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Best Of Singapore


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Best of Singapore showcasing tourism, business and lifestyle

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Best Of Singapore

  1. 1. Best of Singapore Welcome to the Volume 2 Second Annual Edition International Group Publisher Sven Boermeester of Best of Singapore Publishers Amit Sen T. Shanmugartanam Scott Birch Managing Editor The Best of Singapore is part of a series of Scott Birch books published globally across various Editorial Contributions territories from South Africa to Dubai to Jimmy Yap, Amita Sarwal, K. Dorai Raja Bangalore to Australia, each showcasing the For Editorial Enquiries: very best in leisure, lifestyle, entertainment and business that the country or city has to offer. For Advertising Enquiries: This edition profiles the leading brands Special Thanks To: across Singapore’s most vibrant industries. Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Sentosa Leisure Group From Singapore’s finest accommodation Singapore Hotels Association (SHA) choices to the city’s best Spas and leading Singapore Chefs Association Education Institutes, we have together 18 Tien Wah Press (Pte) Limited unique chapters in striking photography truly Co- Published by bringing out the “Best of Singapore”. Mapletree Media Pte Ltd & Birch Publishing Pte Ltd #03-05 Red Dot Building 28 Maxwell Road We also profile Singapore’s finest Singapore 069120 achievements over the past one year Tel +65 96276717 Fax : +65 6372 9458 including the inaugural SingTel F1 Grand Prix Night Race. For the first time we have included a Weekend Getaways chapter In conjunction with Global Village Partnerships to destinations near Singapore and also expanded our popular Sentosa chapter - your ISBN No.: 978-981-08-1957-6 one stop guide to Singapore’s favorite island. Lastly, our Future Developments chapter Printed By looks ahead to the eagerly awaited Integrated Tien Wah Press (Pte) Limited 4 Pandan Crescent Resorts and other developments coming up. Singapore 128475 Tel: +65 67718892 We would like to thank all our partners Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of especially STB and Sentosa Leisure Group, the information in Best of Singapore Vol.2. Neither Best our distributors and all those who contributed of Singapore nor Birch Publishing Pte Ltd nor Mapletree Media Pte Ltd nor Global Village Partnerships take any to the success of this edition. Your feedback responsibility for any errors or omissions. is always appreciated and we look forward All rights are reserved No part of this publication shall be reproduced, copies, to bringing to you future editions of Best of transmitted, adapted or modified in any form or by any Singapore every year. means.. This publication shall not be stored in whole or in part in any form in any retrieval system. The Editorial Team Copyright Birch Publishing Pte Ltd / Mapletree Media Pte Ltd (2008)
  2. 2. Turnover 2008 Employees & Partners Circulation International Head offices Management US$ 8 000 000 100 500 000 London, Brussels Sven Boermeester Dubai, Cairo Lisa Durante Bangalore, Singapore Charles Neil Washington DC, Santiago Leon Swartz Sydney, Johannesburg Building an Atlas of Success, Sustainability and Culture Brand Image Product - The Folders Branding a Nation, a City and its People Fast track to the world GVP brands and builds the image of the world’s most exciting Market Essentials works closely with Foreign Embassies, High economic regions to affect a change in the perception of a nation, a city Commissions, International Chambers of Commerce and its people by the rest of the world. This then promotes the region in and Trade Associations worldwide to produce high quality terms of its investment opportunities, key industries, innovations, trade folders. Each folder is designed to offer support and people, culture, tourism potential and international objectives. advice to companies interested in trading with or investing in overseas markets. Product - The Books Product - Celebrate your success Connecting the world's most interesting people and organisations The 'Best of…' publishing series produces annual maxi format book publications in over 30 territories, from Bangalore to Belgium. These The portal provides GVP customers an interactive Public detail success stories of people and companies making positive Relations Box managed by a user friendly 'Enterprise Content inroads into the commercial fibre of both mature and Management System' that allows clients to upload their press emerging markets. releases, photos, videos and management profiles. The latest The books showcase entrepreneurial spirit; establishing powerful networking add-ons and social media applications are integrated global networks and the creation of individual brand awareness by within the site providing maximum reach and feedback. bridging cultures. The result is the ultimate interactive corporate gift and The value proposition for Subscribers to essentially P.R. marketing tool for governments, companies, hotels and business covers four elements: exposure, expertise, exclusivity people providing leading products and services for their region. and networking. REGIONAL HEAD OFFICES Bangalore Brussels Cairo Casablanca Copenhagen Dubai
  3. 3. Sven Boermeester, Chairman with Lisa Durante, Managing Partner, GVP With its mission to serve as the premier platform for showcasing and networking the world’s top brands and companies in business, tourism and lifestyle, Global Village Partnerships (GVP) is building an atlas of success, sustainability and culture. This is carried out through the ’Best of’ book series, the Global Village online information portal and the development of an ever expanding business network of international partners and clients. Market and individuals from across the globe. The invitation only based on these criteria, Promote and network the 'red apples within organisation celebrates success and provides with the added focus of dedicated each economy chapters covering CSR, sustainability, recognition amongst its ever expanding green innovation and giving back to GVP’s market sectors embrace publishing, international network of influential clients. Its the community. public relations, corporate gifting, online portal,, provides a online community building and networking. platform for clients and readers to network, Growth and Opportunity Its target market covers large, medium share best practice and grow new markets, Exchanging knowledge, skills and economies and small entrepreneurial organisations creating exciting new business connections of scale in media enjoying growth, success and sustainability. and opportunities. GVP explores every geographic region With regional head offices in 5 continents, Corporate Social Responsibility to pick the 'red apples' in business, the organisation is currently involved in There is no success without ethics and exports, innovation, design, fashion, more than 30 territories where the sustainability retail, hospitality, specialty foods, the arts 'Best of' series is published. GVP has a and more. The best of world business, travel and 5-year growth plan to develop a further lifestyle within the Global Village is dependent 150 economic territories organically, Unique Selling Point (USP) on more than monetary profit. There is no through each continent’s regional head New markets create new business success without core values such as office, and through partnerships with opportunities sustainability, integrity and Corporate companies and individuals that have the expertise to showcase their city, state GVP publications promote, showcase and Social Responsibility (CSR). GVP’s or country. network successful economies, organisations exclusive client base is selected by Johannesburg London Santiago Singapore Sydney Washington DC
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Page 26 TOURISM Page 14 BUSINESS Page 34 Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Page 44 Page 95 Page 71 FINE DINING NIGHTLIFE HOTELS & HOSPITALITY Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 4 Page 107 Page 117 Page 131 SENTOSA SHOPPING DAYS OUT
  5. 5. Chapter 7 Chapter 9 Chapter 8 Page 145 Page 159 Page 173 DESIGN & INTERIORS HEALTHCARE SPAS & BEAUTY Chapter 12 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Page 185 Page 195 Page 209 PROPERTY WEALTH MANAGEMENT EDUCATION Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Page 223 Page 235 Page 247 LUXURY LIFESTYLES WEEKEND GETAWAYS FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS
  6. 6. 14 Best of Singapore
  7. 7. Vibrant Singapore Every National Day, this City-State comes alive to celebrate its amazing achievements and looks brightly towards its future. Best of Singapore 15
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION With its rich history of immigration, talents from Just as the world turns, the eyes of the world have been turning east in all over the world have contributed in developing recent years. The rise of China as a global superpower and economic Singapore into the vibrant and cosmopolitan giant have diverted attention from traditional Western markets and made city of today – a hub for commerce, creativity, Asia the most important place on the planet. culture, education, finance, healthcare, information Perfectly situated to benefit from this both in geography and ideology technology, transportation and research and is Singapore – a small nation with large ambitions and a track record of development. impressive achievement. A nation of just over 4 million, Singapore has a global reputation 250 awards in its 26-year history, and presence that belies its size. perhaps the most prestigious one Everywhere you look there are coming in 2006 when it was voted the accolades and achievements, world- World’s Best airport by Skytrax. Your firsts and pioneering technology. first experience of service standards Sitting at the gateway of east and in Singapore, arriving by air, is West, and flanked by huge markets guaranteed to be a memorable one. in India and China, the Singapore It’s no wonder so many expatriates success story shows no signs of decide to make the island their home. slowing. People are a resource that has Whether in Singapore for a been key to Singapore’s success. well-earned family holiday or on a Today, Singapore continues to business stopover, the Lion City will welcome immigrants to work, study impress you from the moment you or set up home in the garden city. As This page: Trishaw rides are a relaxing way to see the arrive at its world-famous airport. Singapore’s forefathers were largely various sights of Singapore. Changi Airport has won more than immigrants from all over the Opposite page: National Day brings families together and unites all in the vibrant colours of Singapore. 16 Best of Singapore
  9. 9. Best of Singapore 17
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION 18 Best of Singapore
  11. 11. Residents enjoy better privileges World, Singapore is a mix of cultures Singapore is a modern and than foreigners ranging from and religions woven together by a dedicated immigration facilities common respect and understanding. cosmopolitan city, with a to subsidized education and Singapore is a modern and healthcare. cosmopolitan city, with a reputation reputation for having a stable Located at one of the for having a stable and responsive crossroads of the world, government, safe and secure and responsive government, Singapore’s strategic position and environment, and an efficient passionate people have helped it infrastructure to attract foreigners to safe and secure environment, grow into a major centre for trade, study, work and live here. communications and tourism. Permanent residency in and an efficient infrastructure Singapore is attractive with the WINNING FORMULA country’s high employment rate, to attract foreigners to study, financial and political stability, mature Think Singapore has solely been a infrastructure, high quality of life work and live here. runaway success due to its location and a genuine sense of safety and and luck? Think again. It has taken security that is the envy of the world. hard work and investment for the With its rich history of immigration, small state to become the envy of talents from all over the world have the world and a consistent winner contributed in developing Singapore of international awards, for both into the vibrant and cosmopolitan leisure and business. city of today – a hub for commerce, The earliest mention of creativity, culture, education, finance, Singapore dates back to the 3rd healthcare, information technology, Century and a Chinese account transportation and research and which described Singapore as “Pu- development. luo-chung” (“island at the end of a Singapore welcomes foreigners peninsula”), but it was not until the who can identify with its way of life 11th Century that the island gained and wish to contribute positively Opposite page: Founder of Modern Singapore, the Statue of its now famous moniker. According to its development. Many of these Sir Stamford Raffles. to legend, a visiting prince spotted foreigners decide to take up This page: Fresh flowers being sold at one of many open air an animal he thought was a lion Permanent Residence and eventually markets near a Chinese temple. and Singapore’s modern day name Singaporean Citizenship. Permanent Best of Singapore 19
  12. 12. INTRODUCTION IMAGE COURTESY OF SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD “Singa Pura” (“Lion City”) was born. Permanent Residency in Singapore is attractive Before the British arrived in the 18th Century, Singapore had already with country’s high employment rate, financial become a small town, welcoming traders from China, India, Arabia and and political stability, mature infrastructure, high Europe on their long sea voyages. The British saw the need for a strategic quality of life and genuine sense of safety and port to repair and maintain their fleet, during its journeys to the far corners security that is the envy of the world. of the then mighty British Empire. So it was that Sir Stamford Raffles established Singapore as a trading station. The policy of free trade years, Singapore has not looked attracted merchants from as far afield back and has grown into one of as the Americas. the world’s great city states. By 1824, just five years after the Singapore is the busiest founding of modern Singapore, the port in the world with over 600 population had boomed from 150 to shipping lines. One of the world’s 10,000. The trade between east and major oil refining and distribution West escalated and advancements centres, Singapore is a major in technology, such as steamships supplier of electronic components and the telegraph, and the opening and a leader in shipbuilding and of the Suez Canal in 1869, increased repairing. It has also become one Singapore’s importance as a centre for of the most important financial trade. This page: National Day Parade Celebrations centres of Asia, with more than are held each year on the 9th of August to After the Second World War, 130 banks. Singapore’s strategic commemorate Singapore’s independence. Singapore became a Crown Colony. location, excellent facilities, Opposite page: LASALLE College of the Arts The growth of nationalism led to fascinating cultural contrasts and A conducive environment for artists, curators, self-government in 1959 and on 9 tourist attractions contribute to its researchers, intellectuals, students and August 1965, Singapore became an success as a leading destination members of the public to exchange ideas independent republic. In those 43 for both business and pleasure. about art and design. 20 Best of Singapore
  13. 13. Best of Singapore 21 PHOTOGRAPHY BY DARREN SOH
  14. 14. INTRODUCTION IMAGE COURTESY OF SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD Singapore is a mix of cultures and religions that is woven together by a common respect and understanding. BEST FOR LEISURE of hotels and tourist attractions like the Jurong Bird Park and the resort island of It’s fair to say that Singapore has Sentosa. built its success on business, but The STPB was re-named the it has also used those foundations Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 1997, to develop another key industry – to reflect the Board’s expanding role tourism. beyond that of simply tourist promotion. The Singapore Tourism Board From attracting 91,000 visitors in 1964, (STB) is a statutory board operating the Board today attracts more than under the Ministry of Trade and 10 million visitors annually. In 2007, a Industry (MTI) that focuses on record number of 10.3 million visitors developing and implementing landed, an increase of 5.4% over 2006. policies, strategies and plans to In pursuing its mission to develop transform the tourism sector into a key and champion tourism, the STB adopts driver of economic growth. a comprehensive and holistic approach. The STB was established in 1964 To ensure that the tourism industry to promote Singapore as a tourist continues to be a key contributor to the destination. Then known as the economy, the STB unveiled the tourism Singapore Tourist Promotion Board 2015 Master plan, in which targets were (STPB), its mandate was to coordinate set to achieve S$30 billion in tourism This page: Singapore is a mix of cultures the efforts of hotels, airlines and receipts and 17 million in visitor arrivals. from Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians travel agents in promoting the overall “We see no need to adjust our and people of other descent. image of the destination. Through strategy under the tourism 2015 plan Opposite page: One of the eagerly the 1960s and 1970s, the STPB at the moment,” says STB. “Our current anticipated highlights of the National Day actively encouraged investments in focus is still giving us good growth from Parade are the parachuters who make a spectacular entrance to the show. infrastructure such as the building key markets and from key segments.” 22 Best of Singapore
  16. 16. INTRODUCTION BEST FOR BUSINESS Singapore is at the very epicentre of world The Republic of Singapore is one growth. Asia’s population is over three billion of the world’s great economic successes. A tiny, multiracial island people – that’s half the world’s population – state, Singapore offers its disciplined and hard-working citizens a standard and that will rise to 5.6 billion in 2050. of living unmatched in Asia. Though predominantly Chinese, English is the The understanding of how significant Asia will language of Singapore -the language of international business inherited be in the future is clear. from its Colonial past. Singapore is right here, right now, at the very epicentre of world growth. political regimes in Asia, a reputation As the economy of the world shifts for being honest, efficient and free from West to East with the opening up of corruption and a government of China and India, in particular, and that offers numerous free trade countries like Vietnam, Thailand and agreements, it is no wonder that Malaysia working towards First World Singapore is, and will become even status, Asia will become the centre more, the strategic gateway to Asia. of the economic boom. And when And as more and more international you consider that Asia’s population companies from the Americas and is over three billion people – that’s Europe wish to do trade with China half the world’s population – and that and India, Singapore will be there to the population will rise to 5.6 billion help and to offer itself as the premium in 2050, the understanding of how hub for international organisations and This page: Bumboats ply visitors around significant Asia will be in the future, associations to set up headquarters as favourite sights along the Singapore River becomes clear. well as invest in and the ideal place to including Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, The With one of the most stable live, meet and do business. Singapore Merlion and Riverside Point. 24 Best of Singapore
  17. 17. 26 Best of Singapore
  18. 18. Strong infrastructure and a highly skilled workforce, together with a perfect location on the cross roads between East and West has ensured that Singapore is the amongst the worlds leading choices for doing business. Best of Singapore 27
  19. 19. BUSINESS Singapore has one of the world’s most Singapore is renowned for the ease of doing developed economies with 7,000 resident multinational companies and business. Amongst the world’s globalised 100,000 enterprises, creating a vibrant business environment. nations, the workforce is recognised for its According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, high level of productivity and positive the Singapore economy is expected to grow by 4-5% in 2008. For the first can-do attitude. half of 2008, real GDP grew by 4.5% -bucking the trend towards a global For the second year in a row, economic downturn and confirming Singapore has come top in the the strength of Singapore. World Bank’s Doing Business In particular, the services sector report. Singapore finished ahead continued to grow, while financial and of New Zealand and the United business services continued to register States when it comes to the ease strong growth. Construction sector of doing business in a report that also remained strong. covered 178 countries. Singapore remains the world’s Besides having a safe second-freest economy, behind Hong environment that is conducive Kong, according to the latest index for individuals and families to of Economic Freedom, released make Singapore their best home, by US think tank, the Heritage Singapore is also renowned for the Foundation. The gap behind Hong This page: Biomedical Research has been ease of doing business. Amongst Kong has also narrowed this year, one of the fastest growing areas and a key the world’s globalised nations, with Singapore increasing its score. focus for Singapore’s economic development. the workforce is recognised for The higher the score, the lower the Opposite page: The Marina Bay Financial its high level of productivity and level of government interference in the Centre - Singapore has found innovative positive, can-do attitude. economy. In 2007, Singapore scored solutions such as reclaiming its land to find As economic freedom is linked 87.4 out of 100. space for its growing economy. 28 Best of Singapore
  20. 20. Best of Singapore 29 PHOTOGRAPHY BY DARREN SOH
  21. 21. BUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY BY DARREN SOH 30 Best of Singapore
  22. 22. with economic growth and prosperity, US. Ship-building, shipping Favourable tax system as this ranking and recent growth means and marine-related sectors are that Singapore is, in 2008, in a very also a huge part of Singapore’s compared to many other healthy position. economy and they have recently The Singapore government experienced a boom as orders for global cities and residents encourages companies, investors oil rigs, tankers and specialised and start-ups, with no restrictions on vessels surge on the back of rising appreciate that those foreign ownership of Singaporean global demand for energy. assets; tax incentives to attract New shipbuilding and taxes contribute directly foreign multinationals (especially conversion activities are also those offering to impart knowledge taking place in the region, driven to bettering the lives of its and technology); and no exchange by increasing inter-regional trade controls. The government and as Asia’s economies continue people numerous trade associations to strengthen. This, in turn, has proactively encourage Singaporeans led to a growth in the regional to set up their own businesses, steel industry too -another huge ventures and entrepreneurial projects. Singaporean industry. Thanks to While the Association of Small & high oil prices, the oil, gas and Medium Enterprise helps to elevate petrochemical industries have the profiles of SMEs in Singapore and boomed and with China’s need motivates entrepreneurs, International for energy seemingly insatiable, Opposite page: Biopolis This campus is dedicated to providing Enterprise (IE) Singapore provides Singapore is in the perfect position space for biomedical research and Singapore-based companies with to supply new oil and gas reserves. development activities and promoting business-critical support. Masses of foreign multinationals peer review and collaboration among As for regional industry, Singapore already use Singapore as their the private and public scientific boasts machinery, mineral fuels, regional headquarters for Asia and community. chemicals, agricultural products, remarkably, they now account for This page: Singapore can boast of a highly foodstuffs, and crude materials 75% of Singapore’s manufactured efficient public transportation network which is among its principal exports – sending exports. amongst the world’s best. The Expo MRT as seen above is near the Singapore Expo which regularly them as close as Malaysia, Hong Coming to Singapore will be holds some of the regions biggest exhibitions and Kong and China and as far as the easy and ideal then for many draws in delegates from around the world. Best of Singapore 31
  23. 23. BUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY BY DARREN SOH the premier location for international internationals who wish to use the trade exhibitions. The International Republic as a springboard into the Exhibition City (IEC) programme, regional and global markets. with endorsement from the Approved Favourable tax system as International Fair (AIF), has been set compared to many other global cities up to help make this happen. and residents appreciate that those Singapore’s spotlights for the taxes contribute directly to bettering coming years are on using Singapore the lives of its people as an international conference arena, Add to this Singapore’s global meeting demands with excellent network of air links, shipping lines and infrastructure and networking, freight forwarders that make it a highly superb facilities and world-class efficient logistic hub and you can see accommodation. why Singapore is the smart choice for While the Singapore economy business. is doing well, the government is Singapore is the leading centre in certainly not resting on its laurels but Asia for major trade fairs, conferences instead is seeking to fund Research and conventions and has won any and Development (R&D) initiatives number of accolades for its facilities. that would reap economic benefits In September 2006, Singapore for the country, in particular two new proudly and successfully hosted the sectors annual meeting of the World Bank and – Environmental and Water International Monetary Fund. technologies, and interactive and By further offering numerous Digital Media (sectors that Singapore incentive schemes and joint believes it has a competitive market promotional support to overseas in) – have been targeted for the next exhibition organisers and great 10 years. Intellectual Property (IP) protection When it comes to business, (Singapore is ranked number one in Singapore is leading the way. Asia), the Singapore government is making sure that Singapore becomes 32 Best of Singapore
  24. 24. PHOTO COURTESY UNIQUE2ME/TAN AH BA 34 Best of Singapore
  25. 25. From food festivals to shopping sprees and unique attractions, Singapore is a vibrant business and holiday destination and has something to satisfy everyone. Best of Singapore 35
  26. 26. TOURISM Key attractions in Singapore which continue to be Singapore continues its evolution into a compelling, must-visit destination popular among visitors comprise the Night Safari, with mega developments such as the Integrated Resorts (IRs) in the the Singapore Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa works, and world-class events like the world’s first Formula OneTM night race, Island and its Underwater World, Asian Civilisations held on 28 September 2008. Singapore also has a calendar of Museum, and the National Museum of Singapore. regular events to draw in millions of tourists every year. These include the Singapore Airshow, the Great 10.3 million visitor arrivals registering Singapore Sale, the Singapore Arts a growth of 5.4 per cent over 2006, Festival, the Singapore Food Festival, and posted an estimated S$13.8 the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, billion in tourism receipts. Further, in the Singapore Garden Festival and line with its Tourism 2015 vision, STB the Standard Chartered Singapore hopes to attract 17 million visitors Marathon, among others. This nation and targets S$30 billion in tourism is also the region’s preferred business receipts. destination, with about 5,000 Singapore’s top five-visitor This page: Dragon Boat races are a Meetings, Incentives, Conferences generating markets for 2007, with common sight and the participants are and Exhibitions (MICE) held here arrival figures, were Indonesia often seen training near the Kallang River. annually. (1,956,000), PR China (1,114000), Opposite page, above: Clarke Quay Singapore has enjoyed four Australia (768,000), India (749,000) facade at night featuring five blocks of restored warehouses, Clarke Quay offers a successive years of record growth and Malaysia (646,000). These quirky alternative to mainstream attractions, in Visitor Arrivals (VA) and Tourism countries accounted for about 51 per with second-hand and antique shops and Receipts (TR) since 2004, with cent of total visitor arrivals. restaurants with an amazing array of F&B continuous growth each month for 46 Benefiting from these impressive options. In the evenings, dance clubs and months since March 2004. Latest full- arrival figures, the hotel industry saw pubs come alive with music from the 1960s year’s (January to December) results both the Average Room Rate (ARR) to the present. released for 2007 showed that the and the Average Occupancy Rate Opposite page, below: National Museum of Singapore Tourism Board (STB) had (AOR) setting new highs. The ARR Singapore at night. 36 Best of Singapore
  28. 28. TOURISM 38 Best of Singapore
  29. 29. IMAGE COURTESY OF SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD for 2007 was S$202, an increase of 23.1 Little India, Kampong Glam, and the Katong per cent year-on-year, while the AOR was / Joo Chiat area. These are where you can estimated to have reached 87 per cent. participate in festive light-ups and religious In January 2005, STB identified three key and cultural festivals such as the Chinese areas of focus under its Tourism 2015 plan: New Year, Hari Raya, Thaipusam, Singapore (a) Strengthening Singapore’s position River Hang Bao, Chingay, the Fire-walking as a leading Convention & Exhibition City ceremony, and Deepavali among others. in Asia with a strong and dynamic business These are charming precincts in their own environment. right and give visitors a fairly good idea of (b) Developing Singapore as a leading the nation’s rich history, how the various Asian leisure destination by providing ethnic groups have coexisted and how they an enriching experience that is Uniquely worked together to create the Singapore of Singapore. today. (c) Establishing Singapore as the In March 2008, another addition to the Services Centre of Asia – a place where range of new attractions was the Singapore visitors come to enjoy high-end quality Flyer, a giant observation wheel with 28 services such as healthcare and education. capsules, each capable of holding up to 28 To achieve the 2015 targets, STB has people. Also for history and culture buffs, focused its efforts on achieving leadership the first-of-its kind Peranakan Museum positions in key customer segments, opened its doors. including Leisure, BTMICE (Business Travel, By 2010 Singapore will have two Meetings, Incentive travel, Conventions and Integrated Resorts (IRs) developed in Exhibitions) and Services (Education and its tourism landscape – The Marina Bay Healthcare). Sands™ and the Resorts World at Sentosa. Key attractions in Singapore which There are also plans to develop the continue to be popular among visitors natural reserves of Mandai into a unique comprise the Night Safari, the Singapore nature destination embracing the precinct’s Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa rich biodiversity and natural attributes. Other Island and its Underwater World, Asian upcoming attractions include the Gardens Civilisations Museum, and the National by the Bay and the National Art Gallery, Opposite page: One of the island’s latest Museum of Singapore. Besides these there each of which will add depth to the island- attractions, the Singapore Flyer is the world’s are many smaller yet consequential niche nation’s product offerings. largest observation wheel. Standing at a stunning museums like the Chinatown Heritage A visit to Singapore isn’t complete 165m from the ground, the Flyer offers you Centre, Malay Heritage Centre, Changi without the experience of the sun and sandy breathtaking, panoramic views of the Marina Chapel and Museum and Mint Museum of beaches and trips to soak in the rustic Bay, the island city – and beyond. This page: Little India is a kaleidoscope of vibrant Toys. charm of Kusu Island, Pulau Ubin and St. lights during Deepavali celebrations, as seen Other must-visit attractions include John’s Island. on Serangoon Road. Singapore’s ethnic districts of Chinatown, Singapore’s culinary options are Best of Singapore 39
  30. 30. TOURISM IMAGE COURTESY OF SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD legendary and besides its range of hawker dance party on Sentosa’s Siloso Beach. centres, food courts, restaurants and dining These have placed Singapore on the global hubs, there are two annual events which party map and injected much buzz to the attract food enthusiasts in large numbers. city’s leisure options after dark. For those One is the month-long Singapore Food wanting to get an adrenaline high, there is Festival (SFF) – a Uniquely Singapore Singapore’s first and only G-Max Reverse event – featuring an exciting line-up of Bungy at Clarke Quay. weekly core events, culinary workshops and Shopping is another activity that ranks competitions, and multicultural cuisines. high on the agenda for visitors – namely The World Gourmet Summit (WGS) along Orchard Road which is studded with appeals to discerning individuals who high-end malls. Between 2009 and 2010, appreciate fine wine and cuisines. this popular shopping belt will see new This epicurean festival showcases the developments – ION Orchard, Somerset craftsmanship of prestigious chefs from Central and Orchard Central. These will, around the world and is complemented in turn, add another 100,000sqm of retail by an exposition of the internationally space and introduce new retail concepts acclaimed vineries. and international brands that will benefit In recent years, the dining and shoppers. In other parts of the island, entertainment scene has also seen shoppers can indulge in the offerings at new concepts and establishments that Marina Square, VivoCity and Central at bring novel experiences to visitors while Clarke Quay. enlivening one’s senses with the varied Singapore was the first Southeast Asian flavours, textures, colours and aromas of stopover in the Volvo Ocean Race in Singapore. Dining options around the island January 2008. Hailed as the FORMULA 1 have expanded to include lifestyle enclaves of the sailing world, and taking place over such as Dempsey Road / Harding Road and a period of 10 months, spanning Europe, the Rochester strip which have restaurants, Asia and the Americas, it will again have pubs bars, and boutiques and antique millions of viewers worldwide watching shops housed in buildings which were the next stopover in Singapore in January This page: Singapore’s Chinese New Year originally army barracks, black-and-white 2009 which will be hosted at OneDegree 15 celebration is one of the most vibrant in bungalows and chapels. Marina Club in Sentosa. Asia. The Singapore River Hang Bao, as For nightlife, iconic world-class one of the major events of this festival, home-grown products that enjoy strong showcases the best of Chinese culture. international appeal are those dotting Clarke Opposite page, above: One Fullerton offers Quay and Dempsey Hill, and the famed an array of restaurants, lounges and pubs. Zouk Club with its popular ZoukOut annual Opposite page, below: Fine dining and lounging at One Rochester. 40 Best of Singapore
  32. 32. TOURISM PHOTOGRAPHY BY LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC SINGTEL SINGAPORE F1 GP – FIRST Working with the various government EVER NIGHT RACE agencies, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) coordinated various areas of the race September 2008 saw Singapore hosting preparation, such as the construction of the the highly-successful inaugural FORMULA Pit Building, re-surfacing of roads for the 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, the first race track, installation of the lighting system night race in the F1 calendar and Asia’s and managing the business continuity first street circuit. needs of stakeholders in the Marina There were some ‘firsts’ notched – and Centre area. STB was also responsible milestones created – in Singapore during for ensuring a positive and enriching total the recently concluded 2008 FORMULA visitor experience for the overseas visitors 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix. coming to Singapore for the race, and To begin with, the first night race in increasing tourism spend in Singapore F1’s World Championship history had an during the race period. unexpected winner when Fernando Alonso, In the swing of things, soon it was party ranked seventh in the Driver’s standing with time on the fringes in Singapore. On the top 28 Points, proved his mettle by piping his of the list was the Charity Luncheon held challengers to the finishing post. Alonso on the lawns of the Presidential Palace, had virtually stood no chance after the Istana, which besides President SR Nathan qualifying rounds! had high net worth individuals such as F1’s And behind the success of this event Bernie Ecclestone, HPL’s Ong Beng Seng was the important role Singapore Tourism and Esplanade’s CEO Benson Puah and Board (STB) played in coordinating, all the F1 drivers present. The luncheon planning and executing the show with the was open to the public with 18 tables at trademark attributed to this body. Many S$30,000 each and 12 tables at S$50,000 parties contributed to Singapore’s success per table which were picked up by the in securing the rights to host a Formula movers and shakers of the corporate world. One™ Grand Prix. It was a result of a The smart casual event was a departure multi-agency effort and close collaboration from the normal black tie dinners usually among various government agencies, hosted on Day One of the F1 races. including the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Luxury brand Chopard premiered its L.U.C the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Land Tourbillon Tech Twist watch tagged at Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore Police more than S$200,000 which was auctioned This page: Felipe Massa of Ferrari leading the Force (SPF), Singapore Civil Defence Force among other items to raise funds for the inaugural Singtel’s Singapore F1 GP. (SCDF), National Parks (NParks), Singapore President’s Charity. Opposite page, above: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Sports Council (SSC), People’s Association VIPs gracing various occasions and Loong of Singapore and F1’s Bernie Ecclestone. (PA) and many others. enjoying the F1 included Minister Opposite page, below: The Singapore GP Circuit Map. 42 Best of Singapore
  34. 34. TOURISM PHOTOGRAPHY BY KENNY PEK Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, Senior Minister greatest challenges of creating a track Goh Chok Tong, Prime Minister Lee Hsien through the heart of one of Asia’s most active Some interesting trivia (Courtesy SingTel Loong who gave away the winning trophy, and bustling cities without unduly disrupting Singapore GP): Cabinet Ministers and the Who’s Who of F1 or bringing to a halt commercial and private • 180 Corporate Suites accommodated aficionados. life and transportation. 50 guests each Spotted among visitors from abroad were The installation of the lights was another • 13 Five star hotels prepared meals for Indian industrialist Vijay Mallya of the UB test – to create a day-like scenario during the Corporate Suites and Paddock Club™ Group and Kingfisher Airlines who had his night time event. This task was handed over guests Force India cars participating in the race, to Italy’s competent lighting genius Valerio • 350 Chefs prepared meals for guests and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty escorted by Maioli. He successful transformed the racing in the Corporate Suites and Paddock London-based tycoon Raj Kundra. track from night-time into day – or ‘Day for Club™ The SP season continued with other Night’: a term borrowed from Hollywood. • 15,000 - Estimated bottles of parties dotting the island, including the The three-storey high, 350-metres long Pit champagne consumed ultra-exclusive, luxurious evening at Amber Building, completed at a cost of S$40 million • 1,700 - Floral arrangements for Lounge set up outside Millenia Tower which in under a year has 36 garages to house the Corporate Suites and Paddock Club™ had Mika Hakkinen present. This travelling visiting race teams for this premier – and • 650 tonnes - equipment air-freighted venue accompanies F1 to selected races. annual future F1 races. With overall floor by Formula One™ teams Event title sponsors SingTel hosted a space measuring 23,000m2, it will continue • 150 tonnes - equipment sea-freighted packed evening at White Rabbit housed in to be home to the Media Centre, to VIP by Formula One™ teams a converted chapel in the Dempsey area. hospitality areas and the top-of-the-range • 1,000 – Marshals on duty Mercedes Benz transformed its show room to Paddock Club with its capacity for 4,000 host the Stylo evening, while an invitation-only guests. party was at the waterfront Prive at Keppel With the success of first ever night race, Bay Marina where Renault’s Nelson Piquet the world is looking forward to next year’s turned up. race in Singapore. On the ground the preparatory work to build the infrastructure started a year in advance. The island-nation living up to its reputation of efficiency created a brand- new track matching the high specifications and expectations of the standards set by motor racing’s premier category, FORMULA 1™. The result was one of three F1 circuits This page: The first Singapore GP was showcased worldwide to run in an anti-clockwise against the city’s dramatic night skyline. direction, with the 5.067 km track having 61 Opposite page, above: Fernando Alonso celebrates his maiden victory in Singapore. laps and 23 turns (13 left, 10 right). Opposite page below: The top three winners The organisers surmounted one of the address a press conference. 44 Best of Singapore
  36. 36. A Fine Jewellery Boutique Since 1973
  37. 37. Best of Singapore 49
  39. 39. Singapore is widely regarded as the culinary capital of Asia. Exquisite Cuisine and a breathtaking ambience of dining by the sea can be enjoyed at The Cliff, The Sentosa Resort & Spa. Best of Singapore 51
  40. 40. FINE DINING Singaporeans are passionate about food and eating. People here love food and they love to Indeed, while shopping is often described as a national pastime, it’s food that is closest to the heart try everything. There are so many types of most Singaporeans. One look around will show you why. Everywhere of cuisine in Singapore, like Chinese, you turn you are confronted by delicious-smelling stalls, fine restaurants and neighbourhood cafes and Malay, Indian, Thai, French, Italian, kopitiams packed with character. Singapore being a melting pot of nationalities, it’s no Mediterranean and American. surprise that choice of cuisines also rich and diverse. Hawker centres are excellent covered food markets featuring many stalls with communal seating. Here, you can enjoy some typical Singaporean favourites everything. There are so many types of cuisine for just a couple of dollars. The choice can be in Singapore, like Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, bewildering, so a good rule of thumb is to join the French, Italian, Mediterranean and American,” longest queue for the best food on offer. says top chef Teo. Many of the stalls specialise in just one dish, and “Singapore food is very tasty and flavourful. It may have been cooking just that for decades. It’s also has a sweet, sour and spicy taste. The spices not unusual to hear Singaporeans debating where to used in the food are usually coconut milk, get the best dishes and to have family outings across pandan leaf, sambal chilli , lemongrass and dried the island to find their personal favourites. shrimps. The main signature dishes are Singapore At the other end of the scale, there is an increasing Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singapore Laksa and emphasis on international eateries run by renowned Chilli Crab.” chefs and adhering to the highest standards. And of Singapore is also a food destination. On course, five-star hotels in Singapore have paved the alternate years in April, the World Gourmet way for global cuisine and continue to offer some of Summit descends on Singapore, with guest chefs the best restaurants in the country. from all over the world invited to cook. Each June, Eric Teo, president of the Singapore Chefs there is also the annual Singapore Food Festival Association, describes Singapore as a food paradise organised by Singapore Tourism Board. where most world cuisines can be found. Whatever your preference and taste, Singapore Opposite page: Fine Dining “People here love food and they love to try at Chijmes will cater to you. 52 Best of Singapore
  42. 42. FINE DINING 54 Best of Singapore
  43. 43. Best of Singapore 55
  44. 44. FINE DINING 56 Best of Singapore
  45. 45. Best of Singapore 57
  46. 46. FINE DINING Cantonese Cuisine With Cachet In the ever-changing culinary landscape, even good restaurants can be here today, gone tomorrow. But with three thriving restaurants, a broad range of unique and traditional Cantonese dishes and a fiercely loyal customer base, Peach Garden is destined to blossom Cantonese cuisine is widely regarded as portions with matching ambience. the fried prawn in wasabi sauce is delightfully the finest of China’s regional cookery. Its Veronica Tan describes the Peach Garden unexpected. Be sure to try the roasted cornerstones are the finest, freshest produce, team simply as people with a passion for shoulder of lamb, served with mustard and inventive use of ingredients not necessarily good food. She and partner Angela Ho met mint sauce. And what makes it Cantonese? indigenous to the region while continuing in the hotel F&B industry and after years of The tender meat is marinated in black vinegar to uphold culinary traditions. Amid the working together, they hatched the plan to set that laces it with a proper tang. You might establishments in Singapore specialising in up their own restaurant. Calling it The Peach also want to sample the fried crispy noodle Cantonese cuisine, none have blazed trails Garden was a mindful and deliberate choice. with succulently tender baby lobster in and won the hearts of critics and foodies alike Says Tan, “A peach tree has branches, it creamy egg sauce – you will not regret it. The quite as quickly and as thoroughly as Peach bears fruit, and it comes from one seed. list of varied and remarkable dishes goes on Garden has. That’s what we wanted from our restaurant.” and on. And because the food-loving partners Soon after they first opened the doors of And what they wanted, they got. The diners take a very hands-on approach to menu their cosy and understated restaurant in keep coming back for more, and all three development, constantly doing research, and Novena in 2002, they garnered accolades restaurants are booked for special occasions trying out new dishes, they keep hitting upon from Singapore Tatler and Wine & Dine not well in advance. Says Angela Ho, “Our diners wondrous taste sensations that delight their just for their food but for their warm, friendly are more than just customers, they become loyal diners. and highly personal service. What followed our friends.” Just like the partners, the Whichever restaurant you visit, you was a larger restaurant in Thomson Plaza customers become friends - friends who love can count on a stellar dining experience. and then in 2006, they opened their newest great food, most especially Peach Garden’s Furthermore, it’s also one that can be and most impressive restaurant on the 33rd deliciously inventive signature dishes. replicated at home or even in another venue floor of the OCBC Centre on Chulia Street in There is a hint of creaminess in the tasty of your choosing. Peach Garden offers a the heart of the business district. In fact, their double-boiled shark’s bone cartilage soup catering service for private dining events, network of three establishments landed a spot with fish maw and bamboo pith in golden which means you can have haute Cantonese on the Sunday Times Life 10 Best Restaurants melon, and yet the owners swear the chef cuisine in the comfort of your own home. of 2007. The secret of their phenomenal has used no milk. The fried prawn in salted success? Exquisite Cantonese food for the egg yolk delivers a shock of pleasurably Tel: 6535 7833 traditional connoisseur served in fine dining intense flavour with every bite. The zing of 58 Best of Singapore
  47. 47. Best of Singapore 59
  48. 48. FINE DINING Award-Winning Italian Cuisine With Unbeatable View il Lido, acclaimed as the New Restaurant of the Year 2008, is located on the resort island of Sentosa and boasts a panoramic view of the Singapore Straits and a wine list that has gained international acclaim. the terrace just soaking in the view while Perhaps it was the stunning sea view that did sampling the best of Il Lido’s wine cellar. it. Or it could have been the delicious modern It helps that this is no ordinary wine col- Italian cuisine. It didn’t hurt to have a wine list lection. It is thanks to this wine list that il Lido which made it to Wine Spectator magazine’s earned the title Best of Award of Excellence Best of Award of Excellence. In truth, it was from Wine Spectator magazine. The wine probably a combination of all this that helped il list includes an extensive champagne selec- Lido overcome the competition and pick up the tion comprising some hard-to-get names, an prestigious New Restaurant of the Year award enticing range of French labels, delectable New at the 2008 World Gourmet Summit. This award World bottlings and of course, the best of Italy. comes just after il Lido was voted Italian Res- However, people keep returning to il Lido not taurant of the Year and Best Restaurant Bar for the gorgeous view or it is the rare champagne. by Singapore Business Review magazine. They come because of the superb food. The Nice though they are, these awards merely head chef at il Lido is Giuliano Dacasto, who had confirm what discerning Singaporeans already previously worked at Gordon Ramsay’s Boxwood know; that if you are looking for an unforgettable Café under Head Chef Stuart Gillies. His first head gastronomic experience, il Lido is the place to go. chef position was in London at the well-reviewed Il Lido may only be two years old, but in that 2 Veneti. Chef Guiliano, together with the pastry short time, it has rapidly risen up the ranks. chef Saverio Busata as well as sous chef Daniele Helmed by visionary restauranteur Beppe De Vito, Bettini all previously worked together at Bauer the restaurant bar is located on the resort island Hotel, considered one of the top five-star proper- of Sentosa, and boasts a panoramic view of the ties in Italy. Today, they have reunited to become Singapore Straits on one side, and the rolling Singapore’s most formidable culinary team. greens of the Sentosa Golf Club on another. Chef Guiliano is a new arrival to the il Lido The view is so beautiful that is not family. He came to Singapore to take over from uncommon for people to spend hours on 60 Best of Singapore
  49. 49. Chef Osvaldo Forlino, whose culinary creations have helped il Lido earn so many awards. Chef Osvaldo is now heading a fine dining restaurant at the Fullerton called Forlino, which is also owned by the il Lido group. For Chef Osvaldo, this move is a return to his roots, in a way. Chef Osvaldo learned his craft working in his family’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Forlino, in the northern Italian region of Piedmont. He subsequently worked at other award-winning restaurants in northern Italy before eventually joining il Lido in Singapore. Because his culinary efforts were so well re-ceived, Chef Osvaldo and il Lido owner Beppe De Vito decided that Singapore was ready for a different kind of restaurant. Chef Osvaldo thus persuaded members of his family to uproot themselves from Piedmont to start a Forlino family restaurant in Singapore. In Singapore, Forlino will offer fine Italian dining with a northern Italian bent. The restaurant itself has been made to resemble the interior of a plush Italianate villa. Forlino is located on the second floor of One Fullerton, and diners will enjoy unparalleled views of Marina Bay as well as the Marina Bay Sands Resort. Between il Lido on Sentosa, Forlino at One Fullerton, and the il Lido luxury yacht which can also be chartered for dinner on the high seas, lovers of fine Italian cuisine in Singapore can truly be said to enjoy La Dolce Vita. Tel: (65) 6866 1977 Best of Singapore 61
  50. 50. FINE DINING The Cliff Is At The Cutting Edge Of Sophistication Award-winning seafood restaurant at The Sentosa Resort & Spa is in another league The Sentosa Resort & Spa offers a variety of the desserts is Raspberry Extravaganza dining options, ranging from casual to elegant with pistachio and raspberry five-way-jelly chic. croustillant, sorbet, foam and “ravioli”. For seafood connoisseurs, The Cliff A favourite with regulars are the Tasting of featuring contemporary cuisine inspired by Oysters, available with a number of winning the sea is a gastronomic experience not to be combinations, including fresh shucked with missed. tuna and avocado tartare or baked with Designed by famed Japanese designer forest mushroom fricassee and foie gras Yasuhiro Koichi, The Cliff sets new standards hollandaise. High on the list of the Chef’s in the culinary arts in Singapore. Perched pick of the mains include the Wild Canadian on a cliff overlooking the South China Sea, Lobster poached in chardonnay nage, creme this alfresco-style restaurant is a haven for fraiche with linguini and fresh herbs and Pan- discerning aficionados of the best in seafood seared Grey Sea Bream with Crayfish and and fine wines. wild mushrooms. Meat lovers can delight in The menu reflects the creative spirit of the the Duo of Wagyu Beef with braised ribs and talented Chef de Cuisine Shawn Armstrong roasted strip loin. who prepares his dishes with a distinct The Cliff’s reputation has earned it contemporary French flair. Chef Shawn, who numerous laurels, with recent ones being the has won several prestigious awards, is a winner of the Singapore Business Review master of classical French cooking and has The Top 50 Restaurants Awards 2008 – Three built a formidable reputation as a seafood Chef’s Hats, Wine & Dine Singapore’s Top expert. Restaurants Guide 2008 – Special Awards; After enjoying a drink at The Cliff’s outdoor Best Ambience (Western), Singapore Best bar amidst the enchanting sunset, diners can Restaurant Guide by Singapore Tatler 2008 savour the freshest ingredients produced with and Simply Dining Restaurant Guide 2008 – finesse and presented like delectable works Gold Award. of art. All these are authentications of one of the Signature dishes include the House finest culinary experiences in Southeast Asia. Smoked Loch Duart Salmon with Indian spiced aubergine salsa and caviar; Roasted ‘True’ Cod with cabernet braised lamb shank, Tel: (65) 6371 1425 organic carrot puree and truffles; and among 62 Best of Singapore
  51. 51. Enchanting Ambience at The Cliff A Statement Setting Contemporary Zen Setting Best of Singapore 63
  52. 52. FINE DINING 64 Best of Singapore
  53. 53. Best of Singapore 65
  54. 54. FINE DINING Thanying, Sentosa 66 Best of Singapore
  55. 55. Chu Chi Goong Miang Khum Thanying, Sentosa, Interior Best of Singapore 67
  56. 56. FINE DINING 68 Best of Singapore
  57. 57. Best of Singapore 69
  58. 58. Best of Singapore 71
  60. 60. Guests to Singapore are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation. For Luxury Resort Living - The Sentosa Resort & Spa is amongst the best on the island. Best of Singapore 73
  61. 61. HOTELS & HOSPITALITY 74 Best of Singapore