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Bless the child with thoughtful gifts on the day of christening


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Bless the child with thoughtful gifts on the day of christening

  1. 1. C hristening ceremonies are associated with the name giving ceremony of a child. It is the day a child is given a name in the house of the lord. However at times, the baptism andchristening ceremony of a child can be carried out together.The christening of a child is a private affair and only close relatives andfriends are invited to the ceremony. The christening ceremony takesplace in church, followed by a small party at home. If you are invited tosuch a party it is only natural for you to take along a gift. The nature ofthe gift changes along with your relationship with the child beingchristened. If you are a close relative or the child’s godparents of thechild, it is natural for you to buy an expensive gift for the bundle of joy. Image Courtesy:
  2. 2. It is very difficult to search for and buy christening gifts for the child.The market is full of choices which confuse you further and you end upbuying the wrong gift. Here are a few ideas that might make your jobeasier, for starters, search the internet for gorgeous christening gifts forchildren. The web is full of gift hubs and they are bound to help you.Try choosing along these lines:Photo FramesPhotographs are bound to be taken on the day of the christening andgiving the child a photo frame is apt as they will be very useful. Photoframes can be used to fill the child’s nursery with lovely memories oftheir christening or birthday. These photo frames are perfect fordisplaying the child’s photo even on the parents’ bedside table. Photoframes help preserve memories and a frame given at a christening willhelp preserve many cute memories.
  3. 3. Stuffed ToysYou must have seen little cuties grow up with fuzzy friends. Have younoticed that one soft toy that the baby doesn’t leave sight of? Yes, that isthe child’s friend, all through their childhood. The go to sleep with it bytheir side, they play with it all through the day. That one stuffed toysbecomes the child’s best friend in their growing up years. Wouldn’t youlike to be the one to give the child that one special stuffed toy? Mostcertainly you would. These stuffed toys are available at reasonableprices online and in shopping plazas. You can even have these stuffedtoys personalised.JewelleryJewellery is another good christening gift. However, only close relativesand few close friends of the family will consider it as a gift but itcertainly makes a good christening gift. You can give the child a braceletor even a pendant. This gift can be worn by the child even when they areall grown up.