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Lecture 5


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Lecture 5

  1. 1. Welcome15-04-2013
  2. 2. DiscussionHow was your Easter holiday?Are there any Easter traditions in your country?What do people traditionally eat at Easter?What are other big (religious) holidays in your country?What do people do during those days?What is your favourite holiday?
  3. 3. Present simple and continuousI come to class every day.The earth moves round the sun.Nadal serves and Djokovic returns with a forehand.The train leaves at 4 am.Oh no, it is raining again!Ian McEwan is writing another novel.We are going to New York tomorrow.
  4. 4. Past simple and continuousHe drove to London yesterday.He always drank beer when he was at school.We left at 6 am and arrived in Dublin at 10 am.It is high time we visited uncle Sam.At 9 o’clock yesterday morning we were waiting for the bus.He was always ringing me up during lunch time.
  5. 5. Definitions Chat: A friendly conversation. Brainstorming: A way of developing new ideas, through adiscussion in which several people make lots of suggestionsand the best ones are chosen. Board meeting: A formal meeting of the board of directorsof an organization, held usually at definite intervals toconsider policy issues and major problems. Department meeting: An informal meeting held in adepartment to ensure a smooth running of the business. AGM: Annual General Meeting. EGM: Extraordinary General Meeting.
  6. 6. A letter of complaint1. Reference to the order2.Reasons for the complaint (non-delivery, late delivery, wrong goods,faulty or damaged articles, mistakes in invoice, etc.)3. Drawing attention to the inconvenience or the difficulties caused4.Request for measures or sometimes suggest a solution5. Possibly warning in case of several complaints
  7. 7. Reply to a complaint1. Expression of regret and an apology2. A decent explanation (human error, shortage of staff, etc.)3. A solution (replacement, financial compensation, etc.)4.Reassure the customer that similar situations will not recur5. Positive ending
  8. 8. Assignment 2INSTRUCTIONS- Writing a letter of complaint- Pick 1 of 2 situations- Check information sheet- Maximum one pageGUIDELINES- Deadline: Saturday, April 20 at 8:00 p.m.- Send to
  9. 9. Mmm…Could there be money in chocolate?