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Here's a another creative brief for those of you wanting to develop some ad concepts on your own.

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Crest Whitestrips CB

  1. 1. C R E A T I V E B R I E F CLIENT: Procter & Gamble PROJECT: Crest Whitestrips Supreme Magazine Ad ASSIGNMENT What,succinctly, are you asking us to do? Who are we trying to reach? Create a full-color one-page or two-page magazine ad to introduce people to Crest Whitestrips Supreme tooth whitening kit. OBJECTIVE What specific results are we after, when must they be achieved? We’d like to see a 10% increase sales over the next 60 days. SITUATION What’s the current market environment, especially with competitors? Consumer research has shown that many people feel self-conscious about the brightness of their teeth, particularly since we live in a celebrity-crazed society where we’re constantly exposed to teeth that have been cosmetically enhanced. Crest Whitestrips have a dominant share of the whitening market, but the vast majority of people rely on whitening formula toothpastes and other less expensive, less effective means of getting whiter teeth. AUDIENCE Who is this advertising aimed at? What are they like? Mostly women, but some men, in the 18-65 age group. These are people concerned with personal appearance and tend to have higher disposable incomes. PROS & CONS List how our product/service stands with respect to competitors, both good and bad. + It really works – teeth are noticeably whiter after just a few days. + You don’t have the inconvenience or expense of dentist-applied whitening solutions + It’s easy to use – just apply the strips, wear for a few minutes, then toss out - It’s a little bit of a hassle to stick with the regimen for two weeks - It’s somewhat expensive---especially compared to toothpaste or doing nothing STRATEGY “You should (action) (product) because (reason with NO conjunctions).” You should try Crest Whitestrips Supreme because you can easily have a decidedly brighter, more attractive smile in just a few days (without going to a dentist). COPY POINTS Other things that should or could be mentioned. See for product info TONE/PERSONALITY Describe the character of the advertiser vs. competitors Professional, clear, easy, trustworthy, solid CLIENT APPROVAL: _______________________ DATE: _________________