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Anatomy of a Social Game


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Slides from a presentation given at the Creative Industries Networking Event: Mobile Apps & Games 2010, Singapore on the Anatomy of a Social Game. Note: These slides are not self-sufficient

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Anatomy of a Social Game

  1. 1. Anatomy of a Social Game By Su Yuen GameVentures Pte Ltd
  2. 2. The Formula?? No one size fits all
  3. 3. Idea Play Poker Game Live Another Life Own a Farm Be a Teenage Drama Queen
  4. 4. Why would YOU play? Entertainment Purposes Fulfill a fantasy Feel good Live a Fantasy Progressing and getting closer to fantasy Enough to get a “taste” of the fantasy
  5. 5. Live their Fantasies Top Poker Player Alternate Life Most Popular Girl Environment Bare basic activities Too realistic = too much effort
  6. 6. Achievements Earn to get more fulfilling experience Start Work Hard Non-tangible Leaderboard Levels Tangible Unlock items/features Earn medals
  7. 7. Alright!! Concept is done. What’s next? 
  8. 8. The REAL Beginning Details.. Details.. Details..
  9. 9. Leveling System How do users level up? Leveling Formula Progression Table Level EXP Points Avg Time Needed (Casual User) Avg Time Needed (Hardcore User) 1 3 5m 2m 2 8 15m 5m
  10. 10. Achivements Why would users want achievements? Progression Table To build social status? How are you helping them do this? Achievement Requirements (Game Wins) Avg Time Needed (Casual User) Avg Time Needed (Hardcore User) BlackJack King 50 3h 20m 1h 10m Poker King 100 9h 55m 4h
  11. 11. Where do I begin??
  12. 12. Reverse Engineer Successful Games - Been there, done that Why reinvent the wheel? Learn from them!
  13. 13. Game Design Document Storyline Game Mechanics Leveling Formula Items/Achievements List Art, UI/UX, Development, QA
  14. 14. • Triggers for shares • Incentive system • Interacting with friend While development is ongoing.. Virality START EARLY, not when product is done Basic framework!
  15. 15. • Gaps in game mechanics • Engagement loop • Lifetime cycle While development is ongoing.. Metrics & Goals SUPER IMPORTANT (last 20%) Tells story about your users
  16. 16. Iterate.. Iterate.. Iterate!!
  17. 17. Make your metrics your best friend!
  18. 18. Thank you