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To Our Servicemen & Women with Gratitude


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To Our Servicemen & Women with Gratitude

  1. 1. To Our US Military Servicemen & Women in Gratitude Thank you for your endurance, your heroism, your patience; youryatriotism ... Tor your hardships - unknown ana incomprehensible to most of us - anayet, so immenseiv appreciated. The work you have accomplished. has beenrivaled. on hut few occasions in this worlds history. }jou have overcomeobstacles that seemed. insurmountable. Despite the fierce g[are of the Iraqi ana Afghan desert sun, you yersevere,to vafiant[y withstand. insurgent attempts to drive you from the yositionyour valor has won. A[[ at the cost of great sacrifice. The death. ana wounding of ga[[ant soldiers shows hut tooy[ain[y the fiercecontest in which you engage. Jor those who have [allen. in battie with you,we weey in deep sorrow, ana with you, will. ever cherish their memory. Thank you for your dedicated. service to our country ana to nations spread.far ana wide; for your devotion. to making this world. a safer, better y[ace for all; where yeace one aay shall.soon reign, ana the fives of those whom you safepuard. wili yrosyer ana grow, ana will. in turn some aay, hery ana benefit many others. }jour devotion. to auty sets a high example of courage ana yatriotism toyour [ellow countrymen across this great nation ana to humankind acrossthe four corners of the earth. A[[ who have yarticiyatea in the campaigns,the battles, the sieges, the surges - will. recaii with yriae the grana deedsaccomplished: ana will. hora one another dear for having shared greatsufferings, hardships ana triumphs together. :May the yeoy[es of our nation come to understand. ana be gratefuC :May you [eel. asyroua of yourse[ves as we are to hoid.thoughts of you inour hearts as we give our deepest thanks to you every aay. :May (joa bless you ail.ana keep you safe. Suzette Y. G. Manduley © 2010-2011