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Is your website serving as an online business card? On page 9 of Google?
Let us guide you to maximum exposure with Omaginarium's Guide to Building Huge Traffic, with tips and strategies that I have used to help build my online visibility to over 5 times what it was just last year.Let's get you the website traffic you deserve! Learn the biggest strategies for growing traffic to your website or blog and building your list.

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  1. 1. How to Build Huge Traffic By Suzen Pettit
  2. 2. Strategy Number One Comment on Other Blogs! Post on large traffic blogs where your target market might visit, this creates publicity! Posting on large traffic blogs will network their audience to become your audience as well! Test how much traffic a website gets by searching them on DO NOT SPAM, or you will lose your validity. Always post in relevant blogs and websites!
  3. 3. Strategy Number Two Make Your Content GREAT! The content on your site/blog must benefit your audience! Make your blog/site unique from others of the same topic, this will make it more appealing! Add backlinks to the other parts of your site on each page, this way people can see ALL your site/blog has to offer Make your site reader friendly, make your content STAND OUT! Better Content = Bigger Audience
  4. 4. Strategy Number Three Google Loves Fresh Content! Google will rank your site/blog higher when you keep it updated! Updating your blog/website on a regular basis increases it’s validity! Constantly updating your website will keep an audience coming back! TIP Add areas to your site where the audience can post, this creates interaction within the audience, as well as with you! This gives the, them more of a reason to return!
  5. 5. Strategy Number Four Offsite Online Marketing Google can’t do all the work... Make your site noticeable on other websites! Use social media to promote your site! Creating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube accounts for your site are great ways for people to find out about it! Connect your social media accounts to other accounts within the same target market! Attach your accounts together! This way people can connect with all you have to offer! Using E-Mail Marketing also directly connects you and your site to your target market!
  6. 6. Strategy Number Five Joing Blog Communities and Link Roundups Creating relationships with fellow bloggers and/or website owners gives you a loyal audience and increases publicity! Joining a community also lets you share insight with each other! Creating relationships with other bloggers/website owners will get you on to their link roundups, which directly connects their audience, to your site! This will turn their audience, into your audience as well!
  7. 7. Strategy Number Six Create Joint Venture Partnerships Don’t compete. Collaborate!! By joining joint venture partnerships, you can take advantage of other’s unique skills and offerings to help your business as well! Networking with other bloggers of the same target market will expand your total audience and connect you with more opportunities to expand your business! Connect with people who share the same target market outside of the internet as well! This can include authors, public speakers, and/or joining local clubs. This ignites more publicity!
  8. 8. Strategy Number Seven Write Reviews or Top 10 Lists Curate a list of favorites within your niche; topics and writers who compliment your services. Make sure the content will benefit your audience as well as keep them entertained This gives your audience more of an incentive to return to your website/blog! Make sure the content indirectly connects with your blog/site, that way you don’t give yourself more competition!
  9. 9. Strategy Number Eight Promote by Re- Purposing Content Content drives traffic, the more the content is put on the web, the more traffic is drawn to the subject. The more the subject is re-enforced across the web, the more power your content holds! Effective ways to re-enforce your content are: Videos- videos rank significantly higher on search engines, and you can post backlinks to your sight on them Slideshows- Slideshows will make your content short, sweet, and to the point. They are also easy to be shared and embedded like videos Podcasts- Podcasts are easy and convenient to listen to. Putting your voice out there makes your content more connectable to the audience, podcasts can also be made mobile, and they can be promoted on iTunes! Read about more effective ways to re-enforce your content on Omaginarium's Blog
  10. 10. Strategy Number Nine Build a Lead Generating Website Websites create a portfolio of all your content! Make it SIMPLE yet SWEET! If it is too plain or complicated, the audience will not take the time to explore it! Your site should be: having your services easy to find and fully explained, while including contact information Only posting the most valuable information as well as using visuals Professional & Interesting
  11. 11. Thank You for Enjoying the Slideshow! Read the full content and more ways to help build your business at! Get Found. Get Heard. Get Cracking! @SuzenPettit Omaginarium Suzen Pettit E-Mail Suzen