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IPD Heads of Sixth Form conference - ICT & independent learning (30th Nov 2011)


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Presentation made to Heads of Sixth Form as part of an IPD organised conference.

Contains videos of students and teachers at Berkhamsted School, explaining how they that used digital technologies to create powerful learning resources.

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IPD Heads of Sixth Form conference - ICT & independent learning (30th Nov 2011)

  1. 1. Sacha van StratenDirector of eLearning
  2. 2. Heads in the Cloud, Eyes on the Future – how schoolscan promote independent learning using technology
  3. 3. Did you see the Bear?! He’s lurking in the Toblerone logo.! Did you notice the Amazon arrow tells you the company sells everything from A-Z?! Did you realise the Museum of London shapes = the boundaries of the city of London over time?! Did you find the cyclist in the Tour de France logo?
  4. 4. Sight & Perception! There’s a lot of confusion and misconception. The truth is in there, not out there. Look at what you want to achieve.! IT projects in schools fail because the wrong questions get asked.! Solutions begin with people, not technology. How do we make learning better?
  5. 5. Video: Sir Isaac Asimov on the rise of the Web
  6. 6. Video: Adam - Mechanical Assault
  7. 7. Students as Change Agents! Students come with wide ranging skills! Teacher uncertainty can’t be a barrier! Technology can be liberating! Teachers can’t know everything! What is core in the curriculum?
  8. 8. Students as Change Agents! Normal expectations don’t apply! Notions of literacy need updating! Assessment of intelligence/ability is mutable! Digital Natives
  9. 9. The Net Generation! Are they wired differently?! Do we need to adapt to them?! E.g. Livingstone & Bober (2005) found 21% of 12-19 year old students had copied web based content.! Digital Literacy - new core skills?
  10. 10. Fast, Cheap & Out of Control! Technology moves faster than educational institutions.! Cost of access to tech is minimal.! Exist beyond school boundaries. More personal to the student.
  11. 11. Video: Alison - Romuald & Juliette
  12. 12. Video: Alison - on the making of Romuald & Juliette
  13. 13. Theories & Perspectives Technology THE THEO should mak RY:produce m e l e a rn i n g eaningful r esources th more effective, enabl at can be a ing teacher dapted with s to fuss. the minimu m ofTHE REALITY: cle to chers and become an obstaTechnology ca n overwhelm busy tea es. at sup ports learning objectivsucces s, rather than a tool th
  14. 14. Theories & Perspectives‘Many teachers resist being taught to use technology. This alsomakes sense ! teachers should resist, because it is not they whoshould be using the technology to teach students, but rather theirstudents who should be using it, as tools to teach themselves.The teacher!s role should not be a technological one, but anintellectual one " to provide the students with context, qualityassurance, and individualized help.(Of course, those teachers who love technology are free to learnand use it.)’ MARK PRENSKY (2008)
  15. 15. Theories & Perspectives‘We should see learning as a set of relationships, ratherthan as a system.’ Leadbeater (2008)The sage on the stage becomes the guide by the side
  16. 16. Theories & PerspectivesUltimately, it is not what technology you use that counts, butwhat the learner takes from it that really matters." Dror (2008) #With the advent of Web 2.0, teachers and administrators need to recognize that there [has] been a shift of power away from institutions and towards learners." Heppel (2006)
  17. 17. Theory into PracticePedagogical aims:! Synchronous versus asynchronous learning! Physical spaces for 21st century learningPractical Considerations:! ‘Normal way of working’ (JCQ)! Online examinations (AQA)! Higher Education experiences?
  18. 18. Theory into PracticePedagogical aims:! Scaffold ideas and concepts! Build ‘communities of practice’ (Wenger)! Promote independent learning! Develop research and assessment skills
  19. 19. Theory into PracticeIn a time of knowledge stability, teach; in a time ofrapid change in knowledge, learn! Batson (2011)
  20. 20. Laura Doggett - Head of MFL on iPads
  21. 21. Technology enhanced learningFreeware - Google Apps & Moodle! The rationale – make learning collaborative, always available, and more student focused! Make life easier for teachers, learning better for students
  22. 22. Google Apps in Moodle! Four main tools for collaboration: Email, Docs, Calendar and Sites! Google Apps makes it easy to put existing content online, create new content online, and edit it within the web browser! Documents can be edited live, with multiple users
  23. 23. Google Apps in Moodle The Impact on Student & Teacher Usage:From 50 u sers a week To 800 use rs a week
  24. 24. Google Apps in Moodle$%&()*((+,&-(.%/%&012&33&/456301&.(,,/7(3/1(3%(3.(81&81.3&/1(3%
  25. 25. Google DocsGoogle Docs allows real-time editing and collaboration – individually or whole class
  26. 26. Year 12 live writing
  27. 27. Video:Rosie McColl - on using Google Docswith sixth form English students
  28. 28. English – Creative Writing
  29. 29. English – creative writers
  30. 30. Video: Naomi - creating the Inkspot
  31. 31. Video: Alison - thoughts on using GoogleDocs at A Level
  32. 32. Google Analytics
  33. 33. Google Analytics
  34. 34. Helping students to be independent learners:
  35. 35. Working online - blogs & Diigo
  36. 36. Video: Felix - on using Blogs & Diigo
  37. 37. Helping students to be independent learners:
  38. 38. What the future holds#$%&()*+$,*-./&(,01/23()*4.(53,(4,6789+%8():)+%2*./+;/+*%(3*7$.<4%7()*<.&8:,=4,*.<(,&7$;>/+/&,;&..5()
  39. 39. Contact:Sacha van StratenDirector of eLearningsvanstraten@berkhamstedschool.orgTwitter: @svanstratenOPEN DAY at Berkhamsted - FEBRUARY 28TH 2012eLEARNING IN ACTION