Using ICT creatively in MFL - PGCE University of York


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Using ICT creatively in MFL - PGCE University of York

  1. 1. Putting the Modern and Foreign into MFL Part 1 - Modern: Using ICT creatively in MFL Working alone, spend some time exploring the 10 (and a ½) websites listed! As you are working, add your thoughts to the today’s meet page 30 m before the end of the morning session, we will stop and set ourselves some targets for the coming months. During this time, you may should think of the classes you are planning to each over the next month or two (and beyond) and think of how you may use one or more of these websites (15 m) Answer the ICT questionnaire here (5 m) FEEDBACK as a group (10 m)1 Collaboration in real timewww.wallwisher.com (very similar)examples : Où est Charlie? Learning a language is like… Games generators:www.classtools.netexample: Dustbin game & multi game generator (le, la, l’, les - Y7hobbies)
  2. 2. Fling the Teacher – rooms and activities NUDEPIGS – mnemonic to remember OPINION WORDS inFrench example: Cartoon and animation creationwww.toondoo.comexamples: Y7 French with comments (AfL)
  3. 3. “Le week-end dernier avec Johnny Depp” (past tense) Word Cloudswww.wordle.netexample shown below: German shops and shopping.
  4. 4. Spanish Sam gives you some ideas for ways of using Wordle in the MFLclassroom Cairns, recently qualified MFL teacher blogs about Wordlewww.tagxedo.comwww.imagechef.com5 Video contentwww.dailymotion.comexample: Crepe man! (Mardi gras) Word Tiles (for word order) post about tripticoTo download – see Suzi for a demo7 Ready-made web sites for vocabulary and grammar games / activities– all FREE !
  5. 5. Cymru – French, German and Spanish: An excellent alternative to Power Pointwww.prezi.comexample: Y9 French Les droits de l’enfant
  6. 6. 9 A brilliant website for finding picture promptswww.taggalaxy.de10 Story makingwww.storybird.com : Fiona Joyce’s Storybird wiki & Clare Seccombe’s blog onStoryjumper ½ Newspaper generator
  7. 7. And finally….http://teachmeet.pbworks.comGet involved – CPD for teachers by teachers. Awesome stuff!Shall we set one up for later in the year, Team MFL?