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"Visions of the Amazon" - Clever (Ecuador)


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Published in: Travel, Spiritual
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"Visions of the Amazon" - Clever (Ecuador)

  1. 1. VISIONS OF THE AMAZON A Kichwa Shamanic Tradition in Ecuador with Ecuadorian Shaman - Clever Grefa Licuy
  2. 2. Good Morning - “Alli Punjha” Welcome! - “Alli Shamuskanguichi” My name is…. - Nuka shuti kan….. How are you? - Imas naraguichi Kankuna? We are well - Alli mikanchi
  3. 3. Page 4 Ecuador
  4. 4. Page 5 Ecuador • • Andes divides country from north to south. The Amazon basin is 40% of Ecuador.
  5. 5. The Amazon Rainforest “The Lungs of Our Planet” 20% of worlds oxygen!
  6. 6. Page 7 The Amazon Rainforest • • • • Largest rainforest in the world. 1 of 4 medicines in pharmacies today comes from the rainforest. 30% of biodiversity (40,000 plant species) in Ecuadorian Amazon. Home to 10,000 indigenous people (used to be around 10 million) • Cofanes, Siona, Secoya, Huaorani, Shuar, Achuar, Kichwa
  7. 7. Page 8 The Kichwa • • • • Population of around 2.5 million, living in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador Originally nomadic Conquered by the Inca empire then Spanish conquistadors. Skilled river navigators and cultivators (fishing/hunting)
  8. 8. Page 9 The Kichwa Food and Drink
  9. 9. Page 10 Clever Grefa Licuy • • • • 5th generation Kichwa shaman, trained by father since childhood. Come from the Kichwa community of Rio Blanco. A trained, certified rainforest guide and representative of the Kichwa culture. Director of Tourism Ruku Samay family’s eco-lodge
  10. 10. The Kichwa Shamanic Tradition “Ruku Samayta Yachay”
  11. 11. Page 12 The Kichwa- Shaman Tradition • • • • Animist tradition Pachamama = Mother Nature Sumak Kausay - Living in harmony with all of life. Shaman (Yachak) keeper of the knowledge/customs passed down from generation to generation
  12. 12. Page 13 Shamanic Visions The yachak visits other worlds to gather healing energies • Upper world = Awa pacha • Middle world = Pachamama • Underworld = Uray pacha • Acts as medium transferring these energies to the person being healed.
  13. 13. Page 14 The Kichwa Shamanic Tradition • • Yachaks (shamans) have the ability to shape shift into sacred animals. • Jaguar • Anaconda • Condor • Hummingbird Plants are sacred medicine: Tobacco, Ginger, Wayusa, Palo Santo
  14. 14. Page 15 Destruction of the Amazon Rainforest 2n large cause of Global Warming Loss of indigenous people’s home and culture 20% ALREADY DESTROYED Loss of shamanic knowledge and medicine MAY BE GONE IN 20 YEARS
  15. 15. Ruku Samay – The wisdom of the ancestors • • • Started the shamanic ecolodge in 1990’s. Receive guests from around the world. Mission to preserve our culture/way of life by teaching people about our ancestral wisdom and to live in harmony with all manifestations of life – Sumak Kausay! Page 16
  16. 16. ACTIVITY Pacha Mama Earth Ceremony Chant Pacha Mama Awa Pacha Uray Pacha Hey Hey Hey Rye Rye Rye Ree Ree Ree
  17. 17. Thank you very much! “Ashkara Pagrachuni”
  18. 18. Grefa Licuy Family Tree
  19. 19. Ruku Samay Mission: • Preserves the rainforest and culture of its people through sustainable ecotourism. • Fosters sharing of shamanic knowledge via retreats, healings, & apprenticeships to people across the world. • Offers anthropological and scientific study in ethno-botany. • Engages in reforestation and sustainable agriculture. • Working to establish a foundation to support health, cultural preservation and education benefiting local indigenous families.