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Seattle Library Cb


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Seattle Library Cb

  1. 1. Creative Brief 4 Intermediate Copywriting winter 2007 Assignment: Create 16 print ads. CLIENT Seattle Public Library ( SITUATION After the initial buzz, usage at the downtown library has dropped off. Meanwhile, the new and renovated neighborhood branches haven’t excited people as much as hoped, despite interesting and dramatic design. More people are using the web to get information. Or simply not reading at all. To increase use and maintain its current budget, the library needs people to think it’s cool and current. OBJECTIVES Primary: Increase number of visitors to the main branch. Secondary: Get more people to use Seattle’s library system, both branch locations and on the Web. AUDIENCE General population. Men and women 14-90. Anyone who reads, anyone who’s curious, anyone who has a question. Researchers, and it doesn’t matter if you’re just after today’s news or writing a dissertation. If it helps, feel free to target your demographic in the various ads you create, meaning some of your ads can target people 65 to 85 while others might target teenagers. STRATEGY / MAIN THOUGHT You should use the Seattle Public Library because you can find out about anything. PROOF In its mission statement, the Seattle Public Library says it wants to be the most responsive library in the world to its customers. They have free wireless, you can request books from any library anywhere, and librarians will try to answer any question you ask. The modern architecture of both the downtown location and the new neighborhood branches symbolizes innovation, technology, and responsiveness. CONSIDERATIONS The library doesn’t have much money. They can’t pay for a photo shoot, and they may not be able to afford stock, either. They have limited shots of their branches. This cannot be a visual solution. MANDATORIES Name and logo Web address PERSONALITY / TONALITY Open, inviting, egalitarian. Traditionally, libraries are thought of as dowdy and old school. However, the Seattle Public Library wants to be smart, progressive, and innovative. Not radical, but prepared to fight for the cause.