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  1. 1. How is Pervasive Information Architecture Different and Better?REDTEAM
  2. 2. How is PIA different? • It bridges the gap between the physical and digital. • It’s not just about labels, taxonomies or websites. Now, it’s about working with info to shape meaning and purpose over many domains. • “We IAs have to have a little more Wurman in our pockets and move beyond the Polar Bear book.”
  3. 3. How is PIA different? “We IAs have to have a little more Wurman in our pockets and move beyond the Polar Bear book.”
  4. 4. How is PIA better? • Information architectures become ecosystems. • Users become intermediaries. • Static becomes dynamic. • Product design becomes experience design across different media.
  5. 5. More About the PIA Heuristics(directions, not directives)
  6. 6. PIA Heuristic 1: Place-making Capability of Pervasive Information Architecture to reduce disorientation and increase legibility • Reduce Confusion • Build a sense of place • Increase way-finding across environments
  7. 7. PIA Heuristic 2: Consistency Capability of PIA to provide and sustain internal and external, in- context, on-task coherence • To suit the purposes, contexts and people it is designed for • To maintain the same logic along different media, environments and times in which it acts
  8. 8. Flipping image:
  9. 9. PIA Heuristic 3: Resilience Capability of PIA models to shape and adapt themselves to specific users, needs, and seeking strategies
  10. 10. PIA Heuristic 4: Reduction The capability of PIA to minimize the cognitive load and frustration associated with choosing from vast information sources, services, and goods. • Does NOT reduce options • Organize and cluster • Focus and Magnify
  11. 11. PIA Heuristic 5: Correlation capability of PIA to suggest relevant connections among pieces of information, services, and goods to help users achieve explicit goal.