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Lecture 7


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Lecture 7

  1. 1. Welcome29-04-2013
  2. 2. DiscussionWhat are the benefits of immigration?Do you think integration has been successful in Europe?Would you like to live and work in another country?Is illegal immigration a problem where you live?What immigration rules would you like your country to have?Would you report an illegal immigrant to the police?
  3. 3. Future tenses IDo you think she will pass the exam? Yes, she will pass easily.That bag looks heavy. I will help you with it.I wonder what will happen.This time next year you will be taking your degree.I will have done my exercise by 8 pm.By now they will surely have arrived home.Jane will have been travelling for 4 days by next Sunday.
  4. 4. Future tenses IIWe leave at 6 pm and arrive home at 8 pm.Tomorrow I am painting the house together with my wife.I’ve bought paint and brush. I am going to paint my house.Do you have some paint left? I will paint the door with it.Look at those black clouds! It is going to rain.Shall I shut the door?
  5. 5. Isimmigrationaproblem?What about human rights?