So you (think you) want to work in video games


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So you (think you) want to work in video games

  1. So you (think you) want to work in video games<br />
  2. Overview<br />How I got into gamedev<br />What’s so great about making games<br />Where does one start?<br />Games studios, the good<br />Games studios, the bad<br />Indie game development<br />A post-mortem: Bloodlust<br />
  3. Character sheet<br />
  4. Character sheet<br />Name: Sven<br />Job: dev @ iChoosr<br />Msc in Computer Science<br />Exp: <br />7 years soft dev<br />1.5 years game dev<br />20 years gaming :D<br />
  5. Character sheet<br />Job 1:<br />.NET developer<br />C#<br />HR company<br />4.5 years<br />2 hours commute / day<br />
  6. Character sheet<br />Job 2<br />Lead UI developer<br />C++<br />1.5 years<br />10minutes commute!<br />
  7. Character sheet<br />Job 3<br />Web developer<br />C#<br />6 months and counting<br />6minutes commute<br />
  8. How are games more fun?<br />
  9. Why games > reg. software<br />Creator of worlds<br />
  10. Why games > reg. software<br />Brings emotion<br />
  11. Why games > reg. software<br />Brings laughter<br />
  12. Why games > reg. software<br />Challenging (physics, gfx, maths, AI)<br />
  13. It’s like working in the movies!<br />Credits<br />Events, commercials,…<br />Big budgets<br />GTA IV: 100.000.000 $<br />MGS4: 70.000.000$<br />
  14. Super stars<br />!<br />
  15. Landing a job<br />
  16. Landing a job<br />Difficult to get in with no experience<br />Tests<br />Plenty of folk waiting in line<br />
  17. Landing a job<br />So you are a student<br />So you are a developer<br />
  18. Landing a job as Junior<br />So you are a student<br />Get a game degree<br />Better yet, get a CS degree<br />Lots of material out there, ( etc)<br />Make a demo!<br />Work on open source projects<br />Get an internship<br />
  19. Landing a job as senior<br />So you are an experienced developer<br />Again, read, learn, …<br />Work on open source projects etc<br />Make cool, finished demos<br />Know C++ like the back of your hand (tip!)<br />Prepare to hand in some salary<br />
  20. Interviews<br />C++ Tests<br />Algorithm Tests<br />Demo<br />Online tests<br />Interviewed by teams<br />Prepare to do tough interviews at night<br />Make applications<br />
  21. Game studios<br />
  22. Game studios, the good<br />Great colleagues<br />Like minded people<br />Access to games<br />Networking<br />Awesome dev kits<br />Publisher events<br />Free food<br />All things to keep the kid in you happy<br />
  23. Game studio, the bad<br />Immature industry<br />Companies come and go<br />Job insecurity<br />You’re not a game designer<br />Crunch/Overtime<br />Salaries & … benefits?<br />
  24. Family games<br />Until industry matures, not a good option<br />Great when you’re young<br />Move abroad for big companies<br />Getting out not easy<br />
  25. But I really wanna make games<br />Stop wasting that spare time!<br />There are more people like you<br />Mingle, network … and go indie!<br />
  26. Indie Game Development<br />
  27. Indie game development<br />Not supported by publisher<br />Small teams<br />Can be open source<br />Big communities<br />
  28. Indie game development<br />Creativity<br />Good for portfolio<br />Chance to do something new<br />Chances to work with interesting people<br />As developer, learn all aspects<br />Art/Music<br />Game design<br />
  29. Indie game development<br />Day job, no risk<br />Something with reliable hours<br />Or something brain dead<br />Just make sure to have plenty of spare time<br />
  30. Indie game development<br />Experimental Gameplay<br />IGF Awards<br />PAX Indie Game Competition<br />Start your own company<br />Make big bucks :D<br />
  31. Indie win<br />World of Goo<br />Braid<br />Trism<br />Audiosurf<br />Osmos<br />Darwinia<br />Everyday Shooter<br />Crayon Physics<br />
  32. Indie start<br />So, where to start?<br />Sony PSP mini<br />Nintendo WiiWare/DSiWare<br />Steam<br />Microsoft XNA<br />Flash<br />iPhone/iPad<br />
  33. Indie: Sony PSP mini<br />1500$ dev kit<br />C++<br />- approval by Sony<br />- hidden costs<br />- difficult SDK<br />+ it’s a Sony!<br />
  34. Indie: Nintendo WiiWare/DSiWare<br />2000$+ dev kit<br />- Nintendo difficult to get approved<br />- Hidden costs<br />- Need real company to be accepted<br />- Specific market<br />
  35. Indie: Steam<br />Steamworks (cloud etc)<br />Source-engine (mac+pc)<br />- approval Steam<br />- own engine, port for both platforms<br />+ big market<br />+ Mac/PC<br />
  36. Indie: Microsoft XNA<br />.NET<br />99$/year<br />Deploy on PC<br />Deploy on Xbox 360<br />+ sell on Xbox 360 Live Indies<br />+ easy to develop (tools, framework)<br />+ Windows Phone 7 :D<br />- small market (where the hell is this store)<br />
  37. Indie: Flash<br />Actionscript<br />Deploy on web<br />Deploy on portable devices<br />+ multiplatform<br />+ also relevant for UI game development<br />- not supported by iPad/iPhone (although ..)<br />
  38. Indie: iPad/iPhone<br />99$/year<br />Objective-C / C++<br />- need a Mac (expensive)<br />- objective-c<br />- devices change every year (expensive)<br />- rely on Apple<br />+ no cost and easy to publish (30% goes to Apple)<br />+ free advertisement if Apple loves it<br />+ excellent for casual games, hopefully more<br />
  39. Indie: iPad/iPhone<br />Lots of engines <br />Cocos2D (free)<br />Torque (700$)<br />Unity 3D (300$)<br />…<br />Possibility to use C++ <br />Easy for porting!!<br />Game Center<br />
  40. Indie: Tools<br />Beanstalkapp(SVN/GIT)<br />Dropbox<br />Visual Studio Express<br />Xcode<br />Etc..<br />
  41. So …<br />Find the tools you love<br />Make stuff you’d play<br />Make stuff your friends would play<br />Make a team!<br />Try the wackiest things!<br />Keep it simple<br />Be active in communities/Twitter/etc<br />
  42. Bloodlust<br />
  43. Bloodlust: a postmortem<br />Radlab Games<br />Project with colleague + friends in the US<br />1 developer<br />2 artists<br />1 musician<br />2 QA<br />1 Social Media<br />
  44. Bloodlust: a postmortem<br />4 weekends<br />From scratch to published iPhone game<br />
  45. Bloodlust: process<br />3 weeks spent on getting a working game<br />Iteration on gameplay during development<br />Small project, so easy to iterate<br />Tech is reusable<br />Ideas plenty<br />
  46. Bloodlust: advertising<br />Social media through Facebook/Twitter/etc<br />Around 2000 sales at .99$<br />
  47. Bloodlust: what happened?<br />People got new jobs<br />Moved away<br />Half written games on shelf<br />
  48. Bloodlust: what’s next?<br />Half finished game<br />A nice basic 2D engine (Windows)<br />Port new engine to iPhone<br />Artists/developers welcome to apply ;)<br />
  49. Continue?<br />Questions? Thoughts? Ideas?<br />Twitter: @svencharleer<br />Website:<br />(bij de weg: iChoosrzoekt developer)<br />