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How Public Markets Embody Public Values


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Examples of a gradual shift from a society of thoughtless food consumption to resource appreciation and stewardship. Presents the role of a "visual diet" (attractive places) as essential elements in this shift.

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How Public Markets Embody Public Values

  1. 1. How Public Markets embody Public Values How Public Markets embody Public Values
  2. 2. A contagious shift in values is underway. Pike’s Place Market Seattle
  3. 3. A shift from thoughtless consumption…
  4. 4. …to stewardship of resources. Eastern Market Detroit
  5. 5. A shift from mass-market monotony…
  6. 6. …to cultivating a vivid identity. Markthal Rotterdam
  7. 7. This shift will change our visual diet...
  8. 8. food ignorance is replaced by…
  9. 9. …learning and appreciation. Artscape Wychwood Barns Toronto
  10. 10. A shift from anonymous origins… photo: Michael Ottevanger
  11. 11. …to making personal connections. Artscape Wychwood Barns Toronto
  12. 12. A shift from rootless generica...
  13. 13. Santa Catarina Market, Barcelona architect: Eric Miralles & B. Tagliabue photo: Rick Ligthelm on Flickr …to home grown character.
  14. 14. A shift from disposable construction...
  15. 15. …to enduring, beloved places. Ferry Building San Francisco
  16. 16. A shift from alienating food courts...
  17. 17. …to inviting social spaces. Foodhallen in Amsterdam is a former tram station
  18. 18. A shift from planned disconnection…
  19. 19. …to design that promotes interaction.
  20. 20. A shift from predictably bland…
  21. 21. Gansevoort Market New York, NY …to food adventures.
  22. 22. From single purpose supermarkets…
  23. 23. …to multi-use community hubs... Artscape Wychwood Barns Toronto
  24. 24. …with diverse benefits. Ed’s Goodbye Party Toronto
  25. 25. From lonely, draining, meaningless and de-natured...
  26. 26. …to textured, attractive and vibrant.
  27. 27. Where can we find enduring public market precedents?
  28. 28. Middle Eastern souks are human: imperfect and messy, yet organized and purposeful.
  29. 29. Dutch neighborhood nodes demonstrate variety, flexibility and integration with nature. They promote healthy social life and human connection to a special place.
  30. 30. Sharon VanderKaay @svkaay How Public Markets embody Public Values