, skills • English is commonly spoken produce. Over the past few years, South development levies, municipal taxes on • International schools African mining houses have transformed owners of real estate, airport taxes and • World class living conditions into large, focused mining companies that fuel levies. • Superb recreational and cultural include Anglo Platinum, Anglogold, De possibilities Beers, Implats and Iscor. South Africa is the Living and Working in SA since 1994, South • Attractive international tourism destination world’s largest producer of gold (after China) Africa has emerged as a sophisticated and and platinum. The country is one of the promising investment destination. The unique Education leading producers of base metals and coal, combination of a highly developed first- The South African education system is seen accounting for a significant proportion of both world economic infrastructure and a huge as pivotal to contributing quality of life and to world production and reserves. The country’s emergent market has given rise to a strong building a democratic nation. The aim is to diamond industry is the third largest by value, entrepreneurial and dynamic investment provide equal access to life-long education. and the sixth largest by volume in the world, environment, with many global competitive Education is enshrined in the Constitution with Russia and Botswana leading in both advantages and opportunities. Thus, living as a basic human right. The South African categories. and working in South Africa presents education system comprises over 12,3 The agricultural sector is well developed, exciting opportunities and challenges for million learners, including 300 000 university and secondary manufacturing in the agro- the entrepreneurial and energetic business students and 190 000 technikon students. processing industries is pervasive, evidenced community. by many locally-produced food items found in food retail outlets. Quality of Life Sources: Today, South Africa is not only self- South Africa offers diverse and abundant; sufficient in virtually all major agricultural natural splendour and a year-round temperate; products, but in a normal year, it is also a climate. Best of South Africa 15
  16. 16. Gautrain – Africa’s beauty for people on the move A new energy is buzzing in the streets of Gauteng. The people in the province of gold cannot wait for Gautrain. Stations and tracks are taking shape near favourite hot spots and soon Gautrain will take the first commuters to new places, new dreams, new opportunities and a new legacy in public transport. 16 Best of South Africa
  17. 17. In schools and offices, in hotels and shopping malls, people are talking about a new way of life that this Golden Train will bring. Ambitious and upwardly mobile, the people on the move will soon enjoy the freedom of arriving on time for a lunch appointment in Rosebank, a quick movie in Hatfield, binge shopping in Jozi, sundowners in Sandton and at home in Centurion a few minutes later. The people of Gauteng will sit back and relax in the comfort of a world- class train that will get them there safely, conveniently and on time every time. All-day traffic jams and stressors such as parking shortages, escalating vehicle insurance premiums, regular maintenance and rising fuel prices belong the past. Instead, Gautrain will become the daily mode of choice for commuters pressed for time and convenience. What is more, there is also a fleet of Gautrain feeder buses to use if walking to and from a Gautrain station is a little too far away. Gauteng is the place to be. Gautrain is the way to get you around province of gold. An economic powerhouse of the continent, Gauteng will boast a population of around 14,6 million people by 2015. Having the vision to provide economic mobility for its people, the Gauteng Provincial Government is at the forefront of infrastructure development that will transform Gauteng into a truly competitive global city region. Furthermore, is expected that an additional two million job opportunities can be created in Gauteng during the period 2005 to 2025 should the economy of the province grow at an average annual rate of between 4,5% and 5%. By attracting new investments and changing the lifestyle and landscape of the province of gold, Gautrain will contribute significantly towards the provincial government’s economic growth forecasts. Already, Gautrain has exceeded initial targets set for job creation, local skills development and capacity building with an estimated total of 92 900 direct, indirect and induced jobs created to date. It is estimated that Gautrain will create and/ or retain about 93 000 direct, indirect and induced jobs during the design, construction and commissioning of the project and more than 2 700 jobs per annum during the operation and maintenance of the project. Furthermore, it is estimated that an additional 40 000 jobs will be created due to developments in the vicinity of the stations. Best of South Africa 17
  18. 18. Key Features • Trains every 12 minutes during peak periods during the first three years; thereafter, at ten minute intervals during these peak periods • Only 15 minutes between OR Tambo International Airport Station and Sandton Station • Only 42 minutes between Johannesburg Park Station and Hatfield in Tshwane • A maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour • 24 separate four-car trains • Tight security on trains and stations through access control, electronic surveillance (over 650 CCTV cameras) and visible policing • Bus feeder and distributor services for passengers up to ten kilometres from stations. • The bus and train schedules will be synchronised. 18 Best of South Africa
  19. 19. • Smart card electronic ticketing needing only one ticket for the train, bus and parking • Ten stations on an 80 kilometre route, between five and eight kilometres apart • The two forward rail cars on the airport service will comprise special airport cars Project timeline with fewer but wider and more luxurious seats and special areas for baggage Construction started at the end of September storage near the doors. 2006. Gautrain will be completed in two • Quick 30 to 45 second stops at stations phases: • Passengers can transfer easily between The first phase will be completed in June Gautrain and other forms of transport, 2010. It includes the route between the OR such as the new Bus Rapid Transport Tambo International Airport and Sandton. It services, planes, taxis, Metrorail trains and also includes the train and bus depot and cars operations control centre located south of • Park-and-ride facilities with more than 10 Allandale Road in Midrand. 000 parking bays at stations The second phase is scheduled for • To increase capacity after the initial completion by the end of March 2011. That 22 Milky Way Ave, period, an increasing number of train sets includes the remainder of the route and Linbro Business Park will be operated as eight-car train sets, stations such as Hatfield, Pretoria, Centurion, Marlboro comprising two four-car units coupled Midrand, Rosebank and Johannesburg Park Call centre: +27 11 891 7108 together. Station. Best of South Africa 19
  20. 20. Nelson Mandela President, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and statesman, Nelson Mandela, the world’s icon of reconciliation, compassion and goodwill, turned 91 on Saturday 18 July 2009. Those 91 years have been remarkable. © Courtesy of Nelson Mandela Foundation. Photographer Matthew Willman. After spending 27 years in apartheid’s Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and started as an HIV awareness campaign prisons, Mandela became South Africa’s Rural Development. These organisations is now an international fund-raising first democratically elected president embody the spirit of reconciliation, ubuntu vehicle for the Mandela charities. This in 1994. He united a fraught and fearful and social justice, working through year, his birthday was commemorated country, bringing together blacks and whites strategic networks and partnerships to as Mandela Day, celebrated worldwide. when South Africa was living through violent capture the vision and values of Mandela’s It is hoped that the day will become an and troubled times. life; they develop programmes and international movement for good in which His legacy is enormous, and most partnerships to protect and improve the ordinary citizens contribute their time to tangible in the Nelson Mandela Foundation, lives of children and youth and nurture assisting less advantaged people to always the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the African leaders through scholarship remember the sacrifices Mandela made for Mandela Rhodes Foundation and the programmes. The 46664 initiative, which peace and reconciliation. 20 Best of South Africa
  21. 21. Friendships “For all the public exposure and media Known affectionately by his clan name attention Madiba remains an enigma to all but of Madiba, Mandela has friends across his most intimate circle,” concludes Kathrada. the world – Bill Clinton, Bono of U2, Naomi Campbell among others. But his In his honour closest friendships were with his political Nelson Mandela has the freedom of 45 cities comrades such as Walter Sisulu, Oliver around the world, and honorary citizenship Tambo and Ahmed Kathrada. Kathrada of 11 cities. In Johannesburg, Madiba’s and Madiba are the only two surviving image is cast in a 6m high bronze statue and accused from all three of South Africa’s stands preserved in his famous jive in Nelson main political trials: the 1952 Defiance Mandela Square. Campaign Trial, the 1956 Treason Trial and Speaking at the statue’s unveiling in April the 1963 Rivonia Trial. 2004, Ndileka Mandela, Madiba’s eldest In his autobiography Memoirs, granddaughter, said: “This is a very happy Kathrada recounts that he and Mandela statue. The dancing stance pays tribute to affectionately called one another madala, the spirit of joy and celebration inherent in the isiZulu for old man. people of South Africa.” “Charming and charismatic, he has The countless tributes to him around both a magnetic personality and a the world are without precedent. He has 23 commanding presence,” writes Kathrada. schools, universities and institutions named “An uncommon amalgam of peasant after him; 25 halls, buildings, monuments and and aristocrat, he is a living paradox: a housing developments; 13 stadiums, squares, democrat par excellence, with just a touch plazas, parks and gardens; 91 streets, of the autocrat; at once proud but simple; roads, boulevards and parks; 32 bursaries soft yet tenacious; obstinate and flexible; and scholarships, foundations and lectures. vain one moment and humble the next; Thirteen statues, sculptures and artworks infinitely tolerant but also impatient.” carry his name. Kathrada and Mandela spent 18 years Madiba had collected dozens of accolades together on Robben Island and a further from around the world: 18 sports-related seven in Pollsmoor Prison, along with honours and awards, and 115 other awards. Sisulu. Madiba was separated from them He has a range of strange items named in December 1988 when he was moved to after him: a landfill site, a spider, a seaslug, a Victor Verster Prison from which he was protea, a tea, an orchid, a rescue dog, and a released on 11 February 1990. racehorse. Best of South Africa 21
  22. 22. South African Icons South Africa is a nation of heroes who have overcome hardships in so many spheres, be it on the sports field, in business or the political arena. But true icons stand head and shoulders above the rest. They stand out because they have done something remarkable and with great significance. President Jacob Zuma Recently, a South African Icon, Miriam their behalf at the United Nations. In 1986, something and you put your mind to it, then Makeba – known as the greatest songstress the United Nations awarded her the Dag you’ll get it done.” of our time – died while performing in Italy. Hammarskjöld Peace Prize and she later won Pistorius was named one of Time She was nicknamed “Mama Africa” because the Gold Otto Hahn Peace Medal. When Magazine’s Most Influential People of 2008. for many years her songs represented this Nelson Mandela brought her home after 30 When he was selected, it was said that he continent to the world. years in exile, she became South Africa’s has challenged the perception that living with In the 1950s and 60s, when few in Europe Goodwill Ambassador to the UN. a disability is a disadvantage. or the US considered South African talent, But this country is not short of living In the same list of most influential was Makeba was an international celebrity legends. Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius , Jacob Zuma who has triumphed against singing to packed audiences. She even sang known as “Bladerunner” and “the fastest man adversity to become South Africa’s president. alongside Marilyn Monroe on former US on no legs”, has let nothing get in the way of Born in KwaZulu Natal, Zuma’s father died President John F Kennedy’s birthday. breaking 26 world records. He is determined when he was five and he could not afford She used her fame to fight for human to race against able-bodied runners at the any formal education. He joined the ANC rights and became the one distinguished next Olympics. “You can’t say that you can’t at 17 and was later convicted of conspiring voice of the African people, speaking on do something,” he says. “If you want to do to overthrow the government and spent 10 22 Best of South Africa
  23. 23. Oscar Pistorius Helen Zille Miriam Makeba years on Robben Island alongside his mentors was chosen for being a “national role model William Kentridge was also honoured. Veteran Nelson Mandela and Govan Mbeki. for making a real difference and giving people international rock icon Lou Reed wrote He worked his way up in the ANC and hope” as the then Cape Town Mayor. Zille is that Kentridge has the “ability to express was elected Deputy President in 1999 and known to pull no punches and fight to the end that for which there may be no words” and held that position until he was fired in 2005. for whatever she believes. that he has “an expression for the most In December 2007, he won a landslide In 1977 Zille, then a political journalist, inexpressible”. victory and was elected president of the exposed the truth behind black consciousness Kentridge is South Africa’s best known ANC and in April 2009 he became the fourth leader Steve Biko’s death in police custody. artist whose work is in demand all over the democratically elected president of South She joined the political fray in 1990, was world. He works mainly in charcoal drawings Africa. MEC for Education in the Western Cape with touches of pastel colour. He is also His opposition, Helen Zille – the leader before being elected as mayor and leader a theatre director and documentary film of the Democratic Alliance (the opposition of her party in 2007. Following the 2009 producer. He has won much acclaim for his party) and Premier of the Western Cape – was national elections, she became Premier of the multi-media theatre productions using hand chosen as World Mayor 2008 by the City Western Cape. In the 2009 Time Magazine’s puppets and is best known for his charcoal- Mayors, an international urban thinktank. She Most Influencial list, South African artist drawn animated films. Best of South Africa 23
  24. 24. Mark Shuttleworth SA Icon When Mark Shuttleworth became South Africa’s first internet billionaire at 26, he gave each of his 16 employees R1-million rand for their loyalty. When he became the first African in Space in 2002, he used his journey to benefit the world by doing invaluable science experiments while in outer space. This business icon lives his life making He also makes it look so easy. “Every time He was 23 when he started his internet sure that whatever he does helps many I go for a jog I end up huffing and puffing consultancy in his parents’ garage in Cape other people. He is the consummate and thinking ‘hell, if I was a bit fitter, this Town that he would sell four years later for unconventional IT (information technology) would be easier’,” he says. “But the reality R3.58-billion ($575-million). With some of geek who is generous with his substantial is that if I were fitter, I would just want to that money, he spent training for two years wealth and determined to make a run further or faster, and end up huffing and in Russia to become the world’s second difference in this world. puffing anyway.” space tourist. “A big part of willpower is 24 Best of South Africa
  25. 25. having something to aspire to, something to live for,” he says. In April 2002, he fulfilled his dream of flying in space, as a cosmonaut crew member of the Soyuz mission to the International Space Station. Although he has lived in London since 2001, he is proud of being a South African entrepreneur and is determined to helping previously disadvantaged South Africans. His investment company Here Be Dragons (HBD) Venture Capital invests only in South African companies that have potential to serve a global market. His non-profit Shuttleworth Foundation funds projects that improve the quality and reach of maths and science education in Africa. In 2004, Shuttleworth made headlines when he founded the Ubuntu Project to produce free operating desktop software. Ubuntu – meaning “humanity to others” - is the fastest growing and most celebrated version of the Linux operating system, with more than 10 million people running it. Shuttleworth has become a guru in internet technology, not least of all for taking on Microsoft’s Windows with Ubuntu. He claims, though, his only interest is spreading the use of free technology. He says: “A computer is not a device anymore. It is an extension of your mind and your gateway to other people.” Best of South Africa 25
  26. 26. South Africa - A Hosting Nation After a sensational Rugby World Cup final in Johannesburg in 1995, Nelson Mandela famously donned the Springbok’s green-and-gold jersey before handing the winning trophy to their captain, Francois Pienaar. The Rainbow Nation went wild and tasted the future where South Africa would be the outstanding host to non-stop giant sporting events. A year later, Nelson Mandela was on hand again to present the winning trophy to the jubilant South African soccer team, Bafana Bafana, who triumphed at the continent’s premier football event, the African Cup of Nations. World-class facilities and impeccable management has seen successive tournaments that are electric, vibrant and well-supported, and has shown that South Africa is not only capable of hosting big sporting events, but able to make really big successes of them. Over the years, cricket-lovers have been spoilt with unbridled action – cricket’s showcase tournament, the ICC Cricket World Cup was first, and more recently, the uber-exciting Twenty20 World Championships. Wildly successful, the event is indelibly imprinted on the international psyche as the most exciting cricket event, ever. When the world’s biggest Twenty20 tournament, the Indian Premier League (IPL), needed a new arena, it was the perfect opportunity for South Africa to proudly show the world how well it can host a major event – with just 20 days to prepare – and shine it did, with cricket fever infecting local and international fans alike. Always a rugby-hungry nation, the country has welcomed numerous bone- grinding rugby tours, the most recent being the British Lions tour where the Springboks came up trumps. Truly set up to facilitate the very biggest global sporting events, South Africa has made a bid to host either the 2015 or 2019 Rugby World Cup again. A sell-out crowd of close to 105 000 fans lined the especially built street circuit in Durban for all the thrills and spills of the esteemed A1 Grand Prix, making it the one of the biggest sporting events in Durban’s history. Called South Africa’s “coastal playground”, the scenic beachfront circuit was voted the best round of the season in the World Cup of Motorsport by the competing nations. The event Media Club - Photographer Chris Kirchhoff has now moved to the Kyalami circuit in Johannesburg which also facilitates the adrenalin-pumping World Superbike Championship. An uncharacteristically rainy Johannesburg has played host to the World Cup of Athletics and Durban has welcomed the Paralympic Swimming World Championships, and is a regular stop-off on the Fina Swimming World Cup short-course 26 Best of South Africa
  27. 27. Media Club - Photographer Chris Kirchhoff Media Club - Photographer Khanyi Magubane The country recently showcased the Fifa Confederations Cup which exploded on an international audience with colour and energy. Orchestra’s of vuvuzelas pulsated to packed stadiums – a fantastic dress rehearsal for the upcoming mother of all football events, the FIFA 2010 World Cup. circuit, drawing some of the world’s best Besides the growing list of international The Rainbow Nation is ticking off the days swimmers and letting local stars like Ryk competitions, a number of homegrown to this highly prestigious, most watched of Neethling and Natalie du Toit excel. sporting events have become international international sporting events. Believing that Golf supporters have been wowed events in their own right. From “Africa’s this World Cup does not belong to South with the World Cup of Golf, President’s Major”, the annual Nedbank Golf Challenge, Africa alone, but to all of Africa, the nation Cup (rated one of the best-organised and to the world’s greatest ultra-marathon, the is waiting to show the rest of the world that most exciting golfing events ever), and the Comrades, many consistently attract a Africa is no longer the “dark continent” but Women’s World Cup of Golf which South world-class field and thoroughly impress a fascinating, vibrant, intoxicating land, alive Africa has hosted for several years running. with their professionalism and comraderie. with a fusion of cultures. Best of South Africa 27
  28. 28. Tribute to SA sport After South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994, the Rainbow Nation burst into the international sporting arena with enthusiasm and confidence and has churned out a long list of superstars and incredible winning teams that have made the country very proud. The electric 1995 Rugby World Cup heralded Victor Matfield is known for his exceptional the birth of this new era where a capacity skill at disrupting opposition line-outs home crowd watched Joel Stransky kick the and was a cornerstone of South Africa’s drop goal of a lifetime and win the final for 2007 World Cup success where he was the Springboks against New Zealand 15-12. crowned International Rugby Board (IRB) The iconic moment where Nelson Mandela player of the tournament. Bryan Habana presented the Webb Ellis Cup to South was another superstar, scoring eight tries in African captain Francois Pienaar will be the championship and consequently being forever etched onto the global memory. named the 2007 IRB Player of the Year. The Percy Montgomery was the leading point Boks, under the steady captainship of John scorer in the 2007 Rugby World Cup held Smit – one of South Africa’s most successful in France, playing a key role in the Boks’ captains ever and the most-capped captain successful march for the second time to in international rugby history – powered the Webb Ellis Cup. Montgomery’s 893 Test through the field to beat England 15-6 in points gives him well over twice as many the final. The Springboks were named 2008 points as the player in second place on the Team of the Year at the prestigious “Sport all-time Springboks points list, Naas Botha, Oscars” – the Laureus World Sports Awards who played in only 28 Tests compared to – and are currently ranked number one in the Montgomery’s 102, as most of Botha’s prime IRB World Rankings. years were in South Africa’s era of isolation Many of South Africa’s rugby heroes from world rugby. have been inducted into the International 28 Best of South Africa
  29. 29. Rugby Hall of Fame including one of the most influential South African rugby players ever, Danie Craven; legendary “The Boot” Naas Botha; Morné du Plessis; Francois Pienaar and Joost van der Westhuizen. Recent South African rugby triumphs include thumping Australia in Johannesburg by 45 points, winning in New Zealand for the first time in 33 years, inflicting the worst ever defeat on England at Twickenham, and coming up trumps in the much celebrated 2009 British Lions tour. South Africa is also a well deserved winner in the 2009 Tri Nations Series against the southern hemisphere rugby powerhouses, Australia and New Zealand. The Boks won an epic victory over New Zealand to clinch the title and have now won the Series three times. South Africa won the IRB Sevens World Series for the 2008/09 season led by Mzwandile Stick and thanks to the winning combination of players like Vuyo Zangqa and Gio Aplon. This means South Africa now hold the “World Champions” title in both 15-a-side and Sevens rugby – the first time the two cups have been united in a single trophy cabinet. South African cricket icons like Alan Donald, Shaun Pollock and Hansie Cronje have become household names and no one will ever forget the flying Jonty Rhodes who shot to fame in a game against Pakistan during the 1992 Cricket World Cup when he dived full length, ball in hand, to break the stumps and effect a run out. Pakistan’s innings faltered from then on and South Africa won by twenty runs. The current Proteas team is under the stewardship of captain Graeme Smith and the team has gone from strength to strength beating New Zealand, the West Indies, Pakistan and Bangladesh in test matches, as well as drawing a series in India and winning their first test series in England since 1965. Pace bowling sensation Dale Steyn currently holds the second best bowling strike rate in Tests and was awarded the prestigious ICC 2008 Test Cricketer of the Year Award. The world’s biggest Twenty20 tournament, the Indian Premier League (IPL), came to South Africa’s shores in 2009 with much fanfare and allowing top South African players like AB de Villiers to shine for all to see at the ‘Challenge of Champions’. Legendary Gary Player is one of the icons of golfing worldwide. With his nine major championship victories, he is generally regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of golf and is one of only five players to win golf’s “career Grand Slam”. In 2000, Player was voted “Sportsman of the Century” in South Africa. Player is succeeded by Ernie Els and Retief Goosen, both top professional players who have won major championships including several U.S. Open titles. Els won the World Match Play Championship a record seven times, held the number one spot in the Official Best of South Africa 29
  30. 30. World Golf Rankings and has been ranked in the top ten for a record 750 weeks. Goosen started the 2009 season well with two wins on two major tours. South African swimming showed that it is a force to be reckoned with, when the dream team won the prestigious men’s 4x100 metre freestyle relay at the 2004 Summer Olympics. The incredible four consisted of Roland Schoeman, Lyndon Ferns, Darian Townsend and Ryk Neethling. Neethling currently holds several South African and world records, and Schoeman is the former World Record Holder in the 50 m Freestyle. A hero of exceptional courage and ambition is Natalie du Toit who qualified as the first female amputee swimmer ever to qualify for the Olympics, where she placed 16th in a field of 24 at the 2008 Summer Olympics in the 10,000 metre swim. She is best known for the gold medals she won at the 2004 Paralympic Games as well as the Commonwealth Games. 30 Best of South Africa
  31. 31. The 2009 International Association of the FIFA Confederations Cup where they of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World narrowly lost 1-0 to Brazil. South Africans Championships in Berlin saw two South rallied behind football in a unified show African stars shine – Mbulaeni Mulaudzi filled with wonderfully noisy vuvuzelas powered through to win the men’s 800 and pimped-up construction hats called metres gold medal and Godfrey Khotso makarapas – the event was celebrated as an Mokoena jumped to a silver medal in the hotly excellent dress rehearsal for the upcoming contested men’s Long Jump. FIFA 2010 World Cup. Soccer is the sport of the masses in South As the first football World Cup to be held Africa and has churned out icons like Doctor on African soil, the government has invested Khumalo, Lucas Radebe, Jomo Sono and billions of Rand to ensure that the FIFA 2010 Gary Bailey. The current superheroes, Benni World Cup South Africa will be the best McCarthy, Shaun Bartlett, Quinton Fortune one ever. Five spectacular uniquely-African and Steven Pienaar, have all been snapped stadiums have been built – the unforgettable up by the illustrious European football clubs. Soccer City Stadium has been built to The continent’s premier footballing event, look like a vast cooking pot simmering the African Cup of Nations, took place above a ring of fire – and other venues and on home soil in 1995 and saw a jubilant infrastructure are being massively upgraded. Bafana Bafana and captain Neil Tovey being As all eyes turn to South Africa, the Rainbow presented the winning trophy by mighty Nation will be hoping the home crowd Madiba. More recently, the boys did the advantage will power Bafana Bafana to nation proud as they powered through some victory and continue to make South African tough opposition to reach the semi-finals sporting history. Best of South Africa 31
  32. 32. Homecoming Revolution President Jacob Zuma told the World Economic Forum 2009 how the international financial crisis has provided an opportunity to reverse the ‘braindrain’. “Many economic emigrants have for a better life than they had in South But all who return will tell you just how now discovered that the grass is not Africa and then returning home when they much they missed their strong family necessarily greener on the other side, and realised what they had was what they networks, old friends, familiarity and the will hopefully come home soon to assist really wanted. weather, says Martine Shaffer, managing with planning for our recovery,” he said. Each returning emigrant has their own director of Homecoming Revolution, an But South Africans overseas were story. Some left home with big career organisation aimed at reversing the South already coming home in their droves. For dreams after university and others sought African skills shortage. There has been most of them, it was a matter of searching refuge from crime and a weakening rand. a definite increase in folks returning, 32 Best of South Africa