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How Kentico Supports Omni-Channel Marketing


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With constant improvements in technology, there are an increasing number of methods being made available that enable organisations to gather invaluable data about their customers.The first step in a data driven marketing strategy is to ensure you have the technology to be able to capture the information you need. Kentico is the all-in-one solution for this issue.Read to find more.

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How Kentico Supports Omni-Channel Marketing

  1. 1. HowKenticoSupports Omni-channelMarketing
  2. 2. At the beginning Customer Engagement New possibilities in advertising and marketing Brick and mortar store
  3. 3. Now Endless possibilities with a complex structure
  4. 4. . OMNICHANNEL MARKETING Solution to all marketing problems Laptop Radio Mobile phone LaptopTelevision Internet
  5. 5. Omni-channel According to KENTICO Vs Multi-channel marketer-focused customer-focused
  6. 6. What is KENTICO EMS ? All-in-one business platform Optimizes digital customer experience Digital lifestyle integrates with customer interaction
  7. 7. A single accessible up-to-date profile for each customer is required for the marketer Best-of-breed vs. All-in-one Search and integrate advanced tools Integrate ready-to-use marketing tools
  8. 8. All-in-one Rules - KENTICO  Easy integration and maintenance  Low prices and predictable solutions  Stable and secure performance and support
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing Content Management Content Tracking and Management Lead Scoring Email Marketing Segmentation and Personalization Campaign Management Web Analytics Conversion Optimization Social Media Integration
  10. 10. Right content delivery Right sales initiation Personalized marketing Boost customer engagement Encourage customer loyalty Maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) KENTICO EMS- Deliverables
  11. 11. That’s not all, feel free to share this information
  12. 12. For any queries on Kentico EMS
  13. 13. Suyati provides marketing technology and integration services for companies that wish to combine the best of breed solutions and create a unified approach to customer acquisition. This unified digital marketing approach requires system integration between various CMS and CRM platforms, and a slew of eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Social Media Listening, email and social marketing, and customer service systems. Our specialized knowledge in Salesforce, open source and .Net based systems enables us to build effective custom integrated solutions for our clients.