The Home Times-#2


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This is the Second Edition of the Morton Memorial Alumni "Home Times" Newsletter. This is my attempt to get the news out to even more Homies. I would love your inputs, your articles and most of all your opinions. Please send them to me at:
Susie Jackson-Yagher
"For The Love Of The Home"

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The Home Times-#2

  1. 1. The Home Times Happy 2011 To Our Alumni and Friends!Issue #2 January 7, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite Where are they now? Carl “Sooky” Scott & Dale Hughes from Morton Class of 1939 What is there not to love about these two guys? They call each other brother. They have known each other since they went to the Home; Sooky in 1926 and Dale in 1929. Sooky was at the Home for 12 years, leaving just one year before graduation. Dale was at the Home for 10 years. I asked Sooky why he didn’t graduate. He said he was asked to leave after being caught in the “girls dorm.” Dale wrote and published a book in 1990 called “Another Time, Another Generation” outlining his stay at ISSCH and his military career. He has written many endearing poems Carl “Sooky” (on the left) and Dale Hughes (on the right) about “Home Life” that was accepting the Mac Schofield published in “The Land Of Award in 2007 Perpetual Childhood” Poem book. It was at Homecoming in 2007 when both guys were Sooky left the Home with The Hoosier Youth ChalleNGe honored with the highest award $15.00, a new suit and a cardboard box full of “stuff.” Academy Graduates 94 Cadets our Alumni Association gives, After finishing High School, he The Mac Schofield Award. It The former ISSCH is now home to the quasi-military was that year when both were worked in the Steel Mills in academy run by the Indiana National Guard. The Hoosier instrumental in spearheading the Chicago. He went on to Tampa Youth ChalleNGe Academy graduated 94 cadets December project to become the “Veteran’s University in Florida and 18, 2010. The Academy targets youth from ages 16 to 19 earned his business degree. He who have dropped out of school and are unemployed. They Memorial Wall” dedicated to the Home Kids who were served in both the Navy as a must be drug free and have no felony convictions or pending casualties in World War I and combat pilot, and the Coast court cases. The cadets get daily training in life skills, health and fitness, academics and leadership. They spend five (5) World War II. With the help of Guard. He had the honor of months living on campus. After they graduate, they are the cadets and LTC Riley, Army being selected to scout and assigned mentors for a year to ensure they stay on track. The JROTC instructor, they found locate the sites for the Down academy hopes to graduate two classes a year, but plans to photos and information to Range Radar Tracking Stations double the classes in the coming years. They moved to document these fallen soldiers for the “Space Program.” After Knightstown from Edinburgh, Indiana after Governor retiring from the military in Daniels closed the Home in 2009. Even though our Alumni and honor them. 1962 a Lieutenant Commander, is not happy with the change in the Home, we are still happy Both Sooky and Dale know Sooky worked 24 more years that it is serving the purpose of helping our youth. We support the kids graduating and welcome them into our what it means to serve our for Prudential Insurance Co. as Alumni Association. country. Dale served in the First Vice President. We are very proud to announce the first recipient of the Army for 40 years beginning in the North African Campaign Sooky lives in San Antonio, ISSCH Alumni Association $500.00 Scholarship. The and Europe. After returning Texas and Dale in Tucson, scholarship was awarded to HYCA Academy Graduate Anne Phelps by Doug Jordan, (pictured above) our new home, he joined the Army Arizona. Both send their love Alumni Association President. Congratulations to Anne! Reserves. to all of their “Homie” friends.
  2. 2. Issue #2 January 7, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite Remembering our loved ones… What the caterpillar perceives as the end, to the butterfly, it’s just the beginning… 2010 J. Charles Lawhorn 78, Greenwood, Indiana, passed away December 4, 2010. Charles was a graduate of the Class of 1950. He will be remembered on the Morton Homesite for his unbelievable knowledge of the Home and it’s History. He shared his experiences often. He was very disappointed when the Brought losses to Home closed in 2009 and would express his feelings our Alumni and often. Charles loved the Home. He was deeply hurt when he lost his dear wife their families… Ogla in the Spring of 2010. All of us always looked forward to Charles posts, as they were smart and full of information. He will be When a Home brother or sister passes sadly missed on the Morton It is felt by all, as we are family… Memorial Alumni Homesite. This statement is so true for those from the children’s home. Charles and Olga had a While growing up at the Home you develop a family bond with beautiful family of 6 your roommates. Many children were at the Home all of their children. Daughters Linda J. young childhood, so naturally, they think of each other as their Woods, Cathy Franks, Vicky brothers and sisters. We have lost some loved ones in 2010. Lee, and Lora Vivas. Sons Gary Dupre’ and Adrian Lawhorn. Not only in our Home family, but some have lost dear family The family celebrated Charles’s life with a private service. Our members too. Below is a listing of those who have passed since sincere Condolences go to their family. January 1, 2010. Remember, there could be some missing on this list. If you know of any of our family members that have passed and are not listed here, please contact me at: NAME CLASS OR POSITION HELD DATE OF DEATH Jo Dianne (Robertson) Himes, Class of 1960 01/01/2010 George Pitts, Class of 1943 01/21/2010 Virginia “Ginny” (Galvin) Dison, Class of 1944 02/09/2010 Roy Lee Webb, Class of 1967 02/20/2010 Mary (Armarie) Rardon Boyce, Class of 1945 03/01/2010 Elinor I. (Hamm) Day, Class of 1940 05/14/2010 Barbara (Chambers) Farber, Class of 1954 04/06/2010 Helen Marie (Lawhorn) Clark, Class of 1943 06/10/2010 Evelyn (Balle) Sophronia Gaster, Class of 1942 Sybil H. (Humphrey) Burnett, Class of 1939 07/25/2010 Evelyn Sophronia Gaster, 87, peacefully went home on Tuesday, December 21, at The Village at Legacy Pointe in Waukee, Iowa. Bernice E. (Vinson) Alexander, Class of 1940 08/06/2010 She spent her final days surrounded by loved ones, including Wanitta Mae Kirk (Houseparent) 09/07/2010 her only daughter Cindy (John) Tometich of Johnston and four grandchildren: Melissa (John) Ulrickson of Ankeny and their four Dr. Robert Raisor (Teacher) 09/12/2010 boys - Sam, Jack, Max, and Frank; Elizabeth (Scott) Behrens of Kansas City and their two girls; Evelyn and Annabelle; Ryan Dr. Clifford Gerbig, Class of 1951 09/12/2010 Tometich of Johnston; and Mary (Jonathan) Kaisand of Ames. Robert “Bob” Bragdon, Class of 1965 10/06/2010 Evelyn was raised at the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Childrens Darrin Lee Goff, Class of 1985 11/21/2010 Home, spending time whenever she could with her beloved parents and siblings. After attending beauty school, she moved Mary L. (Norris) Tochterman, Class of 1945 11/24/2010 to Iowa, worked as a beauty operator, and married Harold J. Charles Lawhorn, Class of 1950 12/04/2010 Gaster in May 1948. Consistently putting the needs of others before her own, she exemplified this Scripture: "Your attitude Evelyn (Balle) Sophronia Gaster, Class of 1942 12/21/2010 should be the same as that of Christ Jesus, who...made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant." She loved to volunteer at her church, serve coffee to a daily houseful of Gone but never forgotten… visitors, and spend many of her days loving on her family.
  3. 3. Issue #2 January 7, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless… -Mother Teresa Keep these old friends on your prayer list… Betty (Kraft) Tabor, Class of 1958 Here are more addresses to keep in touch: Betty should be going through chemo now for cancer. Please drop her a card as she could use a good boost from her fellow classmates. Write to Betty at: Betty Tabor,Fred Wright: 11659 North Carthage Pike, Knightstown, Indiana 46148 1660 Daub Street Greenwood, Indiana 46143.Max & Wilma Stanley: 11712 North Carthage Pike, Knightstown, IN If you need an immediate update, you can write to46148. As many of you already know, Max & Wilma just celebrated 69 her brother Bob at: recraft@bellsouth.netyears of marriage. What a great example they have been for us all! Asrecent as a couple of weeks ago, Max was hospitalized. Becky (Barnett) Flowers, Class of 1979 Becky married her long time bow Saturday,Tony Crump, Class of 1983 December 4th. She has been through Chemo and isTony was recently diagnosed with cancer. Please keep Tony and his family holding her own at this time. Please write Becky at:in your prayers. Becky Flowers 131 Franklin StreetKaren (Jordan) Williams, Class of 1979 Knightstown, IN 46148Karen has been through a lot this past year. Because of complications fromdiabetes, she had one leg amputated. Unfortunately, they had to amputate Bob Snedaker, Class of 1950the other leg too. I hope may of you will write to Karen, she has been Bob’s sister Rosie contacted me recently and informedmoved to a rehab center. You can write to Karen at: Karen Williams, me that Bob is now in a nursing facility. He hasDanville Rehab Center, 255 Meadow Drive, Danville, IN 46122. COPD and has severe problems breathing. She said he would love to hear from his friends by phone orJohn Dicus, Class of 1967 mail. Bob’s contact information is as follows;John recently had open-heart surgery at Northwestern in Chicago and is Bob Snedakerdoing well. The doctors are hopeful that John will now be able to go Riverside Villagethrough liver-kidney transplant surgery as soon as a donor is available. If 1400 West Franklin would like to write to John, his address is: Elkhart, IN 46516 John Dicus You can call Bob at: (574)-215-3090. You can also10328 Margene Drive write to Rosie at: Gmiles09@cs.comBrownsburg, IN 46112 Barbara Richardson, Houseparent for over 28 yearsNancy (Wilbur) Burmeister, Class of 1970 Everyone loves Barbara! Please keep her in yourNancy recently received a miracle, a double lung transplant. She has since prayers as she is recuperating after an illness. You canhad a couple of complications and 3 more surgeries. She is now at home and write, or call Barbara, as she would love to hear fromdoing better. Please write to Nancy or call her. She loves hearing from our all of her former students. Write to:Homies. Write to:Nancy Burmeister Barbara Richardson5355 Sweetwater Drive Lincoln Center – East BuildingIndianapolis, IN 46235 1029 East 5th StreetPhone: (317) 823-1396 Room 106 Connersville, Indiana 47331 Phone: (765) 825-2697 You can write to Susie Jackson-Yagher anytime at:
  4. 4. Issue #2 January 7, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite Zoom To View!! CHECK HERE EVERY ISSUE The Morton Memorial Honor Remember when? FOR NEW FLASHBACKS! Roll published in the October 8, 1954 issue of the Home Journal. Now we know who the smart Remember when J. J. E. Sang? This article came out in the July, 1966 This group sang at the 2009 Graduation ones are!! I do apologize for the edition of the Home Journal. Of course, Ceremonies for our last graduating class. quality of the photos—I hope to Debi is a still a real sweetheart today! This photo was taken from the January improve on them next time! 1995 Home Journal. What a group! These are so much fun to look back on… Zoom To view! Remember Mr Walker. He is doing great, living in Knightstown. This photo is from the October 1983 issue. !!!!!!!!!! Remember the old dairy barn? This Remember drawing is by Joan Bell Hart from the Art & Jacquie Class of 1955. Randolph at Homecoming in 1976? They could sure cut a rug together! Art was from the Class of 1939.
  5. 5. Issue #2 January 7, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni HomesiteThe Adoption by Dale HughesThey came down to the Home to adopt a He was a sturdy little runt in his knee-little Child to be their very own. length pants, black socks and dark,And walked the entire campus where unruly hair. And he seemed so verySo many little children roam. happy as he played--never seeming to have a single care.A little girl would be nice, so sweetAnd lovely, she would really be a joy. It’s an odd phenomena, the changing ofBut there were so many here to choose from, minds; and the end results of what theyIt was then they spotted a little boy. achieved. Of some fast passing fantasy, which ends up in reality, something theyTheir attention focused on him as he chased never perceived.a mongrel dog around and around. About this poem…He would throw a stick as far as he could They called him over. He came runningfor the puppy to retrieve when found. and confronted them with a beaming I try to call both Dale and Sooky when smile. The mongrel dog was at his heels, I can. I admire the brotherhoodHe screamed and laughed, deeply involved jumping and tugging at his shoelaces all between them. This poem is about anAs they continued to run and play. the while. actual incident that happened to SookyBut he really knew why they were here, when he was just 10. As we talked thisAnd thought, “Would this be the day?” “What’s your name little boy?” They past week, I asked Sooky about the asked him. In wild anticipation, “I’m incident. Even at 91 years old readingOnly ten, he had been an orphan for as long Carl,” he said. The couple smiled down the poem to him over the phone stillAs he could remember, or figure. at the little orphan boy, brought tears. He will never forget theHe wanted to have a Mom and Dad to love; ---but adopted that mangy dog instead. day the couple came to the Home inLeave the Home for a life much bigger. 1930, and choose the dog over him. Please submit all information for the next Newsletter by 4:00 pm on Monday, March 7th, 2011 for a March 8th release date. THE HOME TIMES newsletter is an independentnewsletter for the Alumni of Morton Memorial High School and the former employees of The Indiana Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Children’s Home located in Knightstown, Indiana. Just like the Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite at, The Home Times is intended to bring you NEWS about our Alumni and to bring our Alumni together. THE HOME TIMES is available to the Alumni Association for announcements/event notifications in order to help promote our Alumni Association from Morton MemorialHigh School. This Newsletter will never cost you a fee on line, however, if you would like a printed copy, please send $1.00 per issue to the address below for printing/mailing. I do ask those online to forward it to all of our Home Family and friends to get the word out. If you are not on Facebook or the site, please send your contact information to either my e-mail, or regular mailing address. I will personally e-mail it to you. Any and all content is under the ownership of the Home Times and Susan K. Jackson-Yagher Contact: Phone: Cell: (386) 295-1576, Hm: (386) 673-1576, Bus. (386) 673-1588 Note: You can call my cell phone for emergencies anytime, day or night if needed. Send all inquiries/information to: Susan Yagher, 6 Lost Spring Way, Ormond Beach, FL 32174 Let’s Link Our Family Circle Together! If you have a Home-related website you would like to link, please notify Susie. Your Home-related site will get more traffic by linking to ALL Alumni Sites. Let’s link all of our sites together with one goal in mind---to bring our Alumni members together. The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite: site has been on the web since 2000---the very first of it’s kind through! It is password-protected for a secure place for our Alumni to post personal photosand information without it being on the open web. You will find the most current News of our Homies, along with 100’s of photos that have been posted of all classes for years. If you attended Morton Memorial High School and/or you are a former employee, you can become a member. Write Susie for more information. FACEBOOK SITE: Susie Jackson-Yagher is the page Administrator of the Facebook site. You can find it On Facebook by keying in: Morton Memorial Alumni – Knightstown, Indiana The ISSCH Alumni Association Site: If you want to keep up on the Alumni Association Meetings, make a donation, buy items at the Homestore, check out this site. You will be able to find news about Homecoming and what is going on with the Alumni Association. If you would like to make a donation, send all donations to our Association Treasurer: George Cambron, 5447 Rinehart Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46241 Please make your check or money order payable to: The ISSCH Alumni Association