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Sustainability - Sustainable Tourism in Argentina


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Published in: Education
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Sustainability - Sustainable Tourism in Argentina

  1. 1. List at least 3 countries where Spanish is the main language. Do Now (Page 12)
  2. 2. Sustainable Tourism Giselle Diez Sustainability
  3. 3. ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Giselle. Vine a hablarles de mi país, Argentina. What did I say?
  4. 4. What color is my country?
  5. 5. South America
  6. 6. Argentina I am from Patagonia, from a small city called Puerto Madryn. Buenos Aires is the capital of the country. • Southern Country in the world • Spanish-speaking country
  7. 7. Culture Tango Mate Asado
  8. 8. Soccer
  9. 9. World Famous Argentinians Manuel Ginobili Lionel Messi Pablo Prigioni Ernesto “Che” Guevara Pope Francis
  10. 10. Home Culture
  11. 11. Sustainability in Argentina Underdeveloped Country A country that is less developed economically than most others, with little industry and little money spent on education, health care, etc. Education Housing Unemployment And more…
  12. 12. VS. Which would you invest time/money in?
  13. 13. Puerto Madryn Tourism is a major source of income for people in Puerto Madryn
  14. 14. Puerto Madryn
  15. 15. Sustainability Circle
  16. 16. Puerto Madryn Sustainable Tourism
  17. 17. What is “Sustainable Tourism”? Sustainable Tourism: A Green Hotel In your groups, brainstorm how you could make a hotel more environmentally friendly. Groups will focus on: - Power/Energy - Water Use - Waste - Laundry/Linens - Activities
  18. 18. Sustainable Tourism: A Green Hotel - Energy Low consumption light bulbs and high- efficiency lighting which notably lowers the use of electricity. 85% Energy Consumption LED and Low Consumption Mix Low Consumption Regular Bulb Solar energy, for lighting, hot water and the heating.
  19. 19. Sustainable Tourism: A Green Hotel - Water Water from the showerheads, sinks and laundry go through a process of organic purification and it is re- used for the toilet tanks and watering the plants and trees.
  20. 20. Sustainable Tourism: A Green Hotel • Use of non-polluting soaps and cleansers. • Furniture produced out of wood from trees that have fallen naturally and recycled materials. • Reduce laundry to its minimum.
  21. 21. Do you have any question? ¡Gracias!
  22. 22. Closing Answer the 2 questions on Page 13. Thank you!