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  1. 1. SuzanneNorman
  2. 2. Contents: Rendering Cad Drawings/Drawings Commercial -Healthcare Design -Restaurant and Bar Residential -Designer Showcase -Kitchen
  3. 3. Marker- Color Marker- Black and White rendering
  4. 4. WatercolorColored Pencil- Day and Night rendering
  5. 5. BoutiqueIn this project I took an exsisting floor plan of aboutique and made elevations, sections, andused viewports. West Wall Elevation 1 Scale:1/2"=1-0" Suzanne Norman   B 3    C 3 2 Cash/ Wrap Elevation Scale:1"=1-0" Wall Display  1 2 Rolling Display Fixture 2 2 3 2 A 3 Boutique Boutique Floor Plan Reflected Ceiling Plan N Scale:1/4=1-0 N Scale:1/4=1-0 Date 6/1/10 3 Cash/ Wrap Section Details Scale:1"=1-0" 1 of 4 cad
  6. 6. Area Studies 1. Final Floor PlanDesign Junction, an extremely creative marketingteam wanted their 7,000 square foot space built out orfor their 28 person team. The image of this market- 2.ing firm needed to reflect their creativity and thatthey are on the cutting edge with the latest trends. Window WindowThe space captures the same design elements astheir logo.; dark rich colors with splashes of brightyellow. The space is comfortable and enjoyable forboth the client and the team. Blocking Diagram Bubble Diagrams Small Con Partners Partners CFO Office Rec Room Small Con Partners Partners Rec Room Office W Office E CFO Office Room Room Office W Office E Pantry HR Graphics Pantry Kitchen Kitchen Conference Conference Room Room Graphics Marketing Coat Closet Coat Closet Reception Waiting Area Small Con HR Reception Marketing Small Con Room Room Break out Break out Team 1 Team 3 team room Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Supply team room Team 2 Supply Closet Closet Option A Option C PartnersCFO Office Office W HR Small Con Rec Room Graphics Marketing Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Room Partners Pantry Small Con Office E Break out Room Graphics team room Kitchen Team 1 Conference Room Rec Room Supply Closet Marketing Team 2 Coat Closet Reception Break out Kitchen/ Small Con Reception Pantry team room Room Conference Team 3 Partners Partners HR Waiting Area CFO Office Room Small Con Office W Office E Supply commercial cont. doc. Coat Closet Room Closet Option D LegendOption B Major Adjacencies Minor Adjacencies
  7. 7. Waiting Room/ Reception Desk- First Model Using CAD Waiting Room/ Reception Desk- First Model Using CADCafe- First Model Using Google Sketch-up 3-d models
  8. 8. Cindy and Mark Hinshaw’sGreat RoomGoogle sketch-up Perspective Google sketch-up Perspective Floor Plan Google sketch-up Perspective 3-d models
  9. 9. New Hope radiation treatment facil-ity designed to provide patients aspa-like expercience during theirtreatments. Facility specializes in thetreatment of cancer patients. Ele-ments included are bamboo, a sooth-ing fountain, soft, sweeping curves,laminant wood floors, beautiful light- Facadeing and up to date furniture. Reflected Ceiling Plan Not to Scale Floor Plan Not to Scale healthcare design
  10. 10. Patient Waiting Room Perspectives Reception Desk ElevationPatient Waiting Room Perspectives healthcare design
  11. 11. Restaurant and Bar restaurant and bar
  12. 12. restaurant and bar
  13. 13. Student Competition Sponsered By NorthernKentucky Home Builders Association, ValueCity Furniture, and Porter Paint.Students got the oppertunity to design aspace of their choice at the Home Showusing furniture from Value City Furniture.First a floor plan was developed, then thefuniture was selected, and then a googlesketch-up drawing was made.Space designed for a pre-teen girl with aneclectic and playful style. The color schemeis pink with accents of black, purple, and Google Sketch-up Modelsilver. Floor Plan Google Sketch-up Model designer showcase
  14. 14. residential designer showcase
  15. 15. Kitchen and Bath 48" W1842CCO W1542CCO CW2742CCO TB9CCO Sink 24" Dish Washer Opening SF48CCO DB184DWRCCO DB30CCO DB21CCO BSS33WDCCO BSS33WDCCO B24CCO B36CCO W3642CCO BWBT18-2CCO PB361TDCCO PB30CCO PB36CCO B24CCO B15CCO W2442CCO UT3896 UT36964SSKCCO W4842 kitchen design
  16. 16. kitchen design