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  • What do you know about China? Anything you can tell me about the 19 th century to early 20 th century? Anything about the China today? - The Great Walls: since the 5th century BC through the 16th century. 5,500 miles long.
  • The first Chinese writings appeared about 8000 years ago, as symbolic carvings on the turtle shells. But it is widely agreed that oracle bone script is the oldest Chinese characters system, which has over 3000 years of history. Language– Begin speaking your language and have students guess what you are saying! Then teach them how to say “Hello! My name is ___”! Games– Play Rock, Paper, Scissor in your language. Play a True and False game with fun facts about your country. Winner gets a round of applause!
  • Largest countries: Russia (11.5%), Canada (6.7%), China (6.5%), U.S. (6.5%) Ethnic groups: Han (92%) Video : 10 minutes and you know about China http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvEVEIzmYBc&feature=related
  • What is your definition of Global Citizenship? What are his/her responsibilities and/or rights? What does a Global Citizen care about? Are you a Global Citizen? Why?
  • Your family and friends Your house / apartment Your hobbies Special holidays/celebrations with your family
  • Ogilvy PR has over 65 office in all 5 continents
  • test1

    1. 1. Are you a Global Citizen? -- How to make a positive impact in the world -- Manxi Liu Columbia University
    2. 2. Let’s learn Chinese!
    3. 3. Let’s learn Chinese! Get into small groups with one of your Chinese classmates and learn how to say: •Hello •Goodbye •Thank you •And one new word of your choice!
    4. 4. Which continent is China on?
    5. 5. Where is China?
    6. 6. People’s Republic of China • Population: over 1.3 billion • Capital city: Beijing • Territory: the 3rd largest country of the world • Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese • 56 ethnic groups • 2nd largest economy in the world
    7. 7. Who is a Global Citizen? My Answer: a person who thinks, works, and lives in way that connect to people of all cultures
    8. 8. Are these people Global Citizens?
    9. 9. A little about me… • Born in Chongqing, moved to Beijing • Came to Columbia University for graduate study in 2005 (School of International and Public Affairs) • Love travel, food, reading, sports
    10. 10. My Experiences Atlanta Boston Brasília Buenos Aires Caracas Chicago Denver Los Angeles Mexico City New York Rio de Janeiro Sacramento San Francisco San Salvador Santiago São Paulo Tegucigalpa Washington, D.C. Athens Barcelona Brussels Bucharest Dublin Düsseldorf Frankfurt Helsinki Istanbul Kiev Lisbon London Madrid Malta Milan Moscow Mulheim Paris Prague Seville Stockholm St. Petersburg Vienna Warsaw Zurich Amman Beirut Cairo Casablanca Dar Es Salaam Dubai Bangalore Bangkok Beijing Chennai Guangzhou Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong Hyderabad Jakarta Kolkata Kuala Lumpur Manila Mumbai New Delhi Seoul Shanghai Singapore Taipei Tokyo Canberra Sydney Ikeja Lagos Jeddah Johannesburg Kuwait City Manama Nairobi Riyadh Yellow dot indicates an Ogilvy PR Affiliate THE AMERICAS EUROPE AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST ASIA AUSTRALIA I work in the public relations / communication industry.
    11. 11. 1) Working as a local ambassador to bridge different cultures.
    12. 12. My Experiences 2) Giving back to my community - Volunteer program we initiated to correct English signage in Beijing, in the subway stations, airport, train station, so as to help foreign tourists and visitors get better directions in the city. - Even little contribution makes a difference
    13. 13. Group Activity: Taking Action 1) Get in to your groups. 2) Write down ONE thing that you can do to improve the issue either in NYC or abroad (in your passports!). 1) Share with the class!
    14. 14. Any questions? Thank You! Good-bye! Xie Xie! Zai Jian!