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Lecture 9


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Lecture 9

  1. 1. Welcome13-05-2013
  2. 2. DiscussionHow powerful are the unions in your country?When and why were the unions in your country set up?What are the benefits for the individual of belonging to a union?How would life be different for workers if there were no unions?Do the unions go on strike very often in your country?Can a strike help workers to achieve their goals?What other means do the unions have for achieving something?
  3. 3. Phrasal verbsFirst I didn’t understand a word, but then I caught on.I was supposed to buy this house, but the deal fell through.She passed away in her sleep at the age of 48.First she didn’t feel well and then she passed out.You shouldn’t bottle up all that anger.We spent our weekends doing up a 1934 Rolls Royce.You are great! Why are you always running yourself down?
  4. 4. Prepositional verbsSeveral newspapers were calling for his resignation.He really cared for her.I was dreaming about a black cat.He didn’t want to part with his old car.You can take some time off. I will see to this problem myself.No one will insult me like that. I won’t stand for it!She really takes after her mother.
  5. 5. Phrasal prepositional verbThe doctor advised him to cut down on salt.A lot of restrictions on import have been done away with.She spent most of the day dropping in on friends in Edinburgh.I’ll get back to you later.He will surely try to get back at her.I don’t want him to run away with the idea that I don’t care.Many shoppers turned away from these products.
  6. 6. Let’sgoonatrip!Where would you like to go?