The Home Times #3


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This is the 3rd in the Series of the Morton Memorial Alumni "Home Times" Newsletter.
Compiled and posted by Susie Jackson-Yagher
Class of 1971

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The Home Times #3

  1. 1. The Home Times FOR THE LOVE OF THE HOME AND OUR FAMILY~sky~71Issue #3 March 22, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite A Letter From A Soldier, February 8, 1889 After visiting the Children’s Home in KnightstownThe Home is located at what used to Holloway, Physician; Seven (7)be known as the Knightstown Springs, teachers in the school; Nine (9)and a very beautiful and healthy place governesses; Fifteen (15) heads of theit is. The new building erected on the departments with about twenty-fivesame ground as the old one that was (25) other helpers. Professor Butler isdestroyed by fire…is completed, and the teacher for the band and a grand building, sufficient to Evans is Hospital Matron.accommodate about 400 persons. In I was truly gratified to see such a greatthis building are rooms for the officers change in the affairs of the Home; theand their families, governesses and comforts, brightness, the happy facesteachers, division rooms, dormitories, and encouragement in all directions,cooking and dining room, libraries, from managers, teachers, helpers andbathrooms, etc., together with a large the children, that the occupancy ofhall just over the dining room, called their new building has occasioned.the "Amusement Hall." Every movement seemed to be onJust South of this building is now time, and the entire management runcompleted a large brick building for like clock-work, entered into by allschoolrooms and a chapel. East of the with a hearty goodwill that was,main building are two large brick indeed, commendable. There was anbuildings, for workshops, laundry expression of gratefulness, happinessrooms, printing office, etc. These and thanks in the faces of the orphans,buildings have been built by the State that I had not witnessed before. I stoodat the cost of about $100,000 as a in the door of the superintendentsdonation, together with an room and watched the divisions in means, for the orphans, of those who gave up theirappropriation of nearly $40,000 per charge of its governess, march past, as lives in defense of their country and left their dearyear for the expense of the institution. well clothed, with clean, bright faces, ones to the mercy of the people.There are now in the home 343 orphan two by two with the steps of their The children are kept in the Home until they arechildren, about as many as the Home soldier fathers, "Tramp, tramp," the sixteen years old, or until good homes are found forwill accommodate comfortably. An orphans are marching to the dining them. When they reach thirteen years of age, they areeffort is now being made with the room, surrounding tables, laden with allowed to select, and are taught some trade, printing,present legislature for an appropriation roast beef, mashed potatoes, stewed shoemaking, tailoring, farming, meat cutting, dressof $60,000 to erect a building for a beans, bread and butter, pickles and making, engineering, gardening, carpentry, bakery,hospital, cook and dining room pie. I stood at the head table after all florist, laundry, telegraphing, shorthand, cooking,building, and six nice cottages that will were in place, everything nice and sewing, in fact, every calling to prepare the orphansaccommodate forty children to a quiet. One tap of the little bell and all for usefulness in the future, and make useful citizenscottage, increasing the capacity to 600, are seated on their stools, again the and not tramps and beggars.and this will be occupied before many bell sounds and all heads bow, another I was very grateful and very thankful, too, for themonths pass. There are already quite a tap on the bell and 340 voices in pleasant greeting, kind treatment and willingness tonumber of applications for admission audible concert, respond in thanks to assist me in my investigations, given me by thebefore the board, and are coming in the Great Father of all for his Superintendent A. H. Morris and lady, Financialevery month at an increasing rate. The manifestation of goodness, and His Officer W. H. Lester, Matron Mrs. J. P. Woods,effort of the G. A. R. Post all over the remembrance of the poor orphan. Physician in charge, O. E. Holloway and HospitalState, take all of the soldiers orphans The hearty eating, the smacking of Matron Mrs. Lou Evans. I want to say, for them, thatout of the poor houses and asylums the lips and the joy and happiness I am satisfied that their hearts are in their work, andand place them in this Home, is indeed expressed in the brightness and they are trying to do all in their power for the good ofcommendable work. The value which twinkle of the eye, and smile of the the Home, the benefit of the orphans, and thewill be seen for generations to come. face, would make the heart of the protection of the State against unnecessary expense.There are about 60 persons engaged in miser leap with joy, could he realize I do hope our legislators will look kindly into thisdifferent departments of the Home to that he had contributed even ever so enterprise and favor us with the appropriation askedcare for, instruct, govern and look after little to dispense such great good? for, and the Knightstown Soldiers and Sailorsthe comfort of these 340 orphans. In Surely there is no more a nobler Orphans Home, of Indiana will become a Home thatall, about 400 persons are at the Home. offering of thanks to the Great Ruler the great dispenser of good, will smile upon, and theThe Officers are; A. H. Morris, Supt., of destinies, for our prosperity than a people of the State of Indiana will be justly proud of.Mrs. J. R. Wood, Matron; W.H. home, carrying with it all that word Lieutenant Col.W. C. Banta, 7th Ind. Infantry
  2. 2. Issue #3 March 22, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite News From Our Alumni Association The true heart of a volunteer is not measured in the size of one’s ego, but by the depth of the love and the sincere commitment to make a difference in the lives of others…. One of their classes is to learn the history of our Home. A handful of our alumni members go to the school, set- up a slideshow and teach the new cadets about our past. I have seen the kids light up when we tell them the way the Home used to be. When we needed help moving our cabinets from the Townhall to the new Home Museum, the cadets helped with A Statement from the President of the Morton the move. They want to be a part of YOU ARE THE FUTURE OF Memorial Alumni Association (ISSCH) the history of our Home, and in many OUR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION! Doug Jordan, Class of 1982 ways, they are. They are starting their Not only are your donations own Alumni. needed, but also your time. Some Dear Alumni Members: As we move forward, I have nothing of us are located out of State—but On October 16, 2010 I took over as Alumni President. but respect for how the National Guard for those of you located in the I knew that this was going to be a challenge, and so far has treated us. Anything we need, they Indianapolis and surrounding areas, things have gone well. We have a lot to accomplish and do their best to help us. I do know if your help and participation is with the hard work from all of the people who come to their mission fails, we may not be able needed for Homecoming this year. the meetings, I see a promising future for our to use our campus any longer. We are The meetings are held on organization. very fortunate to have our Museum Saturdays, beginning at 10:00 am When Governor Daniels decided to close ISSCH, I, and to be able to return to the campus in the Alumni Museum. You do not like all of you, was torn apart. I was angry and lost a for Homecoming every year. As long need to sign-in at the Main lot of sleep. We fought a battle in which we had very as the Hoosier Youth ChalleNGe Building if you are attending the little chance of winning. Program is operating and is helping meetings. Come and support your I entered the Home on August 21, 1975. I spent the Indiana’s kids, we will be able to go Alumni! best years of my youth at the Home. Through the back to our Home. They cannot take Up Coming Meeting Dates: years, as I reflect on my memories, I realize that it was our memories. April 16th not the rules, the daily routine, the hard jelly, or even I want all of you to educate yourself May 14th the fact that I had to share my life with 20 boys that I on the HYCA mission. It is not the June 18th missed. It has been the lifelong friendships that I miss same as ours was, but it is still helping YOU Can Make A Difference! the most. the kids of Indiana. These kids will As you all know, the Indiana National Guard has get a chance to become productive occupied the campus that we called “Home.” With all citizens. of the fight we had, along with the press and TV We have a lot of work to do on our coverage, Mitch Daniels was pushed to keep the Home Museum. It is our responsibility to pay operating for the kids. The National Guard had the for repairs and utilities. We also have HYCA program, (The Hoosier Youth ChalleNGe a $500.00 scholarship in which we Academy) and offered to bring their program to the give to one student from each campus. They had nothing to do with the closing of our graduating class from the HYCA Home. They, like a lot of other groups, put their bid in program. We need donations and we for their mission. The federal government pays a large need all of you to remember, in order portion of the operating costs, with the program still for to stay alive as an organization, we the kids. Any teen 16 to 18 from any of our 92 counties need your help. Please spread the can enter the program. word about the program in your Yes, it is nothing like the Home of the past. The communities. I am sure you know of program is structured for teens who for many different teens in your community that would reasons, could not function in their local school system. benefit from the structure and They are not forced to enter the program. The kids discipline that the HYCA program can With Spring in the air, instead cannot have any court cases pending, nor can they test provide, so that kid can have a second of throwing on that coat, why positive for drugs or alcohol. They can leave at any chance. not buy one of the Morton time. If you have any questions, please email Hoodies? Contact Doug Jordan I have spent time with many of the cadets and have me at: ( for familiarized myself with the program. I realize they are Thank you and God bless all of you. the costs, colors and sizes no different than many of us. They deserve a chance to Sincerely, available., Our lovely model is get into a positive situation and get around people who Doug Jordan Angie (Meyers) Moore, Class of can teach them how to deal with life’s challenges. ISSCH Alumni President 1987. Thanks Angie!!
  3. 3. Issue #3 March 22, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni HomesiteRobert D. “Bob” Snedaker, 80, (Class of 1950) of Elkhart andMishawaka, died Monday (Jan. 17, 2011) at Riverside Village. Hewas born June 29, 1930, in Elkhart to the late LeRoy and Josie (Foreman) Snedaker. He is survived by daughters Debra Henry and Jerry Snider of Mishawaka, Indiana and Pamela Kline of Foley, Ala.; 5 grandchildren and several great- grandchildren; brothers; Lee (Lucille) and George Snedaker; and sisters Mary Fryer and twin sister Rosa (Glen) Miles. He was preceded in death by 6 brothers and sisters. Robert worked for Riblet Products for 25 years. He was a USMC Korean War veteran and enjoyed fishing and sports, especially the Cubs, Bears and Michigan football. Services were held at the Billings Funeral Home on Friday,Jan. 21st from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., at which time a processionwill left for Prairie Street Cemetery. Military honors were renderedby the USMC burial detail and DAV Chapter 19.Becky K. (Barnett) Hughett, 50, (Class of 1979) of Knightstownpassed away Monday, February 28, 2011 in her home following an Coping with the loss of a loved one…extended illness while surrounded by herfamily. She was born on December 20, 1960in Junction City, Kansas, a daughter of Glen The grieving process usually consists of the following stages.Richard Barnett and Linda Sue (Reeves) Note that not everyone goes through all of these stages.Barnett. Denial & Shock: At first, it may be difficult for you to acceptBecky lived at ISSCH and attended Morton your own dying or the death of a loved one. As a result youMemorial until 1975. She had worked at the will deny the reality of death. This denial will gradually diminishKnightstown Café, Pastry Etc., Pic-N-Save as you begin to express and share your feelings about deathand American Legion, mostly as a cook. She and dying with family and friends.was a member of the Knightstown American Anger: During this stage the most common question asked isLegion. She enjoyed going to the casinos, “why me?” You are angry at what you perceive to be thelottery scratch off tickets and spending time unfairness of death and you may project and displace yourwith her family, especially her grandchildren. anger unto others.She is survived by her husband, Dennis R. Bargaining: Many people try to bargain with some sort ofHughett of Knightstown; three daughters, Becky Hinton (Roger) of deity. They will try to bargain and offer to give up an enjoyableMooreland, Jeri Flowers (Vance) of Greenfield, and Haley Hughett part of their lives in exchange for the return of health or the(Jeremy) of Knightstown; a son, John (Caressa) Flowers of New lost person.York; two step-daughters, Benita Gross (Tommy) and Misty Doyle, Guilt: You may find yourself feeling guilty for things you did orboth of New Castle; her mother, Linda Sue (Charles) Prater of didn’t do prior to the loss. Forgive yourself.Spiceland; her father, Glen Richard Barnett of Richmond, her sisters, Depression: You may at first experience a sense of greatKathy Lodgston of Rushville, April Hutcherson of Knightstown, Robin loss. Mood fluctuations and feelings of isolation and withdrawalSimpkins of New Castle, a brother, Richard T. Barnett of Spiceland; may follow.grandchildren, Hunter, Emmerson, Carter, Parker, John Jr., Xavier, Liam Loneliness: As you go through changes in your social lifeand Ashton; step-grandchildren, Tameria, Lisa, A.J., Gabrielle, and because of the loss, you may feel lonely and afraid. The moreJosey; also, her best friend, Mary Lou Kwisz of Knightstown and her you are able to reach out to others and make new friends, thesecond mom, Sharon Manning of Knightstown. She was preceded in more this feeling lessens.death by her brother, Jeffrey Pierce Barnett; grandmother, Florence Acceptance: Acceptance does not mean happiness. InsteadReeves, infant daughter, LeeAnn Flowers. Services were held on March you accept and deal with the reality of the situation.4, 2011 at Hinsey-Brown Funeral Service Knightstown Chapel with Hope: Eventually you will reach a point where rememberingPastor Gail Whitmire officiating. Burial was at Glen Cove Cemetery in will be less painful and you can begin to look ahead to theKnightstown. future and more good times. Coping and helping: As a friend, you can be supportive,Sheldon Lee Gearlds, 21 (Class of 2008), 50 Bedford, passed encouraging and reassuring. Let your friend talk it out—be aaway at 10:25 a.m. Monday, January 10, 2011, in New Port Richey, good listener. Talk openly and honest. Avoid using the phrase, Florida. He was born June 16, 1989, in “I know just how you feel.” For yourself, maintain hope. If Bedford. He was a member of the Field your religious convictions are important to you, talk to a clergy. Artillery Unit of Indiana National Guard in Join a support group—and above all, take care of you. Be Bloomington, and a member of the Lost patient, it takes time…. River Primitive Baptist Church. Surviving: daughters, Khloe Skye of Frostproof, FL, Rebecca Lynn of Holiday, FL, parents, Prayer Request….. Rebecca South and husband, Hank, Kenneth Murphy, all of Bedford. Brothers; Please keep May (Skelton) Anderson, (Class of 1970), her David L. Burton, Jr., and wife, Carrie, of husband Paul Anderson, Sr. and her family in your prayers. On Mitchell, Timothy Moody, Micah Murphy, of Monday, 3/21/2011 their son, Paul Wayne Anderson, Jr., 33 Bedford, sister; Alyssa Murphy, Bedford, years old, passed away unexpectedly. If you would like to send nephews, Gavin Malcolm Burton, Taryn condolences, you may send them to:Slade Burton. Grandparents; Dan and Wanda Moody, Loogootee,Mike and Sue Murphy, Bedford and Sue Fleener, Mitchell. His May and Paul Andersongrandfather, John Fleener, preceded him in death. Funeral services R. R. #6, Box 285were held on Sunday, January 16, at the Chastain Funeral Home Spencer, Indiana 47460with Brothers David Hopper and Elder Tim Hopper officiating.
  4. 4. Issue #3 March 22, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite The fam ily that prays together, ------ stays together… The Esselborn Family (Pam, Debi, Susie, Peggy, David) Please send up prayers for the Esselborn family at this time. Their Mom lost her battle with cancer today-all of the girls with her. Just last week, their beloved Stepdad had a heart attack. He is doing well now, however, their family is going through a lot of stress. Pam has always been there for all of us. If you would like to send cards of condolences, send them to Pam and she can share them with her family. Send to: Pam DeGraw, 7315 Rainbow Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46236 Virgil Fultz, Class of 1962 Virgil was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is encouraged at the prognosis and has a positive attitude to fight. Your prayers for strength will be much appreciated. If you would like to send cards of encouragement, send them to: Virgil and Juanita Fultz, 22029 Daisy Hill Road, Borden, Indiana 47106 Henry Studer, Class of 1971 Henry recently had a knee replacement and is healing well. On April 4th, he is scheduled to go back and have the other knee replaced. If you would like to write to Henry, write to: Henry & Debi Studer, 169 Beechwood Drive, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281 Fred Wright: Please continue prayers for Mr. Wright, as he is still recuperating. If you would like to send cards, send them to: 11659 North Carthage Pike, Knightstown, Indiana 46148 Tom & Michele Perkins (Michele, Class of 1970) Recently Tom and Michele went in for a quick-check on their heart, arteries— a bargain at $49.00 each. Michele received good news, however, they found Tom’s heart was blocked. Because of the quick-check, it saved his life. He recently underwent successful triple by-pass heart surgery. Their message to you is, get your heart-scanned, it could save your life too! If you would like to send cards of well wishes to Tom, send them to: Tom Perkins, 675 Greenford Trail North Drive, Carmel, Indiana 46032 Mickie (Miller) Wilcox, Class of 1962 Mickie recently got out of the hospital after having a heart attack. Please pray for Mickie, as she now has 7 stents in her heart. You can write to Mickie at: Mickie Wilcox, 2327 Helen Avenue, Flint, MI 48507 Max & Wilma Stanley: The Stanley’s love to receive mail. They are both very fragile and could use a ray of sunshine. Please send cards and letters to: 11712 North Carthage Pike, Knightstown, IN 46148. John Dicus, Class of 1967 John recently had open-heart surgery at Northwestern in Chicago and is doing well. If you would like to write to John, his address is: John Dicus, 10328 Margene Drive, Brownsburg, IN 46112 Nancy (Wilbur) Burmeister, Class of 1970 Nancy is back to being her feisty self after receiving a double-lung transplant several months ago. As with any surgery, Nancy has good days and bad days and could always use encouragement. Please write to Nancy or call her. She loves hearing from our Homies! Write to: Nancy Burmeister, 5355 Sweetwater Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46235, Phone: (317) 823-1396 Betty (Kraft) Tabor, Class of 1958 Talking to Betty is inspirational. She is doing very well after cancer surgery. Please drop her a card, as she could use a good boost from her fellow classmates and friends. Write to Betty at: Betty Tabor, 1660 Daub Street Greenwood, Indiana 46143. Mrs. Mary Palicki, Former Teacher at Morton I received a call recently from Joe White from the Class of 1972. He wanted me to know Mrs. Palicki had just turned 89 years old. He stressed how she would love getting mail from her former students. You can write to Mary at: Mary Palicki, 1327 Greenhills Road, Greenfield, Indiana 46140 Call Susie Jackson-Yagher anytime at (386) 295-1576 or write:
  5. 5. Issue #3 March 22, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite Zoom To View!! Remember the Artwork-Artifacts from the Home?? Remember when? Remember Monte Blue Day at the Home? Here he is posing with the Band. Yes, that’s Mr. Byers on How many of you remember the paintings from the the right! The kids used to get the school day off! hospital? There were many different ones with different themes. You could get lost in them… None of us could forget Graduation Day. Did you get “Senioritis?” Remember senior shopping day? The prom? Saying goodbye? Yes, what a bittersweet day! Photo: Leaving the school is the Class of 1986. Who could forget those lovely prints that always hung on the Chapel walls?? Where are they now?You are definitely and “Oldie, But Goodie” if you rememberwhen we bottled and sold milk from the Dairy at the Home. Remember the Final Graduation Day, May 23, 2009?
  6. 6. Issue #3 March 22, 2011 A Bi-monthly Supplemental Newsletter To The Morton Memorial Alumni HomesiteWe follow the whistle blasts… It is the custom in writing a eulogy toEchoes of the Whistle speak of the life or character of a person deceased; however, this personIt’s strange how some small incident is not dead. He represents the spirit is forever embedded into your life, and flow of life throughout the day andUnshakeable and foreboding through year. He is the Whistle. The Old the good times and the strife. Whistle is as much a living part of the institution as is any employee orI heard it first, at the tender age of student. As he, the Whistle, blows, he seven, sending out a mournful call, signals the hour-by-hour round of theThat echoed through the countryside, daily activity of all the students and through windows and down the hall. workers. A failure of the Whistle brings a disruption and disunity of theIt signaled a call to action, sounding entire program of life at the Home. All periodically throughout the day, time is gauged by the regularity of theA time to rise, a time for school, meals whistles blasts. and work, and even a time to play. He represents promptness, action and immortality. He is the first to arise andEternally I anticipate that signal, the proclaim the coming of day. Through sound to act causing me to bristle. rain, sleet, snow and storm, he proudlyAt home or on a distant battlefield, I holds up his head to warn others of the hesitated, waiting for that whistle. duties they must perform. Throughout Now my days are dwindling, and the golden sun is dipping low, the year he faithfully executes hisI’ve heard that sound echo throughout duties without failure or vacation. The Will God call me as others, or shall I my life, prior to anything I do, daily blasts of the Whistle have become wait until I hear that whistle blow?A reminder of more difficult times, traditional. of youth …and especially of you. -From the 1942 Retrospect -By Dale Hughes, Class of 1939 rdPlease submit all information for the next Newsletter by 4:00 pm on Friday, May 20th, 2011 for a May 23 release date. THE HOME TIMES newsletter is an independent newsletter for the Alumni of Morton Memorial High School and the former employees of The Indiana Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Children’s Home located in Knightstown, Indiana. Just like the Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite at, The Home Times is intended to bring you NEWS about our Alumni and to bring our Alumnitogether. THE HOME TIMES is available to the Alumni Association for announcements/event notifications in order to help promote our Alumni Association from Morton Memorial High School. This Newsletter will never cost you a fee on line, however, if you would like a printed copy, please send $1.00 per issue to the address below forprinting/mailing. I do ask those online to forward it to all of our Home Family and friends to get the word out. If you are not on Facebook or the site, please send your contact information to either my e-mail, or regular mailing address. I will personally e-mail it to you. Any and all content is under the ownership of the Home Times and Susan K. Jackson-Yagher Contact: Phone: Cell: (386) 295-1576, Hm: (386) 673-1576, Bus. (386) 673-1588 Note: You can call my cell phone for emergencies anytime, day or night if needed. Send all inquiries/information to: Susan Yagher, 6 Lost Spring Way, Ormond Beach, FL 32174 Let’s Link Our Family Circle Together! If you have a Home-related website you would like to link, please notify Susie. Your Home-related site will get more traffic by linking to ALL Alumni Sites. Let’s link all of our sites together with one goal in mind---to bring our Alumni members together. The Morton Memorial Alumni Homesite: This site has been on the web since 2000---the very first of it’s kind through! It is password-protected for a secure place for our Alumni to post personal photos and information without it being on the open web. You will find the most current News of our Homies, along with 100’s of photos that have been posted of all classes for years. If you attended Morton Memorial High School and/or you are a former employee, you can become a member. Write Susie for more information. FACEBOOK SITE: Susie Jackson-Yagher is the page Administrator of the Facebook site. You can find it On Facebook by keying in: Morton Memorial Alumni – Knightstown, Indiana The ISSCH Alumni Association Site: If you want to keep up on the Alumni Association Meetings, make a donation, buy items at the Homestore, check out this site. You will be able to find news about Homecoming and what is going on with the Alumni Association. If you would like to make a donation, send all donations to our Association Treasurer: George Cambron, 5447 Rinehart Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46241 Please make your check or money order payable to: The ISSCH Alumni Association