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SAP Solution BriefSolution ExtensionsSAP E-Invoicing for Compliance by CrossgateSAP® E-Invoicing for Compliance Accelerate...
Finance and IT executives are keen to adopt e-billing and                                         InSIDE SAP® E-InvoICInG ...
markup language (XML) or Electronic Data       connection for true straight-through pro-         to SAP Invoice Management... 106 367 (11/08) ©2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.SAP, R/3, SAP NetWeaver, Duet, PartnerEdge, ByD...
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einvoicing accelerates transactions with business partners


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einvoicing accelerates transactions with business partners

  1. 1. SAP Solution BriefSolution ExtensionsSAP E-Invoicing for Compliance by CrossgateSAP® E-Invoicing for Compliance AcceleratesTransactions with Business PartnersQuick FactsSummary Key Features Business BenefitsThe SAP® E-Invoicing for Compliance appli- • Automated posting – Reduce time • Reduced cost of invoice processescation by Crossgate does more for your lag associated with posting paper bills, by increasing the level of automationbusiness than just convert paper to elec- eliminate errors related to rekeying • Higher compliance and legal certaintytronic invoice formats. It enables you to information, and gain full transparency of by applying country-specific rulessend and receive legally compliant, digitally where the invoice is in the transmission • Improved connections to key businesssigned invoices electronically in the format process partners by accelerated exchangeyou or your business partners require. • Transaction checks – Run logical and of accurate, trusted informationBesides connecting you with your partners, business checks for every transaction • Lower cost through standardizedit facilitates compliance and accelerates to determine legal requirements for interfaces to the SAP ERP applicationthe receivables and payables cycles. format, authenticity, and integrity in and SAP Invoice Management application compliance with the highest available by OpenTextBusiness Challenges standards• Satisfy customer mandates concerning For More Information electronic billing while fulfilling country- Contact your SAP representative today, or specific tax requirements visit us online at• Provide a universal view of invoices and /solutionextensions. the cash situation for the accounting and purchasing departments to tap cash discounts and lower cost per invoice• Accelerate onboarding processes for trading partner participation and increase return on investment from business-to-business initiatives
  2. 2. Finance and IT executives are keen to adopt e-billing and InSIDE SAP® E-InvoICInG for ComPlIAnCE By CroSSGATEe-invoicing. With invoicing volumes increasing as part of businessconsolidation and shared-service-center implementations, it is a The engine of the SAP® E-Invoicing for Compliance application by Crossgate integrates directly withsound strategy. CEOs also realize there is a competitive advantage your back-end SAP software, translating the docu-in connecting electronically with global suppliers, customers, and ments you create into a universal metaformat and then into the appropriate trading partner format.logistics service providers. The SAP® E-Invoicing for Compliance To do this, the engine leverages prebuilt partnerapplication by Crossgate helps get partners on board cost-effectively profiles representing the business logic, formats, and protocols of specific trading partners forand to everyone’s advantage. e-invoicing and combines those with the relevant compliance rules. The engine routes data for digital signature creation and verification and forwards all data to downstream systems for further processingTo avoid postal delays and meet sustainabil- send and receive paperless invoices with for both inbound and outbound invoices. This allowsity goals, customers have issued mandates any trading partner – regardless of com- you and your business partners to benefit from thefor electronic billing. However, a multitude pliance requirements and data standards. highest standards of integrity and authenticityof different formats are in use, and each It simplifies the process of adopting evidence.customer has country-specific tax require- e-invoicing and reduces the cost of gettingments to meet. Even so, suppliers see the business partners on board. Because ittrend of e-invoicing as advantageous: No supports compliance with complex tax and DIrECT ACCESS To GloBAl PArTnErmore lost paper invoices. No more late pay- other country-specific legal requirements, nETworkments delaying cash flow and undermin- you can reduce headcount reserved for SAP has worked with third parties to build a world-ing relationships with business partners. compliance checks while increasing auto- class partner network for business-to-businessA universal view of invoices from all depart- mation. Using the software, you can send trading that includes hubs that can help you quicklyments allowing the finance team to tap and receive electronic invoices to your trad- extend the reach of your electronic invoices. Simpli-all cash discounts. Lower costs per invoice ing partners and conform to their chang- fied onboarding and profile creation means you can accelerate adoption by your customers and– much lower costs in the entire payables ing data standards and country-specific suppliers and increase your percentage of elec-and receivables process. Recent analyst tax and legal regulations. The software lets tronically sent and received invoices.reports stated that the average processing you take advantage of economies of scalecost of a paper invoice could be reduced and volume processing to drive efficiency business partners that enable straight-by up to 80% through e-invoicing. throughout your financial operations. It through processing, allowing you to rede- Yet e-invoicing is getting a slow start. The helps you improve your performance on ploy valuable resources to more strategiccomplex maze of regulatory requirements key metrics like days sales outstanding activities. The software improves efficiencyand lack of standard software and integra- and capture payment discounts offered in administrative processes and decreasestion frameworks has held up adoption of for early remittance. error rates, which results in better relation-this e-trend. In addition, traditional trading ships with your business partners. Adopt-partner integration for invoices has been STATe-oF-THe-ART DeLIveRy ing an e-invoicing strategy can also serve ascomplex, time consuming, and costly. PLATFoRM a key element in your company’s financial shared-services approach.ConneCTIng wITH BuSIneSS SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance builds onPARTneRS eLeCTRonICALLy a robust architecture that enables you to ConFIDenT CoMPLIAnCe leverage economies of scale. The softwareSAP E-Invoicing for Compliance resolves allows for direct electronic data interchange Trading partners often require specificthese difficulties, letting you economically (EDI) connections to your high-volume e-commerce formats, such as extensible
  3. 3. markup language (XML) or Electronic Data connection for true straight-through pro- to SAP Invoice Management and storedInterchange for Administration Commerce cessing. The open and scalable approach in your archive system of choice.and Transport (EDIFACT). Government to onboarding encourages the participa- Freed up from manual tasks like scanningand tax authorities have their own set of tion of your trading partners, who can move invoices and rekeying data, your procure-legal and archiving requirements and may gradually to 100% participation in your ment professionals gain time to performeven specify the document format required business-to-business initiatives. Everyone value-adding activities like maintainingfor legally binding original documents. saves costs due to reduced postage, han- supplier relationships and leveraging pay-Meanwhile, the more business-to-business dling, and days sales outstanding repre- ment discounts. The comprehensive report-connections you have to build and main- sented by the lag between dispatch and ing and audit trail functionality of your SAPtain, the more expensive it gets. Establish- receipt. In addition, companies acquire applications gives staff useful tools to per-ing a single connection may entail hun- welcome support in meeting their carbon form efficient searches, facilitates compli-dreds of mappings to fully accommodate emissions goals through reduced use of ance, and helps them manage and storeyour trading partner network, and this paper, printers, and toner. the electronic documents.doesn’t include the corresponding partnerchange management requirements. SAP InCoMIng InvoICe MAnAgeMenT Key BeneFITSE-Invoicing for Compliance handles thesetasks through a series of legal and compli- Your suppliers perform better when With SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance,ance checks performed for each incoming they are paid promptly and in the right your business is ready to take the next stepand outgoing e-invoice. The software keeps amount. Despite your volume of business- toward paperless processing in your finan-you up-to-date automatically on the require- to-business transactions, SAP E-invoicing cial operations. Whether inbound or out-ments of over 38 countries. Updates in legal for Compliance helps you maintain accu- bound e-invoicing, whether operating inchecks and file structures are part of the racy, capture those early payment dis- a shared service environment or not, yousoftware’s standard maintenance. counts, and still achieve invoice processing benefit from: cost reductions. The application works • Improved financial operation efficiencyouTBounD InvoICe MAnAgeMenT with the SAP Invoice Management appli- • Improved relationships with trading cation by OpenText, helping you leverage partnersMany companies see e-billing as a key existing investments and automate true • Lower compliance riskmethod for decreasing the cost of finan- straight-through processing. Errors arecial operations. But getting customers on systematically excluded from the processboard can make the conversion to e-billing as SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance checkscomplicated. SAP E-Invoicing for Compli- the PDF invoice, the structured data, theance solves that problem by allowing your digital signature file, and the receiver infor-trading partners to get on board in stages. mation for correctness. These documentsYour customers can first receive a digitally – including the verification protocol – aresigned PDF and from there move to an EDI transferred to the SAP ERP application orSAP E-Invoicing for Compliance lets you economicallysend and receive paperless invoices with any tradingpartner – regardless of compliance requirements anddata standards.
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