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Canary Online Dating Platform for the CDC


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Created by Matthew Barber, Charlotta Hellichius, Clay Kippen, Gaïa Orain in the MFA Products of Design department at SVA|NYC

Published in: Design
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Canary Online Dating Platform for the CDC

  1. 1. CDC x x NYC Matthew Barber, Charlotta Hellichius, Clay Kippen, Gaïa Orain
  2. 2. The Brief We were approached by the Center of Disease Control to create a design intervention that addresses unhealthy norms and attitudes that perpetuate the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections. Online dating is quickly becoming a go-to platform for setting up encounters with new partners. While it is not proven that online dating is the main cause for the rise in STI cases over the last ten years, there are several studies that investigate its role.* CDC x x NYC *Blackwell, Tom. “Downside of Online Dating: More STDs, Some Experts say.” Editorial. National Post
  3. 3. Research Primary Sources: Inteviews Survey Secondary Sources: CDC Reports Academic Papers Statistics News Sources Magazines CDC x x NYC
  4. 4. Online Dating 70% 61% 61% At bars Dating websites 45% 8.5% Social media CDC x x NYC 11% Meet-up groups At work Through friends or family Pitt, Amy, ed. "Dating." Time Out [New York] 26 Sept. 2013: 8-14. Print.
  6. 6. Online Dates in the Past Year 136 respondents in the NYC area. 45% 18% 18% 10% 0 CDC x x NYC 9% 1-10 10-20 20-50 50+ *Orain et al “Hookin’ Up | Online Dating.” Online Survey. Oct. 2013.
  7. 7. 136 respondents in the NYC area. CDC x x NYC 19% 0 Amount of Sexual Encounters via Online Dating Platforms 27% + 54% +
  8. 8. The Age Breakout 41% 136 respondents in the NYC area. Are 23-27 4% 37% Are 28-32 ARE 18-22 6% 12% ARE 38+ ARE 33-37 CDC x x NYC *Orain et al “Hookin’ Up | Online Dating.” Online Survey. Oct. 2013.
  9. 9. Fear Mongering The agencies that serve the public health sector often employ visual media that discourages their target demographic in from engaging in the activities that could put them at risk. It may be easier to convey messages of NO rather than YES, however they do not foster a healthy dialog about the activities that people will be engaging regardless of cannon. CDC x x NYC
  10. 10. Issue The steady rise in popularity of online dating platforms and their ease of use means that more people can meet new partners than ever before. This increases the risk of exposure to STI’s.* CDC x x NYC *Blackwell, Tom. “Downside of Online Dating: More STDs, Some Experts say.” Editorial. National Post
  11. 11. Steve Dean How do you inform people without revealing how little they know? People expect transparency and honesty from the services they share personal details with. The problem isn’t the access to information, rather the lack of reminders. There is great potential in offering product knowledge related to certain sexual proclivities. CDC x x NYC
  12. 12. The Real Issue There are very few online platforms that are designed to deliver reminders and relevant information on safe sexual practices. Our team’s intervention addresses the needs of online daters in their 20’s and 30’s in the NYC area. CDC x x NYC *
  13. 13. Positive Examples acknowledges their responsibility to the online gay-male population and sends their users prompts to get tested. Poncho, HULA, and Lulu reach audiences with novel forms of user experiences. Pop-up campaigns, positive advertisements, and mobile testing clinics can reach people anywhere in the city. CDC x x NYC
  14. 14. Opportunity There is an opportunity to facilitate awareness and offer resources for safe hook-ups and general sexual health. CDC x x NYC
  15. 15. Intervention Canary is an app-less dating companion designed to compliment the online dating landscape. Acting as a subscription service, Canary delivers upbeat and friendly prompts to help you establish a positive sexual health routine. Canary gets to know you through a series of simple questions which personalizes the experience and advice you recieve. There is no app to install or update, just friendly and unbiased information to enjoy! CDC x x NYC
  16. 16. Behaviors Our users: Lack routines and awareness about healthcare resources. Have sexual encounters outside of their social circle. Base judgments on intuition and little information. Do things that are convenient for them. CDC x x NYC
  17. 17. SEX IN THE CITY Rebecca is new to the city. She just landed her first big job, she puts in long hours and has little for a local social network. Since Rebecca moved here, she has relied on the internet for essential information; she Yelps for date spots, she Seamless for late night dinners and she google-maps every trip. Naturally, she choses OkCupid to find dates. CDC x x NYC
  18. 18. CANARY Dating is hard, Canary is easy
  19. 19. CDC x x NYC
  20. 20. CUT TO THE CHASE Due to a string of bad relationships, Tracy is just not emotionally available and is not interested in a longterm relationship. She is busy, yet she is not one to ignore her desires, despite her loaded schedule. Thanks to a few apps on her phone, its easy to hook up with someone she is attracted to.She used to go to bars to seek out people for a hook-up, but that wasn’t always guaranteed. Now she can orchestrate her dates online beforehand. Sometimes she will line up two dates in an evening to better her chances of getting lucky. CDC x x NYC
  21. 21. TEAM WORK All of Chad’s friends are using online dating platforms to meet new people, and he decided to give it a go. After all, it’s a nice alternative to watching Netflix. He compares potential matches with his friends because he values their opinion. These days he is more interested in his career and his friendships than a relationship. However, Chad still goes on a couple of dates a month. With no fixed agenda, he’s not always prepared for that steamy catch who wants to take him home on the first night. CDC x x NYC
  22. 22. Brand Essence CDC x x NYC
  23. 23. CDC x x NYC
  24. 24. LOGO FONT: UPPERCASE AVENIR MEDIUM TITLE FONT: UPPERCASE AVENIR MEDIUM Prompt Font: Sentence Case Avenir Heavy Header Font: Sentence Case Avenir Medium CDC x x NYC
  25. 25. CDC x x NYC
  26. 26. Key Features Canary sends its members friendly, practical, and non-judgmental sexual health reminders. Provides the location of clinics and doctors offices. Recommends the proper precautions for using contraception. Illustrates where to find sexual healthrelated resources. Features products and services that promote healthy sexual practices. Tells users about weekly events, and good places to go out. CDC x x NYC
  27. 27. CDC Value Proposition Canary can use hyperlinks to send users over to the CDC’s website for sexual-health related information. Canary reaches a population that is at risk for STI contraction. This service will increase awareness around the best sexual health practices. Canary will help make STI tests more convenient. Canary aims to start a conversation around sexual health awareness amongst its users. CDC x x NYC
  28. 28. Ecosystem The goal is to disrupt the current ecosystem by allowing the service to exist without the hardware of an app. Canary provides SMS prompts that reach the user via mobile devices. CDC x x NYC
  29. 29. Pilot Consideration Voice, length of message, amount of information, timing is important as is a diverse group of users for pilot launch. CDC x x NYC
  30. 30. Bottom Line Canary is a dating buddy that provides relevant sexual health information via SMS message.
  31. 31. CDC x x NYC Matthew Barber, Charlotta Hellichius, Clay Kippen, Gaïa Orain