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  1. 1. You are about to learn the tips and tricks of how to profitusing Amazon’s affiliate program within Facebook fan pagesto create viral profit machines that will start earning you anincome on virtual autopilot from a viral and guerillamarketing expert, Troy James.
  2. 2. Why Amazon and Why Facebook?Good day. We start our journey together in what I like to refer to as viralprofit machines. This is the tactics I developed, tested and used for myselfand clients to earn an extra income on virtual autopilot. As your profitmachines age, the more income they will generate.So, you may be wondering why Amazon and why Facebook?This can be summed up quite easily. has the largest onlinemarket place with one of the most reliable affiliate payment programs andAmazon has both digital and physical goods.The thing that I really like about Amazon is that if an item becomesdiscontinued, sold out or cancelled, the cookie that was dropped on thevisitors’ browsers is good for 24 hours on any product within Amazonunless your visitor adds the product to a shopping cart and doesn’t followthrough with the transaction at that time. In this scenario, the Amazoncookie can last up to 90 days. Meaning, a profit machine you build todaycould have a product that could potentially get discontinued, sold out orsimply removed from Amazon without you being aware of it. The chancesare pretty good that the traffic you have sent to Amazon will most likelycontinue to browse after they have found out the item is no longeravailable. Also the fact that Amazon has such a good reputation means youcan still potentially earn a commission from that visitor.Facebook on the other hand is the World’s best traffic getting machine. Itnow has over 800,000,000 users as of today and growing by the minuteand over 155,000,000 of those people being Americans alone. This onlymakes sense to combine these two websites in order to create multiplestreams of income.With that being said, let’s get to it!
  3. 3. Chapter 1 - Market Research Step one in the program is all about finding your targeted niche markets.Many of you may know where you would like to start but let me show you afew pointers before you make your final decision.When I start a random viral profit machine, I like to look at big generalmarkets and events that attract many thousands, even millions ofinterested searches. So I know what my demonstration model will be forthe purpose of creating a machine in front of you and then revealing theresults so that you know and understand that this works. But, I would like toshow you how to find a good market to break into…1.1 Google TrendsFirst I would like you to go to…
  4. 4. Then I would like you to think of a high interest event, topic, productcategory, holiday, sport, etc. and type it into the search bar on GoogleTrends. In my scenario for our test project, I will choose Christmas.After I typed Christmas in the search bar and clicked search trends, theresults looked like this;It’s not this page we are interested in at the immediate moment though. Wewant to see what’s creating traffic and interest now, leading up to our event,holiday, product launch, etc. and how recent there has been a lot ofpublished news so Google works their news in two different ways. First youwant to search Google Trends by clicking on “More news results” as yousee above.
  5. 5. In my case, for my Christmas search, here are our results for today;If you see a lot of negative press, change your niche interest. But for oursearch there was only one topic of negative news under Google trends.
  6. 6. 1.2 Google News SearchNow you are going to do the exact same search in Google search, but alsoclick on the “News” tab at the top as pictured here…Notice how the results are completely different, but notice the publisheddates of this news, or in this case, time because the news is so fresh. So Iknow I have a hot topic of interest. Obviously, being Christmas, lol.Other topics that have big interest is big sporting events(ie. UFC,Superbowl, World Cup), big parties (ie, New Years, Halloween), BigHolidays (Christmas, Easter, July Long Weekend, etc.), personal benefit(bodybuilding, self improvement, etc.) and product launches (iPad 3, Call ofDuty: Modern Warfare 3, etc.)It is important to choose your niche interest at least a month in advance.The longer time you give yourself, the more potential earnings you willgenerate.After you find a good niche topic with lots of recent news you will want toplug the exact term into the Google Keyword Tool found here…Keyword Tool
  7. 7. 1.3 Proper Use of the Google Keyword ToolIf you have a gmail account, sign into the keyword tool in the top right to getmore results on your search. The higher the number the results, the better.Ok, so it should look like this;Next I would like you to click on the word “Competition”, twice as seenabove.
  8. 8. Your competition results will look something like this;Notice there is very low to no competition. You will want to select as manykeywords with low competition as possible for your project. I decided tochange my main keyword for this project because I wanted to target aspecific year. You can do this also with events, holidays, etc.Alright, now that we have our main target keyword and the relatedkeywords that support the main keyword, you will want to select the top twokeywords with the most traffic, but lowest competition. This may be yourmain keyword as one of them, in my case it was.Check the box beside each keyword you would like to add to your list.Once complete, click the download button above.
  9. 9. 1.4 Finding Profitable Products on Amazon.comFor the final stage in your niche interest research, you will now want toopen a new browser window and go to In the searchbar under All Departments;Amazon will provide results to your keyword under the available categoriesof departments within as many products as you desire from each department.Copy the website address, unique to each product while on the productpage. Do this by right clicking the address in the address bar at the top ofyour browser and clicking copy.Open a new notepad document and first create category names based onthe available product categories in Amazon.Then start pasting the product website addresses in your notepaddocument.
  10. 10. Do this for up to a maximum of100 products and 10 categories for lateruse.Hint: Choose the items starting at number 1 in Amazon; this will be themost popular product in your product category.Chapter 1 Overview: In this chapter we covered how to find a niche interestto target by searching Google Trends, Google News and then we searchedfor related keywords using the Google Keyword Tool. Then we searchedfor the most relevant products for your niche in Amazon
  11. 11. Chapter 2 – Building a Facebook Fan page, Properly!In this chapter I will show you how to start to build a Facebook fan page theproper way.The first thing I want you to do is go to and sign in. Ifyou do not have an account, sign up for one now.Next I would like you to go to this link…, creating a fan page is easy, but what kind of fan page works best isthe key.You will want to choose Brand or Product…
  12. 12. Next you will want to select which category of products your niche interestfalls into, in my case I chose “Website”. Then you will want to name it yoursecond highest traffic keyword as seen here;Then click Get Started…Next step is very important to the success of your fan page.You will need to create your profile banner. For this you will want to firstacquire some images related to your niche interest. I prefer to purchase myimages but thousands of people use images from Google images.What you should be looking for is a main graphically intense image and aniche interest related background.2.1 Royalty Free ImagesI like using the following image sites for royalty free images; find both of them have great selection and prices.Save the two images to your pictures file.Next you will want to go to create a banner profile image. What I find worksbest is images the size of 180 pixels x 450 pixels.2.2 How to Use Pixlr to Create Your Fan Page Banner
  13. 13. These can be easily created using software such Photoshop, GIMP or mychoice for newbie’s, If you require knowledge in bannercreation, follow these steps. If you don’t, bypass this part of the course. Create a new image to the dimensions 180x450.
  14. 14. 2.) Next open another image by clicking File, then open image.You will want to open the background image that you acquired from theearlier step.In my case I happened to find and image that suited both of my requiredimages.
  15. 15. As seen below…Then you will want to click edit, then Select All, then Copy.Then click on your original image. Click on Edit, then click Paste.
  16. 16. Your results should look similar to this;Then use the move image tool to place your background in the properplace as I have also pointed out above.Once in place you can import your high graphically intense image.Do the same process as you did when importing the background image.Use the move tool to place it in your banner appropriately.
  17. 17. Then if your intense image has a images around it or even a whitebackground, select everything around the image by using the wand tool.Then click your keyboard delete tab.Your intense image should be on top of the background image withoutits old surroundings. Use the move tool to put it in its final position.There is a trick that you can add some effects to that image now.Right click on the layer you are working on as seen below…Then select “Layer Styles”, you should have a box show up that lookslike this…
  18. 18. You can select the effects that you would like on your image. This alsoworks for fonts.If you double click each effects word, you can change the degrees andoptions within the effects. Try it out.Ok, now that the image is done, you will want to add text. You do this byselect the text tool as seen here…At the top of your banner you want to put “Click Like” with an arrow. Thiscan be an image or an arrow like this ==>, I like the image idea better,personally.
  19. 19. Near the bottom of the banner, write a compelling 1 line that encouragesyour visitors to click like. You may want an arrow pointing down to thecontent they can access, after they click “like”.Next you will want to flatten and save your image. You do this by firstclicking Layer, then flatten image as seen here…Once you are completed that, click File, then save.
  20. 20. Save the image at the preset settings as seen here…Select the place where you would like to save the image for the nextstep.This is what I created, but larger…
  21. 21. 2.3 Uploading Your Profile Banner to Your Fan PageNow, back at your fan page, you should have this still on your screen…Upload your banner you just saved.It should look something like this…
  22. 22. Click Continue and move to the next step.On the next two pages, you will want to skip these processes for now. Don’tworry, we will return to these.To Be Continued…Chapter 2 Overview: In this chapter we learned how to create a fan pageand how to an image banner for your fan pages. We will return to our fanpage to continue our construction of the complete page.
  23. 23. Chapter 3 – How to Build an Amazon aStoreAlright, so in this module you will learn how to build and start an AmazonaStore.An Amazon aStore give you a shopping cart website without needing anactual website of your own. This is a little irony playing out, because yourequire a website to get accepted to the associates program.It is however the quickest way to build out a full online store that you canearn from yet most marketers don’t use it and in most scenarios, havenever heard of it.Start off by visiting imagine most of you have an Amazon Associates account. If not, sign upfor one, it takes about a day for the approval process and you will requirean operating website to be approved.Sign In when you are ready.Then once in, click on the aStore tab at the top.
  24. 24. Click on add an aStore.Then create a keyword loaded name where it asks you too, from your list ofGoogle Keywords you selected.
  25. 25. On the Your aStore settings in the large box you are presented with, checkthe middle 2 boxes and fill in your Keyword fan page name and your siteurl. This is your actual fan page address. You can get that in the addressbar when on your fan page.3.1 Creating Keyword CategoriesOnce that step is completed, then you are going to create Keyword loadedcategories titles using the product categories you collected earlier. This isfor your product pages.
  26. 26. So in this example, we will do the following;Top Christmas Gifts for Babies and ToddlersTop Christmas Gifts for Girls Under 10Top Christmas Gifts for Boys Under 10Top Christmas Gifts for College StudentsTop Christmas Gifts for HimTop Christmas Gifts for HerTop Christmas Gifts for Co-WorkersClick Add products.
  27. 27. 3.2 Adding Products to Your Amazon aStoreThen using the list of products you created earlier, do the following;Click on the product link… this product page at the top-Click the link “Add to aStore”Then click Add to this aStore button.Select the category of choice, in this case its;Top Christmas Gifts for Babies and Toddlers
  28. 28. Then the Continue button will appear, click it…
  29. 29. Your page should look like this with your selected product.Continue to add all your products and categories until completed. Eachstore page holds 9 items, so in your case I would choose 4 more randomproducts to add or be selective to maximize your earning potential as aminimum.Note: You do not want to fill the store to the maximum of 540 productsbecause of what we are going to do in a future module. You can howeveradd up to 100 – 150 products.
  30. 30. 3.3 Customizing Your Amazon aStoreThen, once all your products are loaded, you can now move onto the nextphase, Color and Design, click it in the left hand column. Then select the colors that suit your niche… Since we are building a Christmas Theme Store, I figured colors that match Santa works…
  31. 31. Now your store needs a name, you should try and match your main relatedkeyword, in this case Top Christmas Presents 2011. By doing this you arecreating a high ranking, niche targeted backlink to your fan page.If you want to take the design further, you can upload a header design,change font sizes, etc.I do it sometimes.Then choose which side you want your widgets on. I always choose rightbecause peoples’ eyes are trained to go from the center, through to theright and then back over and up to the left.Next, I typically leave the next settings as they are, you can change them ifyou wish.Click finish and get link.
  32. 32. Finally you want to select the Simple link choice for what we are going todo next;Copy your link and paste it in your text notepad file.3.4 Customizing Your Amazon aStore Affiliate LinkNow go to and fill the aStore address into the urlshortener. In the custom alias box, put one of your main buyers keywordsrelated to your fan page product lists.Your url will look something like this;
  33. 33. Chapter 3 Overview: In this chapter we learned how to create an AmazonaStore. We also gave our Amazon aStore affiliate link a nicer url bykeyword loading our Tinyurl shortener.
  34. 34. Chapter 4 – Creating an Amazon aStore RSS FeedAlright, to increase earnings to your aStore there is a way to get thisgenerating more earnings quicker and with little effort. This is another tacticrarely used but can be quite effective. It’s is a simple process by which youwill turn your aStore into an active RSS feed. So let’s get started.Next, I would like you to go to the following website… will be presented with a page that looks like this…
  35. 35. In the field where is says, “Give Your Feed a Title”, use the keyword youchose for your Tinyurl.In the “Your website’s URL”, enter your Amazon aStore address.In the next step, enter in two descriptions that explain the products you areoffering, like this…
  36. 36. In the next field, enter your aStore address or your TinyURL, either one willbe fine.In the last field, write a little blurb that says Come back soon for more greatproduct updates.Then click, “Generate RSS Feed”
  37. 37. You will be presented with a page that looks like this…Click the link…On the feed page, copy the address in your browsers address bar andpaste it in your notepad document.Now, the next step can be done manually of done quickly by paying for afast service.First we will explore the manual method, please visit… you will see a list of sites that you can share your RSS feed. This willrequire you to follow each sites steps in order to post your feed… or youcan visit and do a search for rss.The results will amaze you and for $5 you can have your RSS feedsubmitted to over 100 RSS aggregates within a couple of days.Either way, once completed, you will want to visit www.Pingoat.comAnd ping all the below selections with your feed.Then every few days, go back to your Amazon aStore account and addsome more products to your store. Once completed, go back and ping your feed again.This will create traction to your aStore, sales and click through to your fanpage where hopefully, if you did your job correctly, will get another fan.Now you have an RSS aStore feed.
  38. 38. Chapter 4 Overview: In this chapter you learned how to create a RSS feedfrom your aStore. If you followed this steps correctly, this can be a lucrativeway to earn Amazon commissions by itself. You can also follow thesesame steps to turn your fan page into an RSS feed to generate more fanson autopilot.
  39. 39. Chapter 5 – Populating Our Fan PageBack in your Facebook fan page, click on wall in the left hand column andthen click on edit info at the top of your screen.In the left hand column you will see “Basic Information”, click that link.In the “About” box, place in this shortened url and then the description ofyour page. Also place this url in the website box on your info page.See below for example;
  40. 40. Note: You will want to fill in each of these following areas with two to threesentences describing your page with strategic keyword placement.Facebook has a page rank from Google of 10. Therefore by populating thebasic information is essential to ranking your fan page on the searchengines.Now, once your fan page and Amazon aStore are built and together and allthe keyword filled descriptions are in place, you will want your fan page toseason for a few days and let the search engines spider them.While you are waiting for your fan page to season, you will want to startpopulating your wall. There are two ways you will want to do this….The first way, is by searching out interesting material on your topic thatpeople can use for free. In my case study I am populating the fan page withrecipes, craft ideas, decorating ideas, Christmas stories and articles.Make sure you space out your first ten posts and make sure they havereally good content. Just post the link and a short added description witheach link. Use keywords from your list we created earlier in each post.After 5 posts, post one of your selected Amazon products in the link. If youtook advantage of the fan poster software, this can all be accomplishedmonths in advanced from one days worth of work but you will want to makesure that there are at least 3 posts being posted on your wall daily.The next thing that you will want to do is the following and pay closeattention to this because this is the most powerful tool in your arsenal.
  41. 41. 5.1 Automating Wall PostsAlright, please visit the following link; will immediately be presented with a screen that looks like this…In the top search bar, start by entering your first main keyword.Then keep type as it is.Change “How often” to “As it happens”.Then change volume to all results.For the next box you will require a gmail address. If you do not have one,get it here.Enter your gmail account into the “Your email” box.
  42. 42. Click “CREATE ALERT”You should have a page that looks similar to this…Click on “Manage your alerts”You then should be presented with a page that looks similar to this…Then click “Edit”Then change “Deliver to” to “Feed” and click “Save”
  43. 43. Your page will look like this…Now, you will want to create feeds with all of your keywords you selected inthe research phase of this course.Keep this browser window open…Go back to your fan page and in the search bar, enter RSS Graffiti…Click on “Go to App”Then scroll down the page and click, “Authorize RSS Graffiti”
  44. 44. As seen here…Then click “Allow” on the permissions page.Then you will be presented with a new pageSelect your fan page on the left hand side.Then again, click authorize and allow .Next, add your feed, click “Add feed”
  45. 45. Go back to Google Alerts and click on the RSS symbol for your first feed…You will present with an HTML script, it will look like this…Highlight the feed address as shown above.In the next page you will fill in the Feed URL and the Source Name whichwill be the keyword associated to the RSS feed.See next page for a sample;
  46. 46. Next on the “Filter” tab you want to look for “Cut-off date/time”, clickchange.
  47. 47. You should be presented with a screen that looks like this…You will want to select next item to publish and choose one from theavailable scroll.Next go to the “Transform” tab…
  48. 48. You will want to select “Same as item’s title”
  49. 49. Next on “Schedule”You can decide how many times per day you would like the content to postand how many posts each time. I would highly recommend 1 or 2 maximumbecause we will be repeating this step for a large number of your keywords.Under “Precedence”, I would select Freshness, but again, your choice.
  50. 50. And then finally, on the “More” tab, select your fan page again.If you have a Twitter account to compliment your fan page, you can alsoadd that here and if you want the story links to be shortened, you can alsodo that here…Alright, you will want to save and then rinse and repeat for 10 of yourkeywords related to this fan page that you created.By the time you are completed this task, your wall is a news feedingmachine, with your keywords always posting related content. By doing thisyou will be posting on all your fans walls and all their friends will get to readit too. This is truly powerful for getting people to click your fan page imageor clicking like for the content you provide.
  51. 51. If you watched the lead up videos to this product launch, I showed youhow to create an RSS feed from your Amazon aStore. I showed you how toupdate your RSS feed and told you that every time, you update, you send aPing to your aStore feed so that the search engines will pay close attentionto it.You will always want to be creating great content for your fans, daily newsis not always what they only want, so it is important to also cover topics onhow-to’s related to your niche. In amongst these how-to’s you can slip in aproduct.If you were to post 3 – 4 items per day in your wall posts, your potentialearnings will increase daily!So you can submit your aStore feed I showed you how to create in the leadup videos to this product launch.When you are posting this feed, under the basic information tab, you willwant to make the source your aStore / Tinyurl converted link. This waythere are several ways you are guaranteed to be paid commissions if thepost goes viral. A recent product example of this would be the potassiumiodide pills that sold out across the United States after the Japanese quake.Amazon and eBay were the #1 and #2 places to get them during thatperiod.The hottest Christmas gifts tend to also have this trend when they aregetting close to being sold out, as will the newest iPad and iPhone, etc.Keep these facts in mind when creating your viral profit machines. Theypay off.
  52. 52. Chapter 5 Overview: How to create auto-feed postings to your wall. Thishelps in creating a growing interest in your fan page but also to help assistyour efforts in making the search engine rankings grow to the top. The factthat Facebook has a page rank of 10 and your fan page name is akeyword, the chances of ranking higher is achieved much easier than anyother method. The constant quality content makes you look like anauthority on your niche interest.
  53. 53. Chapter 6 – Attracting fans in the BeginningThis chapter creates a lot of questions and decisions for you to make. Inthis chapter we will discuss how to embed the Facebook share button andTwitter tweet button into e-Books, documents, video descriptions and ofcourse PowerPoint presentations. Then we will leverage these mediumsand create a complimenting press release. Finally we will show youadditional options to advertise these mediums in order to create a viraltrend of traffic to your fan pages.As I showed you quickly in the lead up video #1 to this product launch, howto embed a Facebook share button within your PowerPoint. Now I will showyou how to create a viral product PPT and how to properly distribute it toattract new fans.Ok, so when you were creating your Facebook banner image I instructedyou to select a matching themed background image. As previously stated, Isaid to get a large background image. This was and is important!6.1 Using Pixlr to Create PowerPoint Slide PanelsYou are going to Open photo editor…
  54. 54. Next, select “Open Image from computer”Open your large background image…Then select the Marquee tool…
  55. 55. I will then personally select the oval shape at the top of the page, you canchoose which shape you would like to use for your product profile windowwithin your niche interest.On your background, start the marquee tool where you would like to createa product window within your PowerPoint presentation.It should look something like this…Click the delete button on your keyword.
  56. 56. Your background should now look like this….Make sure you leave enough room for you to place text above. You canthen fill the shape with a different color but I would suggest keeping it whitefor the simple fact that most Amazon product images are usually shown ina white background. When you save the product images to your computer,it will be easier for you to just place the product images into the backgroundframe. If you do the shape in the wrong place, click “Edit”, then “Undo” andtry again.You are done your PPT product background for now, so click “File” andthen “Save”. Save with the preset settings again but be sure to rename thefile.
  57. 57. Now you will want to create a PowerPoint Title page and Category pages.I found two matching images on fotolia. See here…They were actually much larger; I shrank them down for your viewing.You will again open a new file in now.Choose the preselect size of 1024 x 768, and name it. Click Ok.You should have a large plain white image frame.
  58. 58. Now, you will want to go to “File” and select “Open image”…Find your new image from where you saved it. Open it…Because I chose images with a white background, I don’t have a lot of workto do to my original images, if you have an image with a coloredbackground, use the wand to select the background and then click deleteon your keyboard. If your selected image is too large or too small, you canresize it by clicking “Image” and then Resize”. Choose the size that bestworks for you.On your main image, go to “Edit”…Then “Select All”Then click “Edit” again and “Copy”…Then click on the original image frame in the browser window.
  59. 59. Click “Edit” again…And then click “Edit once more and then “Paste”…Your image will look similar to this…Then to move your image to where you would like it on the page, select the“Move” tool. Click and drag the image, place it where you desire.Now you will want to add some captions…Again, select the “Type” tool and write your title caption…
  60. 60. Click Ok.Then on “Layers”… Right Click.Select “Layer styles”Then I would suggest adding some effects to give your title page some life.
  61. 61. Remember that you can change the effects and colors of each effect byclicking on its word.This is what I created…
  62. 62. Now you will want to create a page for each of you aStore’s categories.As I showed you with my image selection earlier, I transformed that imageto create my category pages. Here’s one of my creations…You will want to find your create genius within you and create your categorypages using or another photo editor.Once you complete all your category pages, you will be ready to move onto the next step.
  63. 63. 6.2 Creating a Viral PowerPoint PresentationI will be showing you how to build your presentation in PowerPoint but forthose of you that don’t have PowerPoint, you can use a free similarsoftware called, Open Office which has their version of PowerPoint.You can find it here…, when you start up PowerPoint, you will be presented with thisscreen…First step, you will want to click on the insert tab.Then click the “Picture” icon
  64. 64. Select your title page that you created in your photo editor.It should look similar to this…Stretch the image to fit the slide panel.
  65. 65. Next, save the file under the same name as your title.(Make sure it has your main keyword in it)Go to, open an account and upload this titlepage. Copy the presentation address and paste it to your notepaddocument.Then, back in PowerPoint in the left column below the first panel, right clickand select “New slide”Import your first category image page you created.Mine looks like this…
  66. 66. Then, again in the left slide column, right click, select “New slide”.Now you are going to import your background image with the productprofile box you created.This is how mine looks…As you can see, I was a bit more creative and added my main image to theslide with an “Outer glow” added to it.Back in the left hand, slide column, you will want to right click and copy thispanel.Then right click again and select paste, continue to select paste and createenough panels for the number of products in your category.
  67. 67. Now you will want to go to your aStore that you created.On the first item, click the image…It will profile the product on it’s own page. Right click on the image and“Save picture as”. Save it to a location you will remember on yourcomputer.Then go back to your PowerPoint and on the first product profile panel,click on the Insert tab, then on Picture. Find the image on your computerand select it.Your PowerPoint should look like this…
  68. 68. Now resize your image and move it into the box so it fits well. It should looklike this…
  69. 69. Ok, then back in your aStore, copy the name of the product and come backto PowerPoint. In P.P. click on the home tab, and look for this icon and clickon it.Go to your product panel and click on it in an open area. Then right clickpaste your product name into the text box. The name of your productshould be on the panel now.
  70. 70. PowerPoint has a bunch of effects that we can dress up the plain text. Todo this you will want to hold the left mouse button down and drag yourcursor over all the text until it is highlighted.Now you will want to choose the size and style of your font, to do this lookfor this box at the top of your screen.Please select the font style, size and color by choose your selections fromthis area.Now that you have your desired font, you can move the name into theproper position on your page by holding the left mouse button down on theedge of the text box and dragging it into position.
  71. 71. Now highlight all of your text again.Click the insert tab at the top and then select “WordArt”You can choose one of those custom word arts to beautify your text evenmore, if desired.
  72. 72. Highlight your text once more and then click the “Animation” tab, then click“Custom Animation”A column on the right side of your screen will appear, click “Add Effect”,then choose an effect, or not.Now do this for all of your products and categories.The final most important step you have to do to your presentation isbuilding your fan page link and adding a Facebook share button into thelast page which you will create in again.To do this, follow these steps… 1.) Do a Google Image search for Facebook Icons and save the icons you like best. 2.) Create a new page in 1024x768 3.) Add compelling text that will create interest for your readers to click on your fan page link or your share link.
  73. 73. 4.) Paste your images into your page5.) Add a text box on top of the button images6.) Click “Enter” on your keyboard until an empty text box is the size of your button image.7.) Go to your note pad and copy the presentation link you saved to your notepad earlier. Now edit this web address address is gold because everything you publish on the web cannow have a Facebook share button, this includes articles, ebooks,PowerPoint presentations and even in your video description boxes.To add more social sharing capabilities, you can also add a Twitterbutton, here is that link… long as you publish a destination link to each share medium, you willin fact build viral fans for a long, long time. The more mediums youpublish, the more successful your fan page will be.8.) Click on the “Insert” tab, then “Hyperlink”, paste the link in the address box.9.) Save the page. This is what my page looks like…
  74. 74. 10.) Now finish your presentation by adding this image to the final slide.11.) Then Save your presentation.12.) Now, back in Slide Share on your saved presentation, click edit. Then click, “Replace presentation”
  75. 75. 13.) Upload your full presentation. That step is complete.14.) Back in you PowerPoint, click on “File”, then “Save As”, then “Pdf”15.) Now, open an account at www.scribd.com16.) Upload the pdf version of your presentation.Your presentation can be uploaded to Just make sure you change the name before you save it.You can also upload your pdf presentation to many ebook sites. Youdon’t have to worry about duplicate content for these because their solepurpose is for creating traffic and fans to your fan page.Here is mine completed… you can tell, I did some changes to my PPT before saving and Iuploaded this to Fuad’s account.
  76. 76. 6.2 Creating a Press ReleaseI will make this brief but press releases are your best friend when itcomes to increasing rankings of any website and especially fan pages.The sheer number of authority websites that pick up your press releaseis amazing and link juice they pass on to you is amazing but we aregoing to increase it even more.In my 18 years of experience I have found that nothing compares to thepower of a press release. To get the most out of a press release it will infact cost a good amount of money but you can publish them for free.Writing a press release is quite easily achieved for good results but ifyou feel your writing skills are not up to par, there are cheap servicesthat can have a press release written for you for a few dollars. as your first place to look.If you are willing to write your own, do a Google search using the Newstab, type in your keyword and read a few to understand how to writeyours. Make sure that when you are writing a PR, do not make it soundlike you are selling something, make it sound like you are strictlydelivering hot off the press news. Always place your website address inthe title. You can shorten your fan page address using a keyword placedTinyurl again and use that in your title or register a cheap domain nameand forward it to your fan page as Fuad did.Once you have a written PR. I would suggest 24 – 7 Press Release,they offer great free and paid services.The more expensive a press release is, the more effective it is, keep thisin mind. For example, a free PR will give you one website that it will bepublished on but the $369 can potentially deliver hundreds of sites andthousands of visitors. Most of the sites that will publish your news areregistered news sites with Google so there is no duplicate contentissues with Press Releases.The submitting process is quick, easy to follow and is very rewarding.
  77. 77. The beautiful fact with 24 – 7 Press Release is that you can hyperlinkyour main keywords easily by using this script;[url=]Text that will be linked[/url]Do this to a maximum of 3 times within the body of your PR.Ok, go ahead and publish your first press release. The day you chose tohave it published, do a Google or Yahoo search for the title of your pressrelease.Copy the website addresses to which it was published on for our nextstep.Tip: The more often you can publish a press release, the stronger yourwebsite will become and much faster than any other backlinkingmethods.6.3 Creating a Back link PyramidOk, building a strong foundation to your fan page is important. When itcomes to backlinking to your fan page, you want the press releases tobe your only direct links.You will want to find some niche targeted backlinks to link to your pressrelease sites with the highest page ranks.This creates a link pyramid and the link juice is stronger than directlinking. To add super strength I like to use Fiverr and doing a search forlink pyramid and then search by rating. For $5 you can get an incrediblypowerful number of backlinks to your press release which in turn makesyour fan page a search engine hit! Once again you don’t have to pay apenny if you are willing to publish all your own backlinks.
  78. 78. 5.4 Getting Fans from Fan PagesStarting your page off with no fans can be a challenge for commencing aviral trend of sorts. The PowerPoint presentation, ebook and pressrelease will certainly generate fans but it will take a little while unless youput other methods into effect.A great free method is in the lead up videos to this course’s launch I alsotaught you how to post to related fan pages as your fan page. This isincredibly powerful but it will be difficult for you to get people to click thelike button with little to no existing fans on your page. Here is the recapagain…Log into your Facebook and select the fan page.In the right hand column you will see a link that says “Use FacebookAs…”, like this;Click it.Then do a search for related fan pages using your keywords.Look for fan pages that have posts on the walls from many differentpeople.An easier way to commence your viral trend is by purchasing a Fiverrgig from a person that has an establish fan page and is willing to postyour fan page for $5. Just go to and go a search forFacebook.
  79. 79. 6.5 Fans from Facebook AdsI classify this as the absolute best way to gain fans is to purchase aFacebook ad campaign. And run it for a day or two.To do this, on your fan page you will see on the right hand column,this…Then on the top right hand corner you will see this;Click it.
  80. 80. Then you will want to fill out your ad content similar to this…If your banner looks like it doesn’t belong in your ad, change the imageas I will do…The next steps are really important…
  81. 81. Select only one country per ad and leave the demographics settings asthey are and enter your related keywords into the “Precise Interests”field.Ok, here is where you have to pay the closest attention…
  82. 82. Make sure you choose “Pay for Impressions (CPM)”, you can conceivably get clicks for less than $0.0005 if your ad is worded properly. Your success will depend on your budget. I have been witness to thousands of fans on a fan page for a $100 budget. It all depends on the niche interest and proper ad construction. Finally if you purchased the software with the rebranding rights to this course, you have an additional way to get thousands of fans to your fan page quickly.Chapter 6 Overview: In this chapter we discovered how to use PowerPoint,ebooks and articles to attract fans to join your fan page and share yourcontent. Then we learned how to create and publish a press release andhow to get great link juice back to your fan page by creating a link pyramidto your press release that had keywords hyperlinked back to your fan pageand finally we learned two paid methods to start building your fan basequickly.
  83. 83. Chapter 7- Putting on the Final TouchesBy now you have everything in place to get your viral profit machine inoperation but there is one element missing, your fan page’s landing page.This can be done very easily. Back in and PowerPoint, create afew slides with arrows pointing up saying click “Like” to join this fan page.In the slides, tell your visitors what to expect by joining. It doesn’t need tobe more than 3 slides long.Here is what my images look like…
  84. 84. Page 2 of my landing page PPT
  85. 85. Final landing page…Now build your PowerPoint presentation for your landing page and uploadit to your account.Once it is uploaded, go back to your fan page.In the top search bar, type in “iFrame”You should see an image that looks like this…
  86. 86. Click on it.Then click on the “Go to App” button.Then select your fan page and click “Add Static HTML”Now in your left hand column, you will see “Welcome”, click on it.
  87. 87. Your page will then look like this…You will want to check, “No scrollbars” and “Enable FBML”Now, go back to, your landing page presentation should beuploaded by now…Next, copy the embed code to the right of your page…And go back to your fan page and paste it in the box.
  88. 88. Finally, click “Save and view tab…”Then, “View tab as non-fan.”Ok, at the top of your fan page again, click “Edit info”Then in the left hand column, click “Manage Permissions”You will want to change the “Default landing tab” to “Welcome”
  89. 89. As seen here…Click Save changes and then your final step is as follows, but only onceyou have a minimum of 25 fans already on your fan page;Click on “Edit info”Then click on “Basic Information”Then on “Create a username for this page”
  90. 90. You want to select a keyword that is closest to your main keyword aspossible. This is great because Facebook doesn’t allow duplicate Usernames.So I chose “2011Christmas”
  91. 91. Which was available…Our web address for my fan page was… adding my username, it is now…Powerful stuff when you are talking a site with a page rank of 10!
  92. 92. CONGRADULATIONS!!!Your fan page and first viral profit machine is finished!This is how ours turned out…Once you get the hang of doing these, you can create hundreds withoutany worries or restrictions.Chapter 7 Overview: Finally we learned how to create a PowerPointlanding page for your niche fan page. The entire point of this is to makeyour fans believe there is great content waiting inside if they just click“Like”.
  93. 93. Conclusion-We have built our first viral profit machine from scratch to finished.How this is viral, is that it has several elements that direct fans to yourniche fan page. Once you have fans that click like, they will be updated withyour content every time there is an automated post.Your posts will show up on your fans wall, but it also shows up on all theirfriends walls too. As people continue to see your posts, they will click “Like”for the content or your image for your fan page and there is a good chancethey too will join your page.As you acquire more fans, the more people will view your posts and help tocontinually grow your fan base.By preloading our basic information about the page, it will help to rank yourpage under the main keyword and the supporting keywords over a shortperiod of time which will also increase your traffic and fan base.Finally, remember that Amazon drops a 24 hour cookie for any traffic thatvisits Amazon through your links that you can get paid from if that visitorbuys. The more Viral Profit Machines created, the higher your income willgrow. If a person, visits your product link and happens to place the item in ashopping cart but does not pay for it at that time, the cookie lasts for 90days. This is powerful when we are speaking earning potentials.If you purchased the software with this course, you will find that there isn’t abetter “Built and They Will Come” system out there and furthermore, thereisn’t a better set it and forget it system available.Give your VPM time to season within the search engines and you cancontinue to increase its traffic by making more PPTs, eBooks and pressreleases if you choose.Finally, if you visited the fan page that I developed in this course, you willsee there is no activity on it, in fact it no longer exists because I completely
  94. 94. set Fuad up with this material on a Christmas fan page he created for acase study which you saw in the sales copy for this product.Thanks for purchasing this course and good luck on building your ViralProfit Machines, I hope you found this educational and enjoyable.Sincerely,Troy James