Prep Year at WHPS


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This slideshow tells a bit about what happens in the Prep area at White Hills PS.

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Prep Year at WHPS

  1. 1. White Hills Primary School Educating for the Future
  2. 2. A child friendly, purpose built learning environment.  The day begins happily.  Everything safely in its place.
  3. 3. ‘Good Morning, Turtles’  How many out today?  Can we feed them? An intriguing,unique learning environment.
  4. 4. Routines are Important! Bags in Readers outand into the tubs
  5. 5. Signing In  Everyday we ‘Sign in’with our ‘Celebrity Word’.  We learn to write a new word every week.
  6. 6. Morning Activities  Games to play  Friends to talk to  Books to read  Writing table  Dress ups …  So many things to choose from!
  7. 7. Information Technology Children are encouraged to use computers in everyday learning situations. They will be introduce to many educational programs, websites, blogs including the departments ‘Ultranet’ site.
  8. 8. Reading  It is important to read every morning and every night. Sometimes we read to a Mum … Sometimes we read to a Dad!
  9. 9. Reading Program We have a special reading day where we read to our teacher. Teachers keep records of children’s reading, to make sure they are progressing.Matching children to text is an essential part of our Reading Program.
  10. 10. Shared Reading  Reading a ‘Big Book’ together, develops confidence to join in and share reading experiences.• Shared reading provides daily opportunities to teach reading strategies.
  11. 11. Guided Reading  Teachers select text to match the reading needs of each child or group of children. Don’t interrupt … ‘Guided Reading Session’ in progress!
  12. 12. Working in Small Groups Children work on independent and small group literacy activities, while the teacher is working with the Guided Reading group.
  13. 13. Writing From the beginning, children are encouraged to write every day. Teachers work with small groups of writers and with individual students.
  14. 14. Modeled and Shared Writing  The teacher models writing on the whiteboard or IWB.  Children are then encouraged to ‘have-a-go’ themselves.  Sharing the Pen or writing together develops confidence to compose and write messages.
  15. 15. Learning About PrintEach week, children learn a new letter of the alphabet.  ‘P’ pancakes  ‘P’ picnic in the playground
  16. 16. Speaking and ListeningChildren are encouraged to share their experiences orally through Show and Tell.
  17. 17. ‘The Cubby Room’  The Cubby Room is available for children who would benefit from extra assistance or extension work with language and math.  Here the teacher can focus on their specific learning needs and develop their confidence.
  18. 18. School Entry Survey  At the start of each school year, all children are assessed in literacy and numeracy.  These results assist teachers in developing appropriate programs in response to their learning needs.
  19. 19. MathematicsWe do Maths every day.  Children are encouraged to look for Maths in every day, real life situations.
  20. 20. Student of the Week  Children look forward to their turn to be ‘Student of the Week’.  This program helps children to get to know and appreciate each other, and to build self esteem.
  21. 21. ‘You Can Do It’ Program The ‘You Can Do It’ Program promotes achievement and social-emotional well-being through: •Persistence •Confidence •Getting Along •Organisation •Emotional Resilience
  22. 22. Buddy Program  All preps are assigned a Grade 5 buddy for their first year at school.  They also help the Preps in the playground. ‘We love working with our Buddies.’
  23. 23. Exploring with Confidence • The Prep Playground• The Prep Sandpit
  24. 24. As part of our ‘Sun Smart Policy’, hats arecompulsory for all outdoor activities from September through to May.
  25. 25. Lunch Time All the Preps eat their lunch together, under teacher supervision, in the Prep lunch area.In the classroom, we have ‘Brain Food’ time, such as fresh fruit and vegies. Preps keep water bottles in the classroom, so they can get a drink whenever they want.
  26. 26. Can’t find someone to play with? Come to the ‘Friends Stop’
  27. 27. French ProgramWe learn to speak French at school.
  28. 28. Integrated Studies  We learn to look after ourselves and others.How many more days untill our chickenshatch? • We learn about our community and other cultures.
  29. 29. The Arts Drama buildsconfidence and promotes self expression.
  30. 30. We have fun in the Art Room with our art specialist, Mrs White.
  31. 31. We borrow books from the Library.
  32. 32. We have a specialist Physical Education teacher who keeps us fit and healthy.
  33. 33. We have a huge sports shed and undercover play area, so we have PE all year round!
  34. 34. Swimming • We have swimming lessons at the Eaglehawk heated pool.
  35. 35. P.M.P.  Our Perceptual Motor Program improves children’s fine and gross co-ordination.  Our Parent Helpers are an important, valued part of this program … we couldn’t operate without them!
  36. 36. We love making Music.We love going to our specialist music teacher, Mr Wall.
  37. 37. Performances and Incursions support classroom programs Japanese Flutesand Taiko Drums
  38. 38. Footsteps Dance Program We learn how to move in our special dance classes.
  39. 39. Prep Major Excursion
  40. 40. Gymnastics We have 5 gymsessions at Jets Gym in Golden Square.
  41. 41. The Prep Tea Fun and games at the Prep tea. This is an introduction to our P-6 camping program.
  42. 42. Special Celebration Days are integrated with our classroom programs. ‘Pirate Day’
  43. 43. ‘Wacky Wednesday’A much looked forward to annual event!
  44. 44. Footy Day • Which team has the most supporters?• ‘Out of Uniform’ days. Raising money for Social Services, so we can help others.
  45. 45. French Multi-Aged Day • This special day involve the whole school!
  46. 46. ‘Kooka’from the Bendigo Advertiser, visits our school annually.
  47. 47. School Crossings• Bendigo Council funded school crossing at the front of the school. • Teachers on gate duty at the back of the school to ensure the day ends as safely and happily as it begins.
  48. 48. Active After School Care • Operates every day after school until 6pm and is available to all students.
  49. 49. Canteen  Children are able to order lunches on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The canteen is open every lunchtime for counter sales.  Sometimes we have special lunch days.
  50. 50. The Uniform Shop  Just the right size!  Summer and Winter uniforms are available from the uniform shop.
  51. 51. Our school is like one big caring family. Everyone is involved and valued,and events are shared and celebrated.