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6 Secrets of Career change - Instructional Design to eLearning


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In this presentation I share some thoughts on moving from a career in instructional design to one in eLearning. However, most of the principles in this presentation could apply equally to any career transition. I hope you enjoy it!

Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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6 Secrets of Career change - Instructional Design to eLearning

  1. 6 SECRETS FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER TRANSITION FROM SUZETTE CONWAY AT SPIRIT SPOTCopyright 2012 Spirit Instructional Design to eLearningSpot™
  2. Benefits of eLearning Careers Pays well Part of every industry Gain the skills and a career without a degree Many kinds of eLearning; many starting points (webinars, CBTs, podcasts, social learning communities) Lots of enabling technology to learn & apply Many possible roles It can be done freelance or corporate Work can often be done remotely = lifestyle flexibility, reduced expenses (gas, clothing), no commute time BIGGER JOB MARKET Great options for geography, specialty, industry & career structure
  3. Circle of Success What’s your dream? Be the Planning is bunny sexy Breaking & Relationships entering matter Get smarter
  4. What’s Your Dream? What’s your dream? A path to living Career options elsewhereMoreIncome Personal Growth A leadership role? Bragging Keeping up rights at the Moving into a new with next next industry gen of reunion! workers
  5. eLearning Roles What’s your dream? Instructional Designer  Design objectives, content, flow, learning interactions, assessments Developer  Build the designed using applications (i.e. Articulate, Captivate, PowerPoint, Flash, Lectora)  Develop interfaces for online portals, create web pages & templates, implement standards (SCORM), and test/quality control Multi-Media Developer  Create & edit media elements - video, audio, graphics, pictures…
  6. eLearning Roles What’s your dream? eLearning Technologist  Experience and skills across a range of technologies – Network platforms, CMS, LMS, multiple file formats, file rendering  Select these platforms and systems, determine delivery formats, file outputs, troubleshoot SCORM issues, etc.. Web developer Graphic Designer  Use tools like InDesign, Photoshop  Create graphical representations of ideas, concepts, information, processes
  7. eLearning Roles What’s your dream? Flash Developer  Develop in native flash (rather than in Captivate which outputs in Flash)  Usually pretty technical LMS Administrator  May help with product selection  Configure LMS (users, rule, access, course structure,…)  Implement LMS (help resource, training, loading content, trouble shooting)
  8. eLearning Roles What’s your dream? Project Manager  For one or more learning development projects  Manage Resources, work load/assignments, time frames  Define deliverables, set expectations, manage issues & risks  Status meetings, reporting/metrics on development efforts Program Manager/Director  Define program offerings, cost models, revenue streams  Work with marketing & sales on messaging & collateral  Define & implements processes, standards for entire learning development cycle  Select technology, distribution models  Customer support escalation point
  9. eLearning Roles What’s your dream? Instructional Designer Developer Multi-Media Developer eLearning Technologist Web Developer Graphic Designer Flash Developer LMS Administrator Project Manager Program Manager/DirectorEmployers often want you to fill more than one role
  10. Skills What’s your dream? Huge Variety of skills and skill levels, based on role Search job descriptions; make a skills inventory from that Note the skills you have that they want AND the skills you have that aren’t obvious requirements but are beneficial Business Analysis | Process Engineering | Project Mgmt Note the skills you don’t have – this is your gap Identify which of those gaps are most interesting to you and which are most necessary for the role Think about the tools & technology used in learning…..
  11. Top Learning Tools 2011 What’s your dream?1. Twitter 1. Google Reader 1. Yammer 1. Articulate2. YouTube 2. Evernote 2. Google Earth 2. Snagit3. GoogleDocs 3. Jing (screen capture) 3. Scoopit (curationsw) 3. Adobe Captivate4. Skype 4. PowerPint 4. PB Works 4. Vimeo5. WordPress 5. Gmail 5. Google Apps 5. Geogebra (math sw)6. Dropbox 6. LinkedIn 6. Flickr 6. Screenr7. Prezi 7. Edmodo 7. Tweetdeck 7. Mindmeister8. Moodle 8. Wikispaces 8. Google Maps (mindmapping)9. Slideshare 9. Delicious 9. Wordle (word cloud 8. Picasa gen) 9. Walwisher10. Glogster (int.poster)10. VoiceThread Google+ 10. Voki (speaking avatars)10. iPhone/iPod and aps11. Wikipedia 11. Animoto 11. Symbaloo 11. Scribd (doc sharing)12. Blogspot 12. Camtasia 12. Word 12. Ning13. Digo 13. Audacity 13. Google Sites 13. eFront14. Facebook 14. TED Talks 14. iPad and apps 14. Adobe Connect15. Google Search 15. Google Chrome 15. 15. Elluminate/Blackboard Borrowed from Center for Learning Performance Technologies
  12. Sample Job: eL Specialist What’s your dream? Design, develop, and deliver both distance and in-class  Collaborate with intranet developers or Web Web-based training programs and courses, including all developers to create interactivemultimedia training course materials, exercises, and skills evaluations. applications and learning programs. Collaborate with executive team and unit managers to  Confer as needed with third-party providers of assess each department’s e-learning subject matter and educational materials andresources to ensure that training needs. they meet organization training goals and objectives. Create and communicate training schedules in  Present instructor-led training sessions. consultation with departmental decision makers.  Develop and deploy training feedback mechanisms. Develop and coordinate a training curriculum for end  Create, administer, analyze, and report on end-user users of all levels, as dictated by organizational goals progress; recommend andintegrate training and objectives. improvement strategies based on findings. Coordinate and maintain the company’s e-learning  Establish and maintain a relational database to track intranet or Web site by posting and updating course training participants’ statusand results. materials, grades, and other information.  Communicate software application problems and Liaise with educational suppliers to evaluate and/or issues to Web developmentand support teams. procure course materials, software applications, and teaching tools.  Assess, recommend, and purchase courseware packages, and supportdevelopment of appropriate Oversee the conceptualization, development, and layout courseware tools. of the appropriate technical infrastructure required to deliver digital e-learning content to its audience.
  13. Skills What’s your dream?Learn from the job descriptions Location Salary Titles Responsibilities Industries Cultures
  14. Circle of Success What’s your dream? Be the Planning is bunny sexy Breaking & Relationships entering matter Get smarter
  15. Planning Makes You Sexier Planning is Sexy! What’s your time frame? What Interests you? What’s the K&S gap? How will you fill the gap? What’s your budget?
  16. Time Frame Planning is Sexy! Map goals due dates for 3, 6, 12, 18 months Consider  Your goals  Time for education (classes, certification, degree?)  Length of job search  Personal schedule and obligations  Current work projects that can contribute to new role
  17. What’s Interesting? Planning is Sexy! Of all the roles we discussed, skills required, opportunities Do you want to be a specialist or a generalist? Are you a techie or a business leader? Do you like strategy and creating grand visions or want to get your hands dirty with daily tasks? What market/industry do you want to work in? Do you need quick wins to stay motivated?
  18. What’s Interesting? Planning is Sexy! Is there a certain tool you really want to master? How do you see your career growing over time?  presenting at conferences  moving into management  opening a business  becoming the best developer you can be What do you LIKE to do with your time? What do you like to learn? You’ll be learning a lot for a long time.
  19. Where’s the Gap? Planning is Sexy!Go back to your skills inventory… What’s the gap in current and desired knowledge & skills? Where do your skills overlap? Use this to focus your learning efforts Focuses job search efforts near and long term Determine how you will fill that gap
  20. Show Me The Money Planning is Sexy! Don’t forget the budget Identify free and fee-based resources and options Estimate the costs Prioritize based on cost and goal alignment Sample costs  Online courses  Conferences  Certifications  Professional assoc. fees  New Software Purchases  Paid networking events  Resume writing assistance
  21. Circle of Success What’s your dream? Be the Planning is bunny sexy Breaking & Relationships entering matter Get smarter
  22. Networking Relationships Matter Connect with others – can lead to leads, knowledge, support We learn socially, casually Options:  Networking groups (Network in Austin)  Job Clubs  Online groups and networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, eLearning Guild): Follow industry leaders, companies, learning analysts, etc.  Professional associations (ASTD, STC, Women in Communication)  Blogs – can email you a list…..
  23. Circle of Success What’s your dream? Be the Planning is bunny sexy Breaking & Relationships entering matter Get smarter
  24. Get Smarter Get SmarterWhat should you learn? Terminology Theories, approaches, practices Technology and applications Techniques Social communities for the industry Key players
  25. Get Smarter Get SmarterSelf study Blogs & Groups (online and in person) Books & Magazines (T&D from ASTD National is excellent) Search online – be a detective  Articles, White papers, College papers  Conference notes  PPTs  Videos  Content on learning organization sites  Research from industry analysts
  26. Get Smarter Get SmarterStructured Learning Online training & tutorials ( for software Training Mag Network for free webinars (live & on demand) Online certificate programs, online MA Ed. Tech, Meet up groups (can’t find one… start one! Professional Certificates (Langevin, ASTD national (CPLP) Conferences & Conventions (volunteer & go for free, focus on local and go for low cost, make the case to work and get them to pay for it) University degree
  27. Circle of Success What’s your dream? Be the Planning is bunny sexy Breaking & Relationships entering matter Get smarter
  28. Relate and Educate Relationships Matter Get Smarter Conferences Conventions Online groups Prof. associations Meet up groups
  29. Circle of Success What’s your dream? Be the Planning is bunny sexy Breaking & Relationships entering matter Get smarter
  30. Breaking and Entering Breaking and enteringLook for the overlap Skills: You already know ID, ALP, ADDIE, Maybe software like captivate, articulate, PPT, Industry: If you have training background in insurance, banking, medical, your industry knowledge may be more valuable than eLearning skills…. Company: Look for opportunities to move within your current company. You already have a reputation, proven skills, and connections… make it known that you are interested in eLearning and have gained skills in the area. New company or industry, old skills: Consider an entry level role in a new company, then look for ways to move up and around Connections: Work your network; who do you know at the company that interests you? Don’t overlook 3rd degree contacts. These folks know your background, reputation, abilities, and can talk you up when they hand in your resume.
  31. Breaking and Entering Breaking and enteringDevelop a portfolio Download free trials of all the software you are learning about Develop an eLearning module for something you already know Develop an eLearning module for free for a non-profit Offer to do something for your current employer – on your own time if necessaryDevelop a presence Put some of your portfolio online – YouTube, on eLearning communities, on your website Update your social profiles to include eLearning keywords; don’t lie – but as you learn something, add it. It’s not about proficiency, it’s about keywords.
  32. Circle of Success What’s your dream? Be the Planning is bunny sexy Breaking & Relationships entering matter Get smarter
  33. Be the Bunny Be the Bunny YOUR’E IN … now what? Stay connected and on top of changes in the field.  Networking  Learning (self study, conferences, online, cert)  Reading blogs and white papers (Inexpensive, convenient, effective)  Research Don’t be afraid to ask people for help.
  34. QUESTIONS? REACH ME ON TWITTER @SUZETTECONWAYCopyright 2012 Spirit Instructional Design to eLearningSpot™