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Svc2 uk jobsfairpressrelease

  1. 1. The SVC2UK jobs fair will feature 35 of the top Cambridge start-ups coming together to see how many of the engineering, commercial and product management jobs these companies have “open” can be filled in a single day... The top 50 companies hired 5,900 people last year to help them grow, how many will they hire in 2013? SILICON VALLEY COMES TO THE UK 2012 JOBS FAIR “First mover advantage doesn’t go to the company that starts up, it goes to the company that scales up.” - Reid Hoffman/Linkedin Co-FounderLondon & Cambridge, UK, 4 November 2012 –Hugh Parnell, Chairman Cambridge Cleantech, said “One of the hardest thing to do when you aregrowing fast as a company is finding top talent”: Silicon Valley Comes to the UK recognises thisand on the 16th November is hosting a jobs fair to help the fastest growing and most promisingcompanies in Cambridge find more people to hire! A LOT more people! Last year, the top 50companies hired just under 6,000 people, they have many many open positions right now.The SVC2UK Jobs Fair will host most of Cambridge’s most exciting and fast growingcompanies, including many companies from the “Killer 50” list of the Cambridge Cluster Map( Companies such as Arm Limited, Aveva, Real VNC, Ubisense,Frontier, Cambridge Temperature Concepts and Aurasma .At 50 years old this year, Cambridge is Europe’s oldest cluster and you can see why clusters likeTech City are being encouraged by the Government of the day.The top 50 companies in Cambridge grew their revenue by £1.3 bn last year, (from £6.1 bn to £7.4bn) an impressive hike of 17.6%. The same 50 companies also grew their employment by 4,164 (from24,192 to 28, 356) by 14.7%. The 50 companies that hired the most took on 23.2% more staff onaverage (grew from 19,536 to 25,437). With a 2% unemployment rate in Cambridge you can see whythey are casting the net around the country. Why not come up and meet them? They are growing 20times faster then most companies, so....
  2. 2. If you are an experienced commercial director, a product manager or an engineer and want towork for companies that are growing 20X faster than most, then come up to Cambridge! We’vegot great companies, great schools an amazing community and we are growing like mad!Cambridge has created 10 billion pound companies in the past decade - these are the next inthe queue. (Source: Cambridge Cluster Map).If you know of anyone who might want to work in one of the next billion £ companies to come out ofCambridge, tell them to register here: to EditorsAbout SVC2UKFounded by Sherry Coutu, Reid Hoffman, and Ellen Levy in 2006, the SVC2UK programme is anot for profit series of events run by more than 200 volunteers from the tech industry and universitystudent population. that bring together leader investors, serial entrepreneurs, and students from theUK with prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors to debate, create, and fund disruptivetechnology based businesses that will change our world in the years to come. include: Google for Entrepreneurs, BT, BBC Worldwide, Facebook, Barclays, Linkedin,University of Cambridge, Entrepreneur First, Penningtons, Cambridge Healthcare, Judge BusinessSchool, Computer Lab, Microsoft Bizspark, Pictet. See for the full list.Partners of the event include: UKTI, University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, University ofOxford, Startup Weekend, Angelhack, Young Enterprise, Cambridge Network, One-Nucleos, Cfel,CUE, CUTEC, Cambridge Cleantech, Cambridge Wireless and more...Media EnquiriesElaine Chow, +44 (0) 7531364312