Lose Weight Safely


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The poster child for self-starvation was beautiful Karen Carpenter, one of the most successful singers of her time. Lose weight safely by ... eating.

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Lose Weight Safely

  1. 1. Dangerous Ways To Lose WeightIts true that we have a national obsession withbeing thin so chances are you, too, have wantedto lose a few pounds - or maybe a lot of pounds?There are almost as many diets as there aredieters (OK, maybe thats a slight exaggeration :-)but the bottom line is that its not that easy to loseweight. If it were, we would ALL be thin!So, its not a surprise to hear that desperatepeople resort to very unsafe ways of losingweight. Women, especially, are more likely to trydangerous methods because there is a constantpressure in our society to be thin, thin, thin. Yes, generally you arehealthier when youre thin but using drastic measure can cause illness- perhaps serious illness.Semi-starvation is a common tactic and foolishness like the HollywoodDiet, which promises mega weight loss in a couple of days,encourages the belief that there is a Magic Answer that will solve allweight problems. There isnt. Skipping breakfast or lunch, or maybeboth, might seem smart but the gnawing pain in your stomach is astrong message that you need to eat. Your body is forcefully tellingyou that youre hungry and need food no matter how much you tellyourself mentally that youre not hungry and youre not going to eat.The terrible part is that you might end up gaining weight!Why? Because no matter how strong your will power, you willeventually start eating again. In the meantime, your adaptable bodyhas adjusted to its new reality. The less you eat, the more your bodyworries that it wont have enough food so it adjusts your metabolism,slowing it down to the point that you are burning almost no fat duringthe day. When you do decide to eat normally once again, yourmetabolism will still be slower than before so you will store caloriesmore easily. Guess what? Its now easier to gain fat! All thatsuffering for nothing.
  2. 2. Instead, choose a program like the Fat Burning Furnace whichdoesnt concentrate on "weight loss" but instead focuses on coaxingyour metabolism to burn higher, in effect causing your biologicalfurnace to increase its flame. The irony is that you will lose weightfaster and be a lot happier because you can eat like a normal person.Only masochists enjoy starvation.Anorexia, the disease of teenage girls, can occur if you dont eatregularly. No anorexic plans to become skin and bones butsometimes a dieter develops a fear of food and of being fat whichresults in eating almost nothing. Anorexics become exceedingly thinyet they still believe they are fat. They usually lose their hair, becomevery weak and can even die.Karen Carpenter, a one-time famous singer with 23 famous hits toher credit, is the poster child for anorexia as she dropped to 61pounds and eventually starved to death. What a tragedy for a vibrant,successful young woman.Bulimia is another dangerous weight loss method. Again, these areusually young women, but anyone can develop this dangerousdisease. Anorexics starve themselves but bulimics do not. Instead,they eat huge quantities of food - but then run in the bathroom andthrow it all up so that they dont gain weight.You wont be surprised to hear that regurgitating your food is not awise health habit. Your esophagus may be destroyed by stomach acid,your teeth may lose their enamel and there can be disastrousconsequences to your heart, liver and kidneys. You can developstomach ulcers and your pharynx (the tube that connects your mouthto your esophagus) may suffer acid burns.The safest approach is to eat reasonable amounts of healthy foods.Ingest smaller servings and avoid junk food. You can lose weightsafely without resorting to drastic and unsafe measures. Its morecomfortable, safer and, in the long run, quicker than starvation. Youcan be a living positive affirmation for the truth that weight lossdoesnt have to mean deprivation and suffering.