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Feed Your Brain: walkability


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30 examples of visual variety at street level increase our motivation to walk.

Published in: Design
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Feed Your Brain: walkability

  1. 1. FEEDYOUR BRAIN 30 examples at street level
  2. 2. Some streets are impossible to walk…
  3. 3. …others are just plain boring.
  4. 4. Yet others offer visual vitality…
  5. 5. …that feed our psyche…
  6. 6. …and increase our motivation to walk.
  7. 7. EXAMPLES: visual vitality
  8. 8. Take a seat!1 Campus Martius, Detroit Robson St., Vancouver outside Whitney Museum, Cardboard Beach, New York Toronto
  9. 9. “Nepenthes” Dan Corson Portland, Oregon 2 Solar-powered landmarks photo: Dan Corson website
  10. 10. “Urban Hydrology” (carved granite) Fernanda D'Agostino 6th Street Transit Mall, Portland, Oregon Diatoms on the swales3
  11. 11. Busker wildlife4 none BUSKER BAROMETER ordinary unique characters The Violin Monster Zachary Storey Ann Arbor, Michigan
  12. 12. Mural by Uber5000 Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario Crazy-happy laneway murals5
  13. 13. “Inside/Out” temporary display from Detroit Institute of Arts on Liberty St., Ann Arbor, Michigan Boundary-free art museums6
  14. 14. Aspirational statements “Keep Portland Weird” Dante’s Portland, Oregon 7
  15. 15. “Woodpecker Column” Fastwurms Toronto Convention Centre Supersized wildlife8 “The Birds” (18’ sparrow) Myfanwy MacLeod Vancouver, British Columbia
  16. 16. “PAUSE” Exploratorium with Gehl Architects Market Street, San Francisco, CA 9 Experiments in interactivity
  17. 17. Portland, Oregon and Detroit, Michigan10 Small business personalities
  18. 18. Milonga Al Fresco Michigan Argentine Tango Club Regent’s Plaza Ann Arbor, Michigan 11
  19. 19. 12 Heidelberg Project Tyree Guyton & Friends Detroit, Michigan Signature streets
  20. 20. Links to the past Plaza walkway on former industrial lands Olympic Village Site Vancouver, British Columbia 13
  21. 21. Temporary installations “Balloon Forest” 100in1day Toronto, Ontario 14
  22. 22. Supersized plant life “Sonic Bloom” Dan Corson Seattle, Washington 15 “The Silicon Forest” Brian Borello Portland, Oregon
  23. 23. Socio-economic reflection16 Heidelberg Project Tyree Guyton Detroit , Michigan
  24. 24. Art from memories and detritus17 Heidelberg Project Tyree Guyton Detroit , Michigan
  25. 25. artist: Moses Kofi Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario Assembly-line escapees18
  26. 26. Below grade parking Pearl District Portland, Oregon Ventilation with vitality19
  27. 27. 20 Irresistible interactive sculpture “Endover” Tony Rosenthal Ann Arbor, Michigan
  28. 28. Designed by students of B. F. Day School Fremont, Seattle, Washington Pavement patterns21
  29. 29. Sea Life Skate Stops Rincon Park, Embarcadero San Francisco, California Functional artistry22
  30. 30. "Uniform Measure/Stack“ Stephen Cruise Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario District art23
  31. 31. Bus Stop Seating Woodward Avenue, DDOT Detroit, Michigan Gestures of civic kindness24
  32. 32. Croft Lane Toronto, OntarioGarage door commentary25
  33. 33. Faces in the ‘hood26 Heidelberg Project Tyree Guyton Detroit , Michigan
  34. 34. “Man in the City” Project John Sauve Detroit, Michigan Reasons to look up27 blue bear of La Brea Avenue West Hollywood, CA
  35. 35. Mirvish Village Markham Street Toronto, Ontario One of a kind streets28
  36. 36. Astute architectural color29 Dan Tel Aviv Hotel Yaacov Agam Tel Aviv, Israel
  37. 37. Detroit, Michigan and Toronto, OntarioPresence of youth30
  38. 38. Is your walk mean…or motivating?
  39. 39. Nature is essential, but cities need art and artistry.
  40. 40. Could your street use more visual vitality…
  41. 41. to feed hungry brains?
  42. 42. Sharon VanderKaay @svkaay