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Future challenges sc & biotech


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Future challenges for Supply Chain & biotechnology

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Future challenges sc & biotech

  1. 1. Future Challenges for Biotech and Supply Chain in AgribusinessBy Suzette FloresFor IE Business Schoolapplication
  2. 2. With the global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050,and knowing that increasing world energy demand cannot besatisfied much longer with fossil fuels. Biotech & supply chains willface a huge preassure to increase crop production, use less resourcesand be able to supply to any location at competitive prices.
  3. 3. Some of the key challenges that might be faced… Reduce High preassure on dependency food & energy Sustainability supply at on Oil /gas competitive prices Trust & Risk Supply Specialized talent Biotech stakeholders supportmanagement Chain Cost effectiveness Regulation & security Collaboration/ Public & private connectivity along Product collaboration the chain traceability Close gap between developed and under developed New business economies Reduce models complexity
  4. 4. Future Challenge for Supply Chain & Biotechnology… SustainabilityBiotech and supply Chain mightresolve the need of using lessresources, consuming less energyand generating less waste.Reducing complexity in SpplyChains will be encouraged toreduce transportation cost andfootprint.
  5. 5. Future Challenge for Supply Chain & Biotechnology… Specialized talent More regulation and complexity will demand more specialized talent. It will be critical to close the gap between developed and developing countries by fairly value people contributions, to prevent brain drain.
  6. 6. Future Challenge for Supply Chain & biotechnology… ProductRegulation & traceability securityWith more globalization,restrictions and controls areexpected to increase when movinggoods across the world, speciallywhen biologicls, and GMO´s areinvolved in the production process.Product traceability will be a mustat real time and at an affordabletechnology/price.
  7. 7. Future Challenge for Supply Chain & Biotechnology…As Biotech is still in a New Businessgrowing stage andorganizations realize more Modelsand more about theimportance of their SupplyChain models in theirbusiness performance andcustomers experience, it isstill a long journey todiscover how much theinnovation in these arenascould reshape the way wedo business and trasnformthe world.
  8. 8. Future Challenge for Supply Chain & biotechnology… Cost effectivenessWith biotech as a potential solution for health improvementand food supply, and the supply chains the means to deliverthose solutions to the humanity, the Nations anc Companieswill face the difficult challenge of making them available foreverybody, not only for a priviledge group of people.
  9. 9. Which role would I like to play in the mid term in this sector? Creating new opportunities and developing talent in the Developing, Agribusiness sector leading and disseminating Get Global sustainability practices in supply responsibility on Chain Supply Chain where I can demonstrate that Supply Chaincould be not only a key contributor to results, Influencing but a game changer in the organizations and new business models. stake holders and facilitating the adoption of biotechnology and innovative Supply Chain approaches. Help to improve the life of farmers and customers specially in developing countries.
  10. 10. References• Alexandratos, N. & Bruisma J.(ed.) (2012), World agriculture: Towards 2030-2050, FAO. 2_rev.pdf