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How to use Zoho Creator

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Zoho Creator Presentation

  1. 1. Zoho Creator http://creator.zoho.com Discussion points: What is a difference between a survey tool and an online database tool? When do you need to collect information into a database?
  2. 2. Getting set up
  3. 3. Create An Account Can sign up with Google or Yahoo account
  4. 4. Apps are like folders in a way - they can contain Home Page multiple forms Click on the name of an app to see all forms in the app
  5. 5. Create an app and forms
  6. 6. Setting up app and form Remember that Normally start an app is sort of from ‘Add Form’ like a folder Option to upload from a spreadsheet to create
  7. 7. Adding fields to your form Drag from here Into here. And edit details of your field
  8. 8. Other kinds of fields Important - do not use Dropdown menu speech marks or URL apostrophes when typing options Decide on appearance Multi Select options Checkbox People can hold down Ctrl or Apple key to select multiple answers
  9. 9. Re-ordering Want to reorder your questions? Simply drag them around on the form.
  10. 10. Form Properties Quickly add a success message that people will see when the form is submitted.
  11. 11. Level of access Can can make the form private or public (indexed in search engines). Private forms can still be embedded but results won’t be indexed. You can also share with specific users.
  12. 12. App and Form Layout How the forms that are inside your App will be laid out.
  13. 13. Themes Themes with colour options or build your own
  14. 14. Order and Organisation Add headers so you can have your forms organised within your app
  15. 15. Accessing your form This is a live version of your form. You can enter information into it and it will be added to the database. Need to keep editing? Click on this at top of form.
  16. 16. Embedding your form You get the embed code from the live version of the form. If the form is private, you will need to click this to get embed code that everyone can see. Then click in the window and copy the code. Use this to add to your site.
  17. 17. Views
  18. 18. Views Views are the databases where the infomation from submitted forms is stored. In edit mode, you can drag the titles of fields to re-order them in the view.
  19. 19. Views You need to ‘Access the Application’ to see the information within the Views. The view is the one with the green icon. Data will appear in here as it is added
  20. 20. Filtering Views You can filter the results by the answers given to multi- choice fields - handy when you want to see all entries that have selected a particular workshop.
  21. 21. Embedding Views You can also embed the View as well as the form in a website if you want people to easily be able to view the results (same process as for forms)
  22. 22. Exporting Data Information within a View can be exported in a large range of formats.
  23. 23. Advanced - scripting
  24. 24. Scripting options for fields You can add scripts (action) to a field This is the script to set a limit on the number of people who can choose a particular response (I got a LOT of help from Zoho to do this :-) If you are cut and pasting script, you need to be in ‘Free-flow scripting’ mode
  25. 25. Scripting options for forms Send Email You can add a script that actions when the whole form is submitted. The best uses I have found for this is sending an email to the person that has just completed the form Sample that opens in ‘Actions on Success’ is for sending email. Hover mouse over and then click ‘Edit’
  26. 26. Send email scripting continued zoho.adminuserid - leave this in place. It will send from the Click the little script icon to email address you have choose the email field to enter associated with your account. into To: address You can remove it from ‘To:’ if you don’t want a copy.
  27. 27. Send email scripting continued To: will now look like this You can type in a subject or click the ‘Insert Expression’ button to again input the content of one or the fields as Select the email field the subject.
  28. 28. Send email scripting continued I use the ‘’Insert Expression’ option to add the name from the name field on the form into the email You can then type in the message of your email using the toolbar to format and add hyperlinks if you want.
  29. 29. Presentation by Suzie Vesper from CORE education Want to get in touch? suzievesper@gmail.com