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Combining .NET and Java in an enterprise web publishing platform (Javazone 2014)


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A video of this talk held in Norwegian at Javazone 2014 can be seen here:

The tight platform coupling found in most common web publishing systems is a potential bottleneck for enterprise level availability requirements in large web properties. Using a separated publishing architecture with an enterprise CMS decoupled from its web servers can provide a range of advantages including the potential for extremely high availability and scalability.

While your business might have a non-religious attitude to technology platforms in general, many common web CMSes will limit you to using their preferred platform throughout your publishing architecture, and while it might be a good tool for the editorial staff this platform might not be the best choice for your organization overall or to provide the needed flexibility in regards to availability or scalability.

Using a loosely coupled CMS with a multi-platform architecture allows you to avoid such problems however. One option is the enterprise experience manager SDL Tridion which has a .NET based CMS for content editors but allow for publishing the dynamic web pages created through an application server of choice. This architecture provide many advantages such as the independent availability of the CMS and the web properties it handles, as well as being able to use open source java solutions for clustering while having an easy-to-use .NET-based user interface for content editors. This talk will give an overview of some benefits gained by such a combination of technology platforms by detailing the systems architecture for a major Norwegian web property as an example.

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Combining .NET and Java in an enterprise web publishing platform (Javazone 2014)

  1. 1. + Combining .NET and Java in an enterprise web publishing platform Svein-Magnus Sørensen @SveinMagnus
  2. 2. managing content is not the same as publishing content
  3. 3. most developers know that tight coupling is a bad thing
  4. 4. but why are many web content management systems so tightly coupled then?
  5. 5. introducing a decoupled publishing architecture
  6. 6. Content Management Content Publishing MS SQL Cluster Broker DB Unix Servers Windows IIS Server Tridion Content Manager Tridion CMS DB MS SQL Server Tridion Broker DB Firewall Cache Channel Service (Java) Java Web Application (Weblogic) End User Dynamic Content Rendered Content Update Notification Other data source Content Distributer (Tomcat) File storage Templates & binaries
  7. 7. advantages of decoupled content management choice of technology platforms less delivery overhead more scalable architecture increased security better reliability and uptime multiple content sources
  8. 8. coupling is not a binary state Tight Loose Personal publishing systems .NET based content management systems Java based content management systems Enterprise experience management platforms Wordpress Drupal Django EPiServer SiteCore eZ Publish Movable Type SDL Tridion Adobe EM Oracle WC HP Teamsite Umbraco Escenic Hippo CMS Magnolia
  9. 9. How loosely coupled should your systems be?
  10. 10. thank you Any questions? @SveinMagnus